Caturday’s Golden Oldie

Beautiful Music is around 15 and belongs to friends of ours. She is content to find a warm spot to sleep.

There is still sass in this old puss though – she is berating this dancing penguin and tried to eat my reindeer ears.


It’s weird but I miss her more today than before for some reason. Some years it has been easier but this year it is inexplicably hard. I went to a dedication service for a little boy who was born just a few months ago and it was beautiful to see him standing in church with his mum and his godparents. He is such a lovely baby and I was thrilled to be there. I did cry a lot through the service and snuck out a little before the end as I was overwhelmed by how much I missed my mum. pao wasn’t there because he wasn’t feeling too well and I didn’t want to talk to anyone about why I was crying so hard at what was such a beautiful celebration.

I miss you and love you, Mum.

What I’m picking up in 2016

WIP list

We started this quilt in 2013. I’ve not gotten much beyond sewing the squares together and then putting a border round it. We still need to do some straightening of the back and then some quilting. I’m going to use thick embroidery thread to make the stitches stand out (perhaps I’m feeling adventurous) but then my first quilt project is a king size quilt after all….!

I’m going to attach the cap sleeves to the dress I started last year so I can actually wear it! Only a year later….

I’m going to make my knitted bunting – no idea how long it is going to be. I only started this project in 2015 🙂

This is another project I started in 2013.

I think I’d better not look any further or I might get some shocks!!

Something new for 2016

Chris‘ art journalling endeavours have really encouraged me to start something myself. When she sent me an email mentioning the 30 Day Journal Project, it took me all of a minute to think ‘Why not!’ and off I went.

The first prompt was the one above but I am still thinking about things I’ve begun and am proud of so I’m still wondering how to begin.

I have started doing some backgrounds using a technique I heard about from Chris. Most of these use a base pattern made in wax (I just picked a bit off a candle we had been using and started fiddling) with watercolour paint brushed over the top.










I couldn’t resist a little cat dabbling.

Happy New Caturday!


and Lola are quite a lot bigger now.

They were tiny tiny not so long ago.

I was happy to see that my kitten training paid off and they can now open doors!