Making Monday: Not much to show

I’m usually quite a prolific maker with something always on the go but this past week, I’ve really not felt up to it. I did teach my WI to make bootees on Wednesday last week but after that I really felt too ill to do much more than watch some old episodes of Once Upon a Time, catch up with reading some blogs a little and sleep ever such a lot.

I have that eternal problem with these – I really don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn to finish them. I did weigh them and I think I’ll pip in there but I’ll have to be careful!

At least Tamyra has one thing she enjoys about me being ill. She likes drinking the cooled water after I’ve been steaming my sinuses. I have to watch her carefully to make sure it is cold before she gets near it.

Lodging a Complaint

Tamyra and I have a complaint. We know the catstaff are ‘ill’ and acting like us and sleeping all night and all day but they went out last night for medicine and emergency supplies and came back with cat food. They may have well brought us poison as it isn’t the usual brand of cat food that we like but some inferior alternative. We are deaf to their excuses that ‘it was the only place open’ and ‘there was no other choice’ or ‘UGG’ which seems to be the standard response from mrspao as she still cannot talk.

Take pity on us, we are so starved that Tamyra has taken to eating the flowers on the window sill. Send help and tuna. We are growing weak.

— Sirius and Tamyra

Normal Service is still suspended

Tamyra here to report both staff are ill. What a disgrace and mrspao cannot even speak to call me for treats so I have to be extra vigilant for the sound of the treat packet being opened. Both are sleeping a lot so I’m wondering if they have turned into cats after watching that cat programme on Thursday night. What do you think?

The Secret Life of Cats

I thoroughly enjoyed watching a cat’s eye view of the world in the documentary The Secret Life of Cats which was a brilliant expose on what our cats get up to once they go out the cat flap. It was interesting to see that the domestication of cats means that they tend to have smaller territories that centre around our homes. Some cats even time share their territory to avoid a fight! I can’t say I was surprised to learn that cats manipulate us to do what they want 🙂 Sirius was really quite exorcised by the segment on cat fights and tried to find the yowler behind the screen.

Tamyra, however, was happier to hang back and observe in an interested way. It is a true reflection of their personalities. If you get a chance to see it, it is really interesting especially if you like cats!!

Gratuitous Cat Photo…

…because there is a program called the Secret Life of Cats on TV tonight. A research project put cameras on all the cats in one village in the UK and the results are on tonight 🙂

So what do you think your cats get up to in the daytime? Sirius and Tamyra definitely have a routine. Play in the morning, nap from around 2-5 then they get up for a little bit when we arrive home then settle into evening beds for naps. At bed time, they both come upstairs and sleep with us. Sirius likes to run into the bathrooom first thing in the morning when I get up in the morning.

On a different note, I’ve completely lost my voice much to the delight of pao. It is quite difficult to call the kitties when no words come out! Throat is still quite sore so I guess rest is what it needs.

Well, as you may have gathered last night was more exciting than it needed to be. pao looked like a Neaderthal man with his face and neck swollen like a hamster and he was quivering and shaking too which was a bit scary. The paramedics were summoned by an overzealous operator and pao was taken to the local hospital. We sat for a very long time whilst all the other people who had arrived after us were seen and eventually we saw the duty GP who confirmed what I’d suspected i.e. pao probably had an allergic reaction to a new medication but was able to reassure us that it should pass. Thankfully, he looked normal this morning so I was deeply thankful. I ended up going to the doctors as I felt so ghastly, I started to wonder if I was getting a chest infection. The doctors have given me a prescription for antibiotics which I should get if I get worse and told me to rest. My plan to rest this afternoon was scuppered a bit and then I was teaching my WI to knit tonight so I’m now finally home and ready for bed! Tomorrow night will be rest night – I declare it so!!

If I’m lucky, Sirius may even open his nail bar again.

No one at home, move right along…

Sirius here. mr pao and mrspao spent the evening at the big place where they are supposed* to make you feel better. Three people called paramedics all turned up in a big yellow thing called an ambulance. mrspao says woman on telephone service overreacted somewhat an out of hours doctor would have sufficed but since they sent the big yellow thing, it was probably just as well to make use of it and maybe he’d get bumped up in priority. Suffice to say both are home now but neither are in a good mood. mrspao has gone to bed with sore throat and pao has returned to bed. I, however, have been delighted to charge up and down with Tamyra as I’m pleased they are home. Normal service tomorrow, perhaps?

* we seem to find that this isn’t always the case, especially in the case of mr pao.

Making Monday : Monday Knit Lunch/Dinner*

*depending on which time zone you are in, dinner for me 🙂
Yes, I’m back from my hibernation. I was feeling a bit ropey the tail end of last week so I handed over the blog to pao and asked him to keep you entertained for a bit as I really rather felt quite unlike my normal chirpy self. I think he did very well indeed so I’m going to let him do it again as I miss his blog (and I may even ask Jeanne if she will guest post too as we do really need more Louie photos to cheer the world up).

My blog title today refers to the new knit night/noon which Kristi and I have been meeting up for. We use Skype and it is nice to chat and knit together. I was starting a sample of a tiny sock I’m going to teach my WI to knit on Wednesday and she was knitting a very pretty sweater. It is a nice experience knitting and chatting on Skype and Tamyra came by a couple of times to sit on my lap over the course of our chat which is why I have only completed half a tiny sock 🙂 It is quite hard to knit when you have a large sleeping cat pinning your arm down.

I didn’t work much on my shawl this week but I’m posting a photo as we talked about it 🙂 I have a contingency plan if I don’t get it done but I would really like to.

Of course, no blog post would be right without a gratuitous cat photo. Of course, it had to be of Sirius as thankfully after a few days of being a bit down in the dumps, he has perked up and is back into participating in everything again.

Slow news day…

It must be a weekend thing, the world stops, news slows down and MrsPao and I turned into cats and slept for most of Sunday. MrsPao has a storm front of a cold incoming and I had the pleasure of having kaleidoscope vision with some little sod beating my head with something heavy.

Blogging duty has fallen to myself once again, MrsPao suggested that I simply put up a one liner with a picture of a cat and have done with it, but that is a wasted chance of putting anything that reflects me (rather than Mrspao’s highlights of my own stupidity) on this blog.

So without further ado are some selected highlights from the todays news:

Iain Banks

This refers to the death today of the author Iain Banks, he has always been a favourite author of mine; specifically the science fiction writing under the name Iain M. Banks, his vision and scale of a universe in which he constructed his stories was truly breathtaking to the extent that Hollywood would have no idea how to turn his stories into film. If you are into science fiction take a look at Use Of Weapons or Excession.


Bomb Washing

This is of course the story of the woman who whilst digging in her garden discovered a bomb from WWII and brought it in the house to wash it, and then put it under a plastic chair for safety in case it went off. On one hand I do not know whether to be horrified or to laugh out loud at the stupidity of what she did.


swedish skirts


And finally, this is the story about the male Swedish train drivers who are not allowed to wear shorts at work in high temperatures as they are not part of the authorised uniform code and so have resorted to wearing skirts as they along with full length trousers are permitted.




Culinary Delights

Well after last night’s complete reduction in comments after letting Pao take over the blog, best we try and kill it off completely by letting him have another go since the domain renewal is up next week.

Do you see what I did there? Like the way the dulcet tones of mrspao came across the blogosphere rather than my own?

Seriously though MrsPao has had a busy day with Chinese Knotting followed by an extravaganza of an evening, it is now late and sleep took priority (along with some kitty love), so the blog duty baton has once again been passed on to me as I am a medically a vampire (don’t like bright light) and so awake all night (on occasion) or just hide in dark cupboards during the day.

I have been allowed to  have free reign in the kitchen for the last 24 hours, strictly under the supervision of Tamyra:


Who has been keeping an eye on everything I do.

Yesterday I made fish pasties and MrsPao declared them as good.


Today I made ginger cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery recipe book which turned out really rather well and there is no risk of them lasting until Sunday Monday; which to be honest I am really rather pleased about, but that may be because I hate our electric hand mixer and decided to stick to manly beating (no sniggering at the back thank you very much), so the result was better than anticipated.


Sirius was most helpful during the measuring, weighing, whisking, beating and swearing about “where on earth is the vanilla essence” and some time later  “how the bloody hell did she manage it put it there”.


Also created was a tabouleh, using home grown mint and parsley lovingly chopped by hand as it hadn’t occurred to me to wazz them in the food processor but I neglected to take a picture at the time, but there is enough left for a picture tomorrow.