Back Home again – jiggity jig

I’ve been so busy throughout August and had intermittent internet time that I’ve not had a lot to blog but I am back home again. I’ve spent a lot of the month looking after some very beautiful kitty cats and housesitting for Fifi, Mole and Tabby.

Sadly, dear Mole was fairly ill whilst his owners were away – first I found him limping down the stairs early one morning and discovered that he had a horrible abscess on the inside of his leg. His temperature did not go down so he went to the vets a few times before I discovered a second abscess on the back of his leg. It was cleaned out by the vet much to his horror and distress and then he was sent home with antibiotics. Unfortunately, his wound got worse and worse but at that point, his dear owners had returned home to care for him. I have heard that he has since been to the vets and had it operated on. Poor chap 🙁

pao and I then had a holiday in nearby Canterbury looking after dear Tabby for a week. It was lovely and we both feel quite relaxed. Tabby is quite the cat for routine and I discovered after a few days that I was on Tabby Time – so waking at 5am and feeling very sleepy at 9.30pm.

Smiley Cat

It is extremely difficult to do anything but smile when you get up in the morning and find a cat smiling at you!