A dress in a day (almost)

I was in the Sewing Shop just getting some bits and bobs when I saw a lovely dress on the mannequin. I thought it was time that I challenged myself and thought I’d give it a try.

I was staying with my lovely friend’s cats Dizzy and Mole so they kept me company whilst I was sewing.

I quite liked the simplicity of the pattern which had just a few pieces to it.

I enjoyed figuring out what to do with the neckline.

My collection of Wonderclips helped me keep my neckline in place whilst I sewed it all up. I keep pricking my fingers badly with pins (and other parts too!!)

The cap sleeves were very cute.

Again those Wonderclips helped the job along nicely.

And here is the mostly finished dress. I sewed in the loose bits by hand at my Knit and Stitch group and just need to find a little button and sew a button loop on. It is a touch on the trim side but a few more days of ultra heat will cure that as it is too hot to eat!!

pao says that the inactivity of the cats was disappointing.

Even little Dizzy spent the whole time behind the sofa not participating. If Sirius had been there, we all know I wouldn’t have completed it in such a short time. 🙂

Caturday : Tigger

Beautiful Tigger is a cat I met when I was working at another site for a month. His owner said that he’d come and look out for me in the morning when he knew I was passing by. He was such a handsome chap.

Catwalk : Cat 11: Max

Max is actually this cat’s real name! 🙂
Max presented me with a little surprise. For weeks I thought Kevin was around a lot. It was only when I saw him and Kevin together that I realised there were TWO cats! Max’s owner made me laugh when she told me that she and her neighbour owned six cats between them and most of them black and white. Oh my… that is a lot of cats on that journey and I haven’t seen that many of them in that case!




So this is my cat walk to work. Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I do. I’m often in a little hurry once I’ve gotten past the kitty-laden section of my walk as many of them, particularly Kevin and Martin, who love a bit of affection. It is nicer on the way home in the evening as I’ve got longer to chat to them and little Molly who is out more in the evening!

Catwalk : Cat 7 : Molly

Dear, dear Molly. She’s the meeter-greeter of the street. She loves a cuddle and always meows a hello when she sees you. She is a real delight to see and she is such a sweetie. I do love seeing her and she is always so happy!






Birthday trip – part 1

For my birthday, we took a little day trip out. We visited three places so quite an epic day. The first was Lullingstone Roman Villa which we hadn’t been to for a couple of years so it was lovely to take our friend T to see it.

The highlight of the villa is the mosaic depicting the story of Belleropon and the slaying of the Chimera.

This is the whole of the mosaic. Quite an impressive example of mosaics.

This panel explaining Roman life made me think of my love of cats. I like the way the artist has depicted this sweet little scene.

I can’t remember what this was but I like the lion on it.

I did really enjoy looking at every day items. There was some really nice spinning items.

I don’t know why they don’t make dice as nice as these now. The placsticcy ones aren’t as good!!

More cats from my commute tomorrow! 🙂