Caturday : Dave

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting of late. It’s been quite a roller coaster of emotions since pao’s operation. It is quite something for him to be in his fourth week since having his last migraine. Prior to that he was having them every day. We’ve even had the curtains open and we’ve been out together in the sunshine – something that we couldn’t have had just a few weeks ago. But I digress, I present Dave!

Dave is the pub cat at the Rose Inn in Wickhambreaux. He’s a cute character. I walked there with my friend the Viking.

He was sure to wish us goodbye.

Snapshots of Cambridge

pao is home recovering from his heart op. He’s doing ok – just trying to get used to a foreign object in his chest now and very tired. Thank you for your kind words and support – it has been a long journey for us. I’m quite exhausted from the emotion and exertion of it all but I’m getting back to myself slowly.

We had a couple of days in Cambridge before the op just relaxing and enjoying the city. Here are a few snapshots. I love it – it’s a great city and I’m definitely going back again.