Caturday’s Grumpy Cat

I was out on a frosty walk this week when pao started work mega early and saw this handsome kitty heading towards me.

The nearer he got, the more I realised that he was a grump!

“No strokes for you, lady.”

He did have the most beautiful markings though.

“You still here?” I think this is the cat that dear Tabby despised. He is a trifle haughty as well as grumpy!!

Hip to be squares

I have been rather busy making squares. I might even have my blanket done before summer 🙂 I’ve now made 40+ squares so I’m almost a third of the way through my goal of making 120. I am going to crochet a big border after that until I have something that is the right size! Well that is the plan anyway….

Tamyra is a big fan of all this square making – there are many ends to chew on, balls of wool to chase.. she doesn’t look at all like she batted that yarn off the table and played hard with it!

Caturday lapcats

I love my cats but I miss having a lapcat.

We have been looking after the lovely Hugo recently

and his friend Olivia, too.

He is definitely a lapcat. Everytime you sit down, he ambles along and hops right up and snuggles down. Even Olivia, who is a bit shyer, will come and sit on your lap with a tiny bit of encouragement. It was lovely to have a lapsitter for a little while 🙂

Ripped and reworked

I started this beauty about two years ago but it started to feel a bit unworkable as it was so big and I wanted something that I could take places and add to bit by bit and as I didn’t have much of any of the yarns I was using it was start not to feel right.

I was teaching my friend to crochet the other weekend and I realised that it would be rather great for granny squares. I can do a square here and there standing at the bus stop and I don’t have a hulking great blanket with multiple ends to tie in to worry about. Hurrah! I figure I’m going to need about 120 squares and by my calculations I won’t have enough of the pale to edge all the squares but I can edge some of them 🙂 I’ll figure it out but it is a great stash buster.

Caturday: Hugo

One of my favourite activities is catsitting and this handsome boy is our latest charge. His name is Hugo and he and his sister Olivia are both pure black. Both are a little shy but Olivia is shyer than Hugo though. He did seem to enjoy his stint with my cowl.

We host international students from time to time and we got this most amusing gift. They are cat face packs – so pao and I are going to become cats some time soon!!

Caturday: Basket Brothers

It was lovely to see dear Ralph again. He and Bernard are getting on much better these days.

Of course, Ralph was in raptures when he saw the basket.

He fits, so he sits..

but not for long if Bernard has anything to do with it!!