I want to be a cat

Cats are so good at being relaxed. I am not relaxed having taken pao to ER again with worse pain and being told to bring him home and wait for a neurology appt to come through. I think he needs the healing power of Tamyra.

In the Monkey Bag


In the monkey bag is my newest WIP, started on Monday when pao was waiting around in hospital to be discharged.

It does look large as it is being knit but

Extensive trying on reveals that it isn’t too bad as the back tapers which is nice for my non-straight calves.

Tamyra is taking on the role of the serious but kind younger sibling. Sirius doesn’t seem to take the hint that leaping on the bed proclaiming his presence loudly when one person has a headache is bad enough but when both do… Yes, we still both have headaches. I have some coldy virus which is making me grumpy and pao still has a migraine. I think we are up to day 12 on that migraine now and as George (long-time blog readers will understand that George is pao’s transplanted cornea) was looking very red as was pao’s other eye that we had to make an emergency trip to the hospital to check that George wasn’t trying to reject again as it was something that was going on a few weeks back. Good news is that George is ok but both eyes are infected and sore so pao has lots of drops so I have no reason whatsoever to whine about my headache as it is quite minor in comparison. Two hospital trips this week and a few phone calls to South Dakota re my own medical bills from my US adventure put the provision of ‘free’ healthcare into perspective but despite all that I did rather enjoy my luxury hospital stay in October and I’m sure by now if pao was in the US, we’d probably have seen the neurology consultant by now. The only drawback of our system is that in many cases you have to wait months for appointments.. At least, we have one calm kitten who has spent many happy hours asleep next to one or both of us during the past few days.

Making Monday : Matchy Matchy in the Dark


I begun the second of this pair of socks literally in the dark. Pao has been suffering from a migraine since Monday last week so we went to the ER to get it checked yesterday. Thankfully I had this second sock to do to keep me entertained whilst we were waiting for the doctors to do all their tests etc. He is home at home now and has lots of painkillers whilst he waits it out.

We had to laugh as this happened when we got home. It is like Tamyra was waving at Sirius.

Sausage pilaf


(adapted from a Waitrose leaflet)
Serves 4

1 pack of sausages (bet 6-8)
1 onion
400g tin cream of chicken soup
600ml chicken stock
1 tsp garlic granules
1 tsp paprika
1 cup frozen petit pois
Chopped parsley
Salt and pepper to taste

Fry sausages for about 5 minutes until browned. Remove from pan and add onion and fry for a few minutes until soft.

Add rice and fry for one minute. Add tin of chicken soup, paprika and garlic granules. Simmer on low heat for 20-25 minutes adding stock from time to time. Chop sausage into small pieces and add sausage and peas five minutes before the end of the cooking time. Rice should be tender and liquid absorbed. Add parsley and season to taste.

You could substitute bacon or pancetta instead of sausages.

Sirius hung out in his wastepaper basket when all of this was going on.

Hop hop into the frog pond

My cat turned out to have a slightly different head when making the second side so I decided frogging back a bit would be easier than trying to block it into the right shape. Thankfully it won’t be too long to re-crochet. I’m not sure about the dark pink nose and wonder if I should make it a purple nose instead? I’m thinking about the arms and legs – blue with purple feet and hands? Or green hands? Any ideas would be gratefully received.