Happy Easter!

Have a wonderful and Happy Easter! I hope you have had a peaceful and wonderful day. This feels like a long time in coming as pao gave up chocolate for Lent and I felt a tiny bit guilty eating it in front of him!!

Secret Sock Club

I created myself a little secret sock club a while back where I wrapped up a load of stash yarn and now I dip in from time to time to knit a surprise.

This time I picked out some Rowan 4 ply. There is quite a bit and I last knit Anna socks which I loved with this so they might be on the needles again unless you have any other good knee high suggestions for me?


My Perfect Caturday



Sitting on the couch with a cat, knitting a sock, watching the snow falling. The eagle-eyed amongst you would have spotted that the cat I am sitting with is actually Sirius’ mummy. She is capable of inactivity whilst her son, however, is the most hyperactive puss we know.


(or more accurately, how far I will go for some Brittany Birch needles)
Recently, the Royal Mail put up the price for postage of small packages inland and I discovered that a little package of Brittany Birch needles ordered on the internet would cost the same as said needles so economies of scale and all that meant that I was too mean to buy just the needles but didn’t want to buy yarn to go with it unless I had handled it and seen it in person first. Sadly, there are no Brittany Birch DPNs in Kent (yet!) so… pao had a hospital appointment in London today and as he was feeling ok-ish, we took a little trip to a lovely knitting shop in Crouch End called Nest.

I was ever so pleased we made the trip even though it took us over an hour from where we were.

There was lots to see and I could have spent considerably longer there but for the fact that we were being driven home again and as it was the day before the Easter holiday, the traffic would be awful the longer we left it.

It was definitely a beautiful place, definitely worth a visit. There were some gorgeous British and Chinese yarns on sale. The lady who ran the place was lovely and very kind and helpful even giving us help with public transport. Definitely going back for another visit one day.

Ten on a Tuesday: 10 Things You’d Do If You Won the Big Powerball Jackpot

Now this would be fun. I don’t know what the Powerball Jackpot sum would be but I guess it is like the lottery here.

1. I’d give some away. I’d love to be able to enable people I care about do interesting things with their lives.

2. I’d pay for pao to have really good medical care (actually that’d probably use all the money!)

3. I’d get some very good advice and invest a large part of it.

4. I would like to set up a fund in her memory so that Eileen‘s grandaughter can go to college (if she wishes)

5. I would love to enable my blog friends to come over to the UK for a visit (and meet Sirius, of course)

6. I’d go and visit my friends overseas.

7. I’d love to open a yarn and coffee shop.

8. I’d love to be able to work for yarn 🙂

9. I’d like a really nice car.

10. I’d like to have time to write a novel.

The kitties are getting ready to run to the front door to greet you when you get here!

Making Monday : Imaginary

This Monday, I want you to use your imagination as some klutz forgot to charge her camera battery.

Several things were achieved this past week, but mainly the finishing of the Dover Castle shawl. And you all correctly said, it would be gorgeous and it is. The grey border sets the lavender off nicely and I’m looking forward to wearing it. I also drew my next victims sock yarn from my own sock club which turned out to be four balls of Rowan 4 ply so knee high socks are next on the agenda.

I’ve been busy looking after the gallery. This time I’m right in the centre of Canterbury and it is extremely busy. My friend Anne is a knitwear designer and I’m having quite a blast trying clothes on as it is like a giant dress up for grown ups 🙂

We have had some silly cold weather and a bit of snow here which has been ok and mostly melted here but I had no time to make a snow cat as I’d intended.

I did happen to have this photo hanging about so you don’t have to imagine Sirius but I’m sure those of you who have met him would agree that you don’t need to imagine the mischief Sirius can get up to as he is quite capable of dreaming up his own mischief.

Distinctly busy

I feel this coming week is going to involve a whole series of juggling as I have to be all over the place. I came back from a long day at a craft fair. Not busy. Very very cold to the extent I was still wearing my coat, scarf and gloves hours later and it was like braving the arctic to use the ladies room. Tomorrow I am back helping my friend at the Beaney again and then a slew of mundane but necessary activity until the joy of Easter. Yippee! Pao can eat chocolate again on Sunday! (He gave up chocolate for Lent, I gave up giving up things for Lent) so I can finally eat those bunnies with impunity. I suspect a lot of this week will involve waiting so I’m going to have to find some very easy knitting to do so socks may be the solution as I have now finished my shawl and it is currently waiting for its wash and block. As many people have said, it is beautiful. Even more beautiful now I can properly see the effect now I’ve cast off. One of the best activities that I am looking forward to the most is showing my friend’s small daughter how to knit. I love sharing the fun of knitting 🙂

The Green Dress

Let me tell you a story about this dress, this green, a beautiful, flowy, green dress. I have a friend Anne from House of Lavene who very kindly said that I could include some of my knitted jewellery pieces in her exhibition at the Beaney in Canterbury. When I turned up and admired the dress, Anne said I should read the story of the dress which was on a card next to it. The author Elspeth Barker (wife of mad, bad poet George Barker) caught sight of Anne’s client in this very dress when they were in a lift in London and decided that she, too, had to have a wonderful green dress and commissioned my friend to make one. The dress had made such an impact on her that she wrote a short story called ‘The Dress’ which she included in the 2010 reprint of her Whitbread Prize nominated book ‘O, Caledonia’.

When I read the title, I gave a little gasp as ‘O, Caledonia’ was the book which I allowed one of my photographs to be used on for the cover. And guess what?! That photo was first seen on this very blog!!?!