Ten on a Tuesday: 10 Things You’re Looking Forward to in May

1. Two Bank Holidays. Hopefully weather will be nice and we can go for a picnic or two if pao is well.

2. Spinning group. Locker hooking this month (whatever that is?)

3. Planting seeds for the summer garden.

4. Visiting the beach when the sun is shining.

5. Getting the car in the garage (a top goal for May before it gets hotter)

6. Reorganising craft space or swapping rooms with pao.

7. Knitting my shawl for my birthday.

8. Blue skies

9. Nicer weather

10. Watching the kitties having fun in the garden.

Making Monday : Spun and Knit

I’ve been madly knitting away on this Textured Shawl (Ravelry link) as I figured it would be the nicest way to show off my handspun. As I knit, I realise how much of a beginner I am with spinning as there are some slubby bits and worse still some very overspun thin bits that have twisted into themselves. I did try and straighten some of this out when I was plying but we’ll see how things work out when I’ve blocked it out. I’m thinking that I need to be super careful with the blocking and not stretch it too much. I used three combinations: alpaca and mystery fibre I found in my fibre stash, Falkland and Wensleydale, and Falkland and alpaca. Out of the four fleeces, I liked Falkland fleece the best – it spun smoothly and I was a a little sad when I ran out 🙂 The Falkland is the whitest of them all – you could say the fairest of them all (yes, I’ve been watching too much Once Upon a Time)

I need your help, knitters (and non-knitters are welcome to pitch in with an opinion, too). I want to make a shawl to wear at my 40th party at the beginning of July. I have some beautiful grey/blue Helen’s Lace in the 809 Midway colour and want to knit something beautiful to go with this dress or this dress (I am veering more to the second dress) in the Navy/blue colour. I’ve picked out two shawls that I think I’d like to knit:

(Image courtesy of Ravelry)
1. Aeolian Shawl

(Image courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed Ravelry page)
2. Rock Island by Brooklyn Tweed.

I had a little moment of panic this morning, I took Sirius and Tamyra outside for a short while and couldn’t find him. It was only when I looked in the bushes, I saw those green eyes glinting at me. He made a little noise as if to say ‘Haha, got you’.

Signs of Spring

I am really hoping that we have some spring now despite the drop in 10 degrees centigrade this week. I had a lovely stroll yesterday and saw some beautiful blossom.

Look at that blue sky!

Tulips are usually quite often finished by now but this year they are only just coming out.

I love the colour of this blossom.

Of course, seeing the delightful Penny Paws enjoying the spring sunshine is a sight to cheer my heart. She is such a sweetheart – I watched as she greeted every person who came along the road with hop of delight.


I chanced upon this kitty today when I saw her fluffy tail sticking out from the perch in the wall she was on. A gentle call and she turned to look at me. I knew then she had to be an Anatasia.

I thought she looked rather cozy in her hole in the wall.

She has the most pretty and expressive eyes.

It was quite a shock though when she jumped down to see what a portly lady she is.

I’m sure she is telling me that she isn’t fat but just ‘big-boned’.

Cake cake cake-ity cake

Last night, we had a cake decorating class at Women’s Institute. This is the cake we were supposed to have emulated 🙂

I liked the rolling out with the textured rolling pin – I’ve never seen one of those before but it is really cool.


The making of the rose petals was a little more involved 🙂

I made 6 roses but this one was by far the best of the bunch 🙂

Et voila – rose on cake with leaves. The icing sugar had seriously heated up by then so it was difficult to pipe.

My friend quickly gave up on roses and made a monster 🙂

Talking of monsters, Sirius would have thoroughly enjoyed cake decorating so it was lucky he was at home. He is a bit better now – much more himself and he would have been thrilled to be in a room with so much cake in it!!

Wordy Wednesday

Sirius has been busy supervising my activities for the day so he is a little tuckered out. We were quite worried on Monday as he was not doing his usual activities I.e. racing to get to the bathroom before I do in the morning, bugging me for wet food and generally trying to take part in everything. He was behaving rather oddly and hiding away in a different spot too. Thankfully, he was fine by today but it was strange. He had had all day awake on Sunday so I guess he was exhausted. He was back to his normal self today and was helping me knit a shawl with textured stitches which I think showcases the handspun quite nicely. Too late to edit photos of it now as I must be up early but it is so pretty! (And not a cat bed, I tell Sirius and Tamyra)

Ten on a Tuesday : 10 Favorite Sweater Patterns

1. The simple Ladies Cardigan (Ravelry link) Top favourite of all time but mainly because I customised it with a border down the centre and figured out how to knit it all in one.

2. February Lady is another high on my favourites list. I knit it twice – once in a dusky rose colour and the second time in purple.

3. Tea Time (Ravelry link) is another fun one. I would knit it in one whole piece with no seam if I was going to knit it again.

I am struggling to get beyond 3 today. So I’m going to ask you for suggestions.. what is your favourite sweater pattern? I’m going to start knitting one soon and would love to find a good one for some double knit I have lurking about.

These are my friends’ bunnies – the two Ronnies 🙂 Sadly not angora but lop-eared bunnies. They are both very soft though…

Making Monday : Gorgeous Greenery

I’m hoping to bring some green cheer to my poor Minnesotan friends who seem to be completely covered in snow. I finished my lovely jade green socks which are just perfect as it is still a tad chilly here.

I also finished my wristwarmers which I’m very pleased with. They were very quick to crochet and keep my wrists lovely and warm as I’m knitting etc.

Tamyra looks like she could eat those wrist warmers.

I thought I’d see how well all the green looked with her eyes. Now I really need to look for a new vanilla sock project to get started on just in case she decides to keep them because they match her eyes 🙂

Little and Large

I was up late working on the mitts and the way I was going, I figured that I’d run out of yarn before I made them the length I wanted so I started from the other end and figured I could do both at the same time 🙂 It was also a chance to experiment and work out what I liked best. I had been doing a fan with 9 trebles but I tried it with 7 and it looked so much nicer.

We’ve had a whole heap more sunshine today and I was enjoying the flowers I was given by the farm shop. Free flowers make me happy.

Sirius has been seriously cheeky and naughty today.

He keeps cuddling up to me

which is nice but does drive me a little mad 🙂 Especially when he is sitting on my yarn and then wants to play with it.