Making Monday: pao’s pie

pao made a lovely pie yesterday πŸ™‚

I did start a sewing project with my lovely friend Jan tonight. It is my first foray into blouses and we were a bit confused. It didn’t help that Sirius kept leaping onto the pattern. I’m now thinking that printable patterns are going to be the way forward.

Here and there

It has been a topsy turvy few weeks in our household. We have acquired a lovely new lodger who Sirius adores (traitor) and have been preparing ourselves for another to arrive. It has been a whirlwind of painting etc and my study/sewing/knitting store is chockablock with stuff that needs sorting out. I’ve been doing a few jobs all at the same time so my blog reading/writing has been fairly minimal whilst all this has been going on but finally things seem to be settling and I’m getting back into a groove now!!

Goodnight, Fifi

I only knew her a short couple of weeks whilst housesitting but she charmed her way into our hearts. I came home feeling a little low as pao hasn’t been well of late to hear the sad news that Fifi had been hit by a car. She was adorable and such a sweetie and the house will seem a lot quieter without her. I’m holding her lovely family in my thoughts and prayer tonight.

Goodnight, Laptop

As heard on Purr and Furr : “β€˜Laptop’, who held the prestigious post of Canterbury Cathedral cat for several years. He usually attended Matins each day (well, he was a cathedral cat …) and would wait patiently each day for the doors to be opened at 7 a.m. so he could go in. Yesterday he had trouble climbing up the steps, and later in the day he was taken ill and died. ”

So sad to know my little friend has passed away. I’ve spent many a happy hour stroking her (not he as they suggest) and sitting with her in the sunshine. I was so glad to introduce her to friends when they came to visit but she hasn’t looked so well lately.

Ten on a Tuesday: 10 Things You Miss About Your Own House When You Go Away

1. Sirius and

2. Tamyra

(they were a given)

3. My vacuum cleaner – I have a vacuum cleaner with a brush which is great and I have been known to take it to clean the house I’m looking after

4. Blankets – I get chilly and like to lounge around under a blanket or light duvet. I have been known to take one with me occasionally. πŸ™‚

5. My garden. A bit untidy at the moment but I love going out and doing bits of gardening when it is dry.

6. Getting mail. I love receiving mail.

7. My bed. We have a very firm mattress and I do miss that when I’m away.

8. My stick blender. It has such a lot of attachments and can do so many things.

9. My favourite mugs. I have a few of them now but my favourite mugs are made by an artist called Keith Brymer Jones. I have been known to take one with me if I’m going away for a while.

10. My yarn stash. I like to look at my lovely stash from time to time and have a smoosh. πŸ™‚


Monday Fly By

It has been such a wet wintery day today, I thought it would be nicer to share these photos of sunnier days just a few short weeks ago.

I saw these butterflies at Tabby’s house on the buddleia. There were loads of them – so pretty but they drove the dog next door mad and the poor thing almost burst with barking.

Bonus kitten photo πŸ™‚ If the butterflies in the sunshine didn’t cheer you, I know that Charlie could.

Take Whitstable Home

I thought you’d like to see what has been taking up a lot of my time of late!

I’m glad it is all packed up and sent over now – on to the next thing which is Artist’s Open House in a month’s time – quite scary!!

I do understand that you are here for the gratuitous cat photos and am glad to present Miss Lola for your delectation.