Caturday R&B

It’s been a while since I looked after anyone’s cats so when the chance to look after 6 month old Bernard and delightful Ralph came up, I said yes straight away.

Bernard is named after a character in Black Books, a British sitcom about an eccentric bookshop owner.

He is immensely bouncy and loves to play and play and play. He will take a lot of wearing out!

He is also special because he is a polydactal cat so that means he has 7 digits on each of his front paws so he looks like he is wearing mittens. I think extra digits means extra naughty. He has 22 toes in total!

I’m sure you’re wondering about the R – well this is Ralph. Ralph is a bit put out as the kitten gets all the attention but I adore him and plan to coax him out with special cat treats when I get the chance 🙂

Sparkling creations

I’ve been so busy of late that my poor neglected blog has taken a back seat. Here is a little taste of what I’ve been up to. I made three tiaras for three little girls for Christmas. I also rejigged my jewellery making website to include a blog so there are more photos here 🙂

I think Tamyra approves of tiaras!