Canterbury Cats

I’ve recently had a conversation with my friend Obsidian Kitten when she remarked that she often walks down a road because she has seen a cat in the window. Oh, how crazy cat lady she is but I admit it – I do the same. I was thrilled this morning as Tabby was waiting to say hello 🙂

This is one of my favourite kitty friends, Clint. He is a sweetie and he remembers that I carry cat treats. :)*

*cats only ever fed with permission of their owner.

A bit of lace

My knitting so far has been a little dull – lots of repeats! Lace is something that requires huge amounts of concentration so I’ve been very busy working on the edging of my Rock Island Shawl which has required 71 repeats which is a little taxing especially since I’m still having problems with my eyes 🙁 but I am really looking forward to the next section 🙂 I am a little worried that I’ve been over-ambitious as it has to be ready by 4 July so I can block it ready for my part on the 6th. I’ve been too tired to knit it lately so it will be quite a challenge. The yarn is beautiful – I love thinking about the trip that Jeanne and I took to the new 3 Kittens which is when I bought it. I was quite poorly with pneumonia but that didn’t stop me from picking out a pretty yarn 🙂 My party dress arrived eventually – they sent the wrong one at first. I had to chose a different one and will have to do a little surgery to the ties on the front but I tried it on and it looks lovely.

Tamyra has nothing to worry about – she just has to look pretty. Thankfully, she seems to have grown out of the yarn biting phase!!

Aideen’s Quilt

I haven’t got a project of my own to show off as progress is slow and I’ve got a lot going on but I did go to Stitch and Bitch at my friend Aideen’s tonight and she had finished a quilt she’d made for her brother. I think it is a super design as it is lots of long strips and would be so quick to make.

pao and I did do a small jigsaw together last night. It was one of my wedding anniversary presents from a few years back 🙂 We were surprised as Sirius didn’t seem all that interested in the jigsaw – normally small pieces are a bit attraction for him.

Making Monday: Three Years in the Making & Quick First Skirt

There is a great contrast in timing between the two projects I’m showing off today.

One of them, a Ravenscar cardigan, I started knitting on 17th July 2010. It was problematic – the gauge was hard to get right and it was a project that I was knitting in a time of great trauma and difficulty so it kind of reflected that period quite accurately. I ripped and redid it several times before I finally got the gauge right and then spent ages looking at other people’s projects as I felt the skinny stripes on the top were far too short and the cardigan in general was too short for me. I knit and knit compulsively each day, each stitch a step further in healing my heart. I finally finished knitting the pieces, blocked them and then I put them away. I wasn’t ready to sew them up just yet. It was just yesterday, I came across those pieces and knew it was the day for it. I had been wearing my newly made first sewing project and figured that it was time to finish it off and put to bed my feelings and sadness that I’d been carrying.

I think I’m a lot braver these days. I took the plunge and made a skirt. It is isn’t something I’d done before and I was a little scared cutting out the fabric – would it be too small, would it fall apart? I chose something really easy called Miette in a fairly cheapish lightish denim.

It is by no means perfect. I had to cover up some of the dodgy stitching with the paisley ribbon but I like it. I started to handsew that ribbon on but realised it would take years so I got the sewing machine out and stitched it on very carefully and it was ok(!) I am heartily pleased as that hand sewing would have frustrated me and my skirt might have been abandoned onto unforgiven pile or I might have worn it with dodgy stitching on show. I guess the difference now is that I have two stitching groups I go to and they’d be asking so I felt I should get on with it. I like it a lot and it is wraparound so really easy to keep wearing.

I’ve been working on this Ravenscar almost as long as Tamyra has been with us. That’s a weird though. I love it now I’ve finished it and Tamyra and I bonded deeply during that period.

Tamyra the Tiny

Seeing those tiny kittens last week has made me realise how big our two have grown.

I was formatting my camera’s card today and came across these sweet photos of Tamyra’s first days with us.

It was definitely a case at love at first sight. My sweet girl is sitting up waiting for me to go upstairs to bed. I’ve loved every single day with her.

So long spring, hello winter?

We have been starting to see signs of spring. Tamyra has taken up residence in a sunny spot in the conservatory but that doesn’t explain us having to switch the heating on again last night. We resisted hard but in the end it was just too cold. We were right to as just before midnight, we had a massive hailstorm with hailstones the size of marbles coming down. My next door neighbour had driven home and was pelted pretty hard as she got out of her car. I’m wondering if we have somehow skipped summer and gone straight back to winter? I’m seriously considering finding my electric blanket as I’ve not managed to take off any of my two duvets and two blankets off the bed yet!

Cat & Cat 5

A little geek joke. For the ungeekish – definition here 🙂 I’m a bit sad at the moment as I have been having trouble with my eyes and have not been doing a lot of reading of blog, books etc as a consequence. I am suffering from extreme dryness and have not one but three lots of prescription eye drops I have to take to try and get some relief from the pain.

Wordless Wednesday: Ickle Bickle Kittens

I have been looking for kittens for some time now as my friend’s have been looking for them 🙂 I was extremely fortunate to be allowed to come along to meet the ones that I found. The little girls are so pleased as their mum and dad said they could have one each 🙂 So that leaves one of the three to go elsewhere – poor thing! The mum is a complete beauty both in looks and purrsonality!