Octoberfestival Linkity


It is National Cat Day today so in celebration, I’m doing a linkity!




No National Cat Day would be complete without a glimpse of Sirius!

A la Interieur 2012

pao says that my superpower is getting myself invited to events that are often completely unrelated to what I’m doing so when I texted him from Belgium on Monday to tell him that I was at an interior design show, he texted back to say ‘it’s the school reunion all over again’.*

I ended up at Interieur 2012 after responding to an email from a Chamber of Commerce looking for creative arts delegates to go on a trade mission to Belgium. Little did I know that I would get picked to attend so when I received my confirmation, I was a little surprised, puzzled and delighted. After all, who was I to turn down a free trip to Belgium. Even it if did involve a networking lunch with Belgian companies and a trip to an interior design show.

I did feel very happy when I saw these knit walls.

Knitted stools were also very neat!

Beautiful knitted garment. (So not completely unrelated to my business interests….)

But perhaps the cowhide covered staircase was really a bit mad.

I did rather resonate with this motto.

I wouldn’t say no to a bed like this. I could sleep facing pao and we could wave at each other with plenty of room for more cats and it might just about fit in our living room….

This did tickle me more than anything else at the trade fair. 🙂

It was an interesting afternoon. On reflection, I probably would have tried to find out more about BUDA (which I’ll post on tomorrow) as Interieur was incredibly hot due to all the bright lighting and all 26 English delegates were all sitting in the coolest spot there a whole hour before we were due to leave begging the organisers for the chance to leave the expo early; a request to which they kindly acquiesced.

* I was invited to and attended a school reunion for a school I attended overseas when I was in junior school. Unfortunately, I was invited to a class who were all about 5 years younger than me and they had attended the British part of the school whereas I had attended the AMERICAN part of the school. So that was interesting — particularly when one of the teachers went up to pao and said how nice it was to see him again and how she’d remembered teaching him. Of course, pao had never studied overseas…..

Cat Cake!

Jeanne asked about pao’s birthday cake and my answer was – I hadn’t made it at that point! Poor pao had had one of those days. The dear car had decided to have a hissy fit and wanted to go to the car spa to have her spark plugs polished etc whilst he was driving her to work in the morning so he had to ditch her at the garage. I was in Belgium on a trade conference and was due back late afternoon which he had hoped to collect me from (drop off point was in another town) so he was a bit ticked off. Poor boy! So I felt to make up for the aborted birthday plans, I’d make him a cake (a Jeanne special).

Sirius wanted some input into the cake.

He didn’t feel there were enough cats on the cake and offered his services.

He did seem rather pleased with his cake. Complete with authentic Belgian chocolate kitty cats.

There seemed to be immense pleasure in biting that cat’s head off…

The other cats looked alarmed at the prospect of similar treatment to their heads!

Right Now….

Mulling over this great quote I found:

speak quietly to yourself & promise there will be better days. whisper gently to yourself and provide assurance that you really are extending your best effort. console your bruised and tender spirit with reminders of many other successes. offer comfort in practical and tangible ways – as if you were encouraging your dearest friend. recognize that on certain days the greatest grace is that the day is over and you get to close your eyes. tomorrow comes more brightly…
― Mary Anne Radmacher
(found at 29 Black Street – check out beautiful cats, dog and photography on this blog if you don’t know it)

Taking ten minutes to relax a little

Drinking Waitrose English breakfast tea with milk

Trying to get myself organised for a busy few days

Picking pretty colour combinations

Enjoying watching Sirius sleep on my work table

Hoping I’ll get some more good commissions over the weekend.

Reading blogs for inspiration. For the first time in a very long time, I’ve not got a novel on the nightstand.

Planning projects for the next few weeks.

Trying to figure out if stripy cats look more stripy next to stripes.

New Projects

I’ve got some new projects in new materials on the go. I’ve just got to finish them off but in the meantime, Sirius is so fascinated with what I’m doing that he has decided to keep a close eye on what I’m doing!

Ten on a Tuesday: 10 Favorite Mystery Books

It has been a few weeks since I’ve done a Ten on a Tuesday post. May have had something to do with being a teensy bit busy with lovely guests. Mystery Books are my favourite genre so I am going to enjoy this week’s topic.

1. Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone alphabet series. I’ve read U for Undertow but not gotten to V for Vengeance yet. I know that they are getting a little formulaic but I do still enjoy them.

2. Henning Mankell. The Wallander series was amazing.

3. Stieg Larsson.

4. Jo Nesbo. Love the Harry Hole series. Do you sense a little theme?

5. Andrea Camilleri. Inspector Montalbano is hilarious. I also love the TV series.

6. S.J.Rozan. I love the Bill Smith and Lydia Chin series.

7. Nancy Atherton. I’m really fond of the Aunt Dimity series.

8. P.J. Tracy. I love the Monkeewrench series.

9. Barbara Bretton. I love the knitting mysteries 🙂

10. Hannah Swenson bakery mysteries.

Bonus mystery kitty rolling around in the sunshine.

Making Monday: Festival Makings

I am taking part in the Canterbury Festival Artist’s Open House trail for three weekends this month. I’m exhibiting with two other artists Coastal Accessories and Purple Claire.

I’ve got a whole load of jewellery in her dining room mixed in with Sharon’s driftwood artwork and hydrangeas.

Claire’s woven pieces are really neat but I fear the cats would be a little too excited by them.

I love the atmosphere in the house. Friendly, jovial and a nice space to make things.

I get a lot of comments about the tins. I guess I quite like Altoids!

The light in Sharon’s front room is really great and perfect for displaying the sparkliness of the Swarovski crystals.

It’s a great space to exhibit in as something is always happening. I’m sure it will look completely different by next weekend.

Just dropped this bracelet off and spent a while today working on a cuff. I’m still working on it so no photos yet.

I bumped into Jeanne and Michael’s Whitstable friend today. I thought she’d make a good Sophie so I’ll keep a look out for her whenever I visit now 🙂