Caturday: Mole

This is Mole, Fifi’s brother. He is really quite lovely, too. He is quite insistent on having his food bowl filled and likes to nap a lot. Mole reminds me somewhat of a less shabby, friendlier version of our dearly departed Merlin. He is a little aloof but is very sweet indeed.

Wordless Wednesday: Hampton Court Flower Show

Hampton Court Flower Show is second only to Chelsea here in the UK. I used to live really close to Hampton Court when I was growing up and so many summers, we’d pass it on the bus home and I’d have my nose pressed up against the window wondering what it was like inside. Finally, over twenty years, I got my chance to go and wow! I’m posting up a few photos now and will post about the roses separately as they were spectacular. It was a boiling hot day and I didn’t cope too well with the heat so we spent a lot of the day searching for shade inside marquees etc.











Ten on a Tuesday: 10 Favorite Summertime Treats

1. Going to the beach. Whitstable, Deal, Margate – anywhere coastal is lovely in the summer.

2. Ice cream.

3. BBQ’d food. I really love a BBQ especially now we’ve discovered some delicious Chinese-style ribs.

4. Sitting outside. Obviously if it boiling hot, I head for full shade as I burn badly and look like a lobster.

5. Swimming. I adore swimming and it so much more of a treat to swim in the summer.

6. Hearing Garrison Keillor at the MN State Fair. I only ever did this once but it was awesome 🙂

7. Wearing flip flops.

8. Related the the above – having a nice pedicure to show off summer toes.

9. Frappe. I recently discovered the delights of frappes at the Chocolate Cafe. My, my, they are yummy! Also, the Chocolate Cafe is a good place to sit outside.

10. Ice water.

I am told that the waffles at the Chocolate Cafe are rather good, too.

Down on the Farm

I’m still amazed that I found the beautiful farm so I thought I’d share some more photos of it. The barn itself was rescued as it was due to be pulled down at another location and dumped. The current owners moved it bit by bit to their land and completely rebuilt it – what a labour of love.





Hello, Creativity

I’ve had a bit of a creative block for a while – maybe a month or more where even knitting some socks felt like a great big chore and I was feeling quite discontent about making anything.

It was a great relief to finally get my making mojo back today.

Yes, the theme is very much up Cindy2Paw‘s street.

I’ve been asked to make loads of green and blue pieces for a six week gallery exhibit called ‘Take Whitstable Home’.

I was a bit worried about it. But two things happened today to help:
1. I went on a Mozilla WebMaker’s train the trainer day where I learn to edit videos using Popcorn which a Mozilla tool. Mozilla are the people who brought us the Firefox web browser. In a few weeks, I’ll be doing some training for some scouts at their annual jamboree.
2. I spent the afternoon at a truly inspirational place near us – it is a barn/tea room at Woolton Farm

How can you not be inspired by this view?

I was raring to get to work there and then 🙂

Fabulous Friday Felines

The babies went for their first shots today.

Poor babies!

I went along as cat aunty.

They were meant to have their microchip but they did Lola first and she wriggled and the microchip did not go in.

I was quite nervous when I saw the size of the needle so I was glad when they decided to postpone it until the kittens are knocked out for their neutering.

The big news was that Charlie is not a boy as we assumed (it was just some extra fluffy fur). So two girl kittens for two little girls.

Poor kittens were rather exhausted when they got home. I don’t think that they’ll get in the cat basket so willingly next time!