Ravellenics Day 4: Equestrian and Swimming

Today was a day of tinking and regathering so no significant progress. Just a better photo of the mistake. Looking at the Ravelry boards for my event (Shawl Sailing), I was a little dismayed to find that some people had finished their shawls on Saturday! Wow – they must be fast knitters or have had no sleep or a combination of both. It takes me ages to knit anything as I knit ever so slowly which is why I feel a distinct sense of sinking whenever someone noting that I’m a knitter says something like “Oh you can knit my baby a sweater/socks/cuffs/poncho” or “you could sell the things you knit” as if I could knit it up in a flash. If I were a quicker knitter then I might feel a bit differently about those comments. I mustn’t moan but it does drive me mad that people assume that because I like to knit that I’d be happy to knit for them. I really enjoy knitting but as everything takes me so long to make, I only rarely knit for babies and really only choose something I’m going to enjoy knitting with a yarn I’m going to enjoy knitting with rather than something I’m going to find frustrating and want to through out of the window half-way through.

I’ll get off my soapbox now 🙂 Wow – Olympics! Myself and my other armchair Olympian have thoroughly been enjoying today’s events. We saw a bit of the British silver medal win in the equestrian and saw Michael Phelps narrowly miss the gold in the 400m freestyle. What a nice guy though – he was so gracious to the guy who pipped him to the gold by five-tenths of a second. We then saw him and the US team win in their event and him being awarded his 19th Olympic medal. Wow!

Sirius was affronted by the suggestion that he is going to sleep through the Olympics so decided to show me how well he copes when being upright.

Ravellenics Day 3: Diving and Gymnastics

Day 3 and I’m motoring along with my shawl.

I’m now in the third section of the expansion but like Tom Daly and his synchronised diving partner today, it went a bit wrong. So my first task tomorrow will be tinking out 8 rows (I do mean tinking as that Kid Silk Haze likes to stick together like glue when ripping) 🙁 I had hoped to get those last few rows done tonight but I’m giving up. I must be tired to have not noticed that rather big mistake for so long 🙁

I was consoled by the fact that we had an amazing sunset tonight and I managed to watch Team GB get a bronze in the gymnastics – first in 100 years. I also was delighted to watch Missy Franklin from Colorado getting the gold medal in the 100m backstroke in the swimming.

Sirius is limbering up for some activity. I’m not sure what yet though but it may well be Olympic sleeping?

Ravellenics Day 2: Swimming

I stayed up a tiny bit late last night to watch some of the Beach Volleyball on Horse Guard’s Parade (!!) and get my head round today’s knitting challenge. It was USA vs Australia and I cheered on the USA team as they had better outfits. Yes, shallow but do I care?

I spent some quiet moments in the Cathedral cloisters knitting until heavy rain came and I had to seek shelter elsewhere but I did see the procession into the Cathedral by the choir boys.

After consulting the weather report, we headed off to Dover Castle to catch the end of the Medieval weekend and to get a bit more Olympic knitting in. pao decided I needed my own avatar – what do you think? Shame about the fly-away hair – it was really windy. I’ll post more photos later in the week – I’m pretty tired tonight after all that sea air and knitting!!

Progress at the end of day 2.

Rebecca Adlington got a bronze in the 400m freestyle which was brilliant to watch. You could see how she was really giving it her all to get placed. It was a great thing to watch and knit along to. I enjoy the swimming the most and just saw the most amazing men’s relay where the French team overtook the USA.

We may have to award Tamyra a medal for cuddles. She is a champion cuddler.

Ravellenics Day 1 : Cycling and Tennis

It was a bad start for Team GB when Mark Cavendish failed to get a medal in the cycling and after a couple of false starts I am now underway with my imaginatively named 108-47 shawl.

I blame it on the excitement of the opening ceremony – I was distracted by the giant Voldemort and the nurses and kids in pyjamas dancing around their beds (I won’t say any more so I don’t spoil it for Jeanne). I was so happy as the cycling route took place around Richmond and Kingston-upon-Thames where I used to live so it was nice to pick out landmarks 🙂

Even Tamyra couldn’t help with the pattern last night. It was written in Norwegian and translated so took a bit of thinking about.

Thankfully, in the light of the day during the cycle race, I did manage to work it out and finally got somewhere. Now I understand the symbols etc I will hopefully motor on 🙂

Let the Ravellenics 2012 Begin!

It took weeks of deciding and consulting Ravelry before I could decide whether I was going to take part in the Ravellenics, what I was going to knit and could I manage it in the short weeks of the Olympics.

Our Olympics started this morning at 8.12am as we rang our tiny china bell along with many others as part of the piece that Martin Creed composed to mark the start of the Olympics 🙂

I am so excited! I totally love the Olympics! The stadium looks amazing and is filling up with farm animals (!). Only just under an hour to go until I cast on!

Ten on a Tuesday: 10 Great Things About the Farmer’s Market.

We have a really great farmer’s market in Canterbury so finding 10 things isn’t hard.

1. Jonny Sandwich. This guy is a perfectionist and he makes the most delicious sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. It is quite a wait but definitely worth it.

2. Patrick’s Kitchen. Patrick makes amazing flaky sausage rolls with meat from the Farmer’s Market and the most delicious lemon tarts. Note: these go well with Jonny’s Sandwiches.

3. The rustic look of the cafe. The farmer’s market is inside a railway shed so it gets cold in there. All of the tables in the restaurant/cafe have blankets draped over them for when the nights are colder.

4. The Larder. Another amazing stall with handmade preserves, liqueurs etc. The orangettes, candied orange peel dipped in dark chocolate, are delicious as is the handmade rum and raisin fudge.

5. The locomotive engine. It is vastly impressive to look at.

6. Fresh vegetables, organically grown. There are a couple of suppliers and their veg has amazing flavour.

7. Plants. There are always great plants on sale.

8. Enzo’s Bakery. Enzo makes amazing arancini (risotto balls) – they are large egg-shaped ones filled with bolognese sauce. You can also get fabulous Italian cakes and cannoli.

9. Proximity to the fast train. I’ve collected hungry visitors and been able to take them for a really great sandwich or coffee right off the train.

10. Temporary stalls. At weekends, they have different stalls in. pao bought me two very beautiful scarves and a load of gorgeous pottery from there.

A bonus photo of a happy Sirius sitting in the garden.


I met this kitty this morning as I was relaxing in the Cathedral Cloisters playing hooky from church. I was reliably told by a Cathedral guide that this cat is called Laptop. Why?? Because she likes to sit on your lap!

Plus de linkity

Very tired today so running by with some linkity.