Happy Happy

A very belated Happy Christmas to you all!

It has been quite an eventful Christmas. We didn’t do what we normally do on Christmas Eve which is visit Leeds Castle as we were in the midst of a terrible storm with high winds and trees coming down all over the place. We woke up Christmas Eve morning to find the power had gone out around 3am and the house was getting chilly. We spent the morning in Canterbury city centre buying Christmas decorations (our Christmas decoration box went AWOL this year and we searched and searched with no luck – sadly it contained all the decorations we’d collected on our travels). We went for a simple theme of gold balls and twinkly lights so we went on a hunt for those (harder than we expected as gold wasn’t in this year).

We did receive a lovely new decoration from the family whose cats we looked after 🙂 Very cute!

Once we got home with our power back on, pao hurt his foot on Christmas day and we ended up in ER! After all of that, we have both come down with a virus and are now currently sleeping it off!!!

Making Monday : Jewels

Yes, the observant will see that this post is actually posted on a Sunday but this, too, is a drive-by post. The last month has been chaotic. Out of the 22 days of December so far: 18 of those have been with house guests, 2 days in Cambridge, set up and put down in three galleries in Herne Bay and Whitstable, four Christmas parties, continual house tidying and, of course, lots and lots of driving. So in a word, EXHAUSTED!

Here is some of the pretty jewellery I made recently amidst all of this!!








A Tail of Two Pillowcases

Louise and Bob brought us many brilliant gifts, one of which was a pattern for a pillow case and a super set of fabric to make it with. I picked out some fabric yesterday and made a second for Paul. I made Paul’s first and then much slower progress on the second – you’ll see why when you look at the photos.












Partying with Pippa

Say hello to Pippa! Louise and I have been busy working on her and taking her out and about on the town. She has really been letting her hair down and she’ll need a hair cut soon since she’s been on the cider already and it is a little wild. Braids or pigtails, what do you reckon?

Shopping, Margate and Tail Warming

It is with great delight that all humans and cats in chez pao have the honour of hosting the annual Minnesota cheer wagon (commonly known as Bob and Louise).

They arrived yesterday so we whisked them off coastwards so Bob could see the sea, Louise could do a bit of shopping and we could enjoy our day with them.

First stop was Westwood Cross where we found some ridiculously discounted goods then onto
Margate for dusk – a quick look round the Turner Gallery.

Of course, no get together would be complete without a project and this year was no exception.

Tailwarmer, anyone? Not a flicker from Tamyra. Nor did they move when I knocked a whole box of scrap yarn down onto the floor either. Can they really be real cats?