Working the scene: Deal Beach

I’ve been thinking of doing a Project 365 thing for a while but the commitment of taking a photo every day has made me feel a little unsure but I have watched some of the incredibly useful video tutorials about photography. One of those I was learning about how to take a good photo and I learnt about ‘working the scene’. ‘Working the scene’ involves taking lots of photos of the same subject from different angles to find something that really works.

It took quite a few photos to get this shot. This was quite an unusual looking flag and I wanted to capture it as it isn’t like the normal Union Jack as some of the stripes are missing.

I was intrigued by these strange structures on the beach but later on I did find out they were motorised winches to help tow the fishing boats out of the sea and onto the beach. It had never occurred to me before how exactly the boats actually got lined up on the beaches.

I just loved the juxtaposition of the boat with the child and the dog in this shot. I’m still very shy of taking photos of people so I zoomed in to do this from afar.

I did a similar thing for this photo of the dog. It isn’t the greatest photo but I had to take a photo. It is the dog’s rollerboot-like-feet patterning that amusing me the most. I half-expected the dog to roll away 🙂

I liked the trio of boats in this photo.

I chose this as the boats on either side seem to lead the eye towards the sea.

I was glad to be around when I took this one as part of a series of photos. This is how the fisherman get the boats onto the beach – using a winch like the one I saw along the beach.

Another dog – they are hard to take photos of but I kind of enjoy the challenge. I probably should Photoshop the feet out which are in the top of the shot.

This was a very lucky shot, a few minutes later… I like it a lot 🙂

I just took this one because it amused me. pao was a little surprised when I was telling him what I was doing so he was the one hanging around whilst I was ‘Working the scene’! 🙂

Wordless Wednesday: A stroll by the beach

I had a work commitment near Folkestone and pao had the time off so we went for a stroll in the sun at the Leas. This was the stroll which caught us off guard and caused the epic sunburn (thankfully not hurting as much now – just itchy). It was a beautiful day for a stroll.

Ten on a Tuesday: Ten Things To Do At the Beach

I spent a lot of last week at the beach so this is an easy one for me 🙂

1. Paddle in the sea

2. Build a sandcastle
3. Eat chips doused with salt and vinegar fresh from the chippie. Some of the nicest I’ve had were from Folkestone Harbour and fried in beef dripping). That may sound disgusting and like a heart-attack wrapped in newspaper but they are very nice.
4. Eat an ice cream (Italian ice cream at Broadstairs is the best)
5. Sit on a bench and the let the breeze cool you down.

6. Admire the beach huts.
7. Sit and watch the waves crashing on the rocks as you drink a very nice cup of tea.
8. Go hunting for shells and other treasures.
9. Bounce on a beach trampoline.
10. Sink your toes in the sand.

Making Monday: Zebra with a broken leg

This is meant to be the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Zebra cake which I saw Lorraine Pascale make on TV the other week but instead of beautiful circles inside each other – you see blotches.

It did kind of look nice inside but wasn’t really the effect I’d intended. It would have been easier (and a whole lot less messy) to have made a marble cake 🙂 I used freezer bags in lieu of piping bags and they were of the cheap variety so burst on first squeezing(!) There was cake mix all over the kitchen. I managed it though and thought it tasted pretty nice. I dubbed it ‘Zebra with a broken leg’ cake.

I have no knitting progress to show you as I’ve been struggling with crochet instructions (what on earth is a picot cluster??) for the border for the next project. I am making something with cobwebs (a k a Kid Silk Haze) so thought I’d do the bit with the yarn that isn’t cobweb based first since I’m going to adapt the pattern so I don’t have to sew seams. What has this got to do with this grey kitty? Well, he should be on a wanted poster. He was positively identified spraying in my friend’s kitchen. I have a soft heart and feel a little sorry for him as he is only doing what cats do but when the cat he is annoying is Sirius’s mummy, I’m not that sorry for him.

Dr Whooooooooo-ooooo-ooooo scarflette

I am on a roll and have just today finished the Bigger on the Inside scarflette which I started way back in May. It does need blocking so it will have to join my blocking queue. I’m in a finishing sort of mood so pulled out my Ravenscar cardigan that I finished knitting in 2010 but have left languishing in a bag until now. To my great horror, I found moth casings in the bag. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. We found moths in the hall closet earlier in the year and had to start hanging lavender at the windows and buying industrial quantities of cedar oil and moth balls. On close examination, my sweater seemed to have survived. Luckily, after my first moth scare, I’d already transferred my stash into plastic containers with moth balls to protect them. My wardrobe is full of lavender and cotton wool balls covered in cedar oil so I’m very cautious when it comes to the blighters. The Ravenscar is in the freezer to kill off any moth infestation so I’m now itching to work on my next project which is some Osk Boot Socks but I’m stumped as I can’t find my 4mm DPNs. I’m sure I have some but can’t seem to find them. I’m guessing they are in a WIP somewhere. If I want to get some new ones, I’ll have to wait until Tuesday as it is public holiday here and the knitting shops that do wooden DPNs will be closed until then 🙁

So I’ve decided to go looking for some languishing WIPs to finish off. I have my Cheshire Cat Stole out of hibernation and now must get my head round the instructions again.

I did make one of a pair of knee-high socks (oddly didn’t blog about them…) but they were

very very baggy round the ankles so will knit the second then pull the first apart when I’m happy with the second. They are Lacy Knee-Length Socks (Ravelry link). I suspect the bagginess may be due to my changing the pattern so I didn’t have to sew the socks up and didn’t discount some stitches for the seam. Also, I had to sub a different yarn as the suggested yarn in the book is now sadly discontinued. I also should have looked more closely at the photos – they are fairly baggy to start with and I want mine more shaped and fitted. I didn’t even list them on my Ravelry page – doubly odd.

Ok, I admit it. I’m slightly obsessed with the knee-length socks now. But I also have the Aldis mittens lurking somewhere that I want to conquer. Some investigation has shown that the few people who have attempted them have struggled with the thumbs which is a bit of a relief. I am thinking about booking an appointment with a Rowan consultant to try and get some help as they are such a disappointment but the nearest one is about an hour’s drive away.

Tamyra has none of these dilemmas as her socks are permanent.

An unintended Olympic break

This is the reason for my long blog absence. I have been swearing, sweating and tinking this monster into submission for the past few weeks. At one point, I had to tink 8 long rows from the border at the end which took 3 days to do. Longer even than the knitting as the Kid Silk Haze is murder to unpick. I spent last week at a conference and between delegate enquiries, I unpicked and unpicked until the error had been fixed.

It is beautiful and although as yet unblocked, I did feel a tinge of sadness I didn’t complete it within the Olympics but I am glad to have finished it! Citius altius fortius – what an effort. I didn’t completely understand the pattern as it was written in Norweglish. I was a little puzzled more than once but eventually figured it out so it is truly an international knitting event.

I feel my medal is well-deserved even if it was long in coming. I don’t know if I qualify for the Ravelry medal as I am way past the deadline of the closing ceremony but I am relieved to have it done (yes, I am quite sunburnt – the sunny weather took us by surprise)

Gratuitous kitty photo. We spotted this fine feline whilst we were out getting sunburnt lurking around a fishmongers in Folkestone Harbour.

Ravellenics Days 5 and 6: Swimming (well, it is my favourite) and Gymnastics

I am happy to report that I’m now all unpicked and back into the knitting part of the shawl – phew. I almost made the same mistake again but spotted it before I’d knit 8 rows – double phew! I’m now on my second ball of yarn so I’m pleased I’m making progress. I am so relieved that we are finally getting some medals in the Olympics – I’m really pleased for Bradley Wiggins – he is such a great and amusing guy. The swimming is amazing and I love watching Michael Phelps – 20 medals – wow!

Tamyra is fascinated by the water bowl and water in general. I don’t know what she would make of an Olympic sized swimming pool….

Wordless Wednesday: A bit of a mystery

I’ve not progressed very far with my Ravellenic Shawl today although I have now caught up on the bit I got wrong. Instead, I present you with a mystery.

I spent Sunday morning sitting in the Canterbury Cathedral cloisters knitting and people watching when I noticed these blue and cream envelopes were all over the place. Curiosity made open one or two just to find out what was inside. There were girl’s names inside but I was no wiser as to what it all meant… I wonder what it was all about – have you any ideas?