Back again

It has been a looooong time without posting and I’ve missed catching up with people so I am glad to be back online. Hopefully, the upgrade is all ok now and our broadband is feeling better!! The spring forward has caught me on the hop and I’m having trouble adjusting to the change. Luckily it is beautifully sunny here in the UK so despite feeling weary, it is nice to go for long walks and get plenty of fresh air.

Views of Margate

I thought I’d share some pics of Margate. It is seaside town about 16 or so miles away. It used to be an ok place to visit but after the closure of the massive fun fair called Dreamland and the opening of a large out of town shopping centre nearby, the life and soul of Margate seem to have been drained a bit. Now instead of a thriving community of locals, there are many shops that are closed down and boarded up. Much has been made of the new Turner Gallery which brings many people to visit but I’m not so sure they are paying heed to the signs that exhort them ‘Now visit Margate’ as they leave the gallery. There is a glimmer of life in Margate old town but nothing significant yet. A few steps away is rubbish and abandonment. The Margate Lido used to be a thriving outdoor pool in the seaside hey day of the town but now it has been concreted in and all is left is the signs of faded glory.







Words & Pictures Week 2 : Warm

There is something about being warm when it is freezing outside. We have a small gas fire in our lounge which kicks out a lot of heat and I could live in the lounge all day and night in the winter as it is so cozy. We have blankets slung over the couches for extra warmth and there is nothing quite like a winter’s night with candles flickering in the darkness, the lights down, knitting a pair of socks or a sweater with a cat on your lap.

I love a hot cup of tea on a grey day to warm me up and I have a large green Stanley flask that comes with me on a working day full of fruit tea which is so welcome when I’m waiting in the cold car for my next appointment. I have a wonderful Caribou Coffee insulated cup which is perfect for taking a drink out. Sadly, I broke the clip which keeps the sip lid on so I have to be careful about not losing it but it is just right for holding to keep my hands warm.

I love candles when it is cold. They kick out a surprising amount of heat and feel so cozy.

Of course, there is nothing that compares to a kitty curling up on your lap to keep you warm.

Ten on a Tuesday : 10 Songs that put you in a good mood

1. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves

2. Mambo Number 5 – the Lou Vega version. I love dancing around hearing this song.

3. God is Able by Hillsong United. When I’m feeling low, this really cheers me up. I put it on and remind myself that I’m not alone in my struggles. It is fairly new and we’ve sung it a few times when we visited the Hillsong church.

4. O Happy Day. Another hymn that I adore. I’d totally love to hear a full on gospel choir singing this. It is such a joyful song.

5. Beautiful Day by U2.

6. Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah.

7. Groove jet by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

8. American national anthem. My heart swells when I hear the US national anthem. It makes me very happy. I loved being in an American school and it just makes me joyful.

9. Don’t stop me now by Queen

10. Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys

What’s your happy song?

Tamyra’s is the sound of food hitting her bowl! Or the treats jar being shaken.

Gone tomorrow


These towers were a quintessential part of the skyline on the way into the Isle of Thanet having stood there for over 30 years.

We were driving past on Saturday knowing that they were to come down some time and stopped to take some photos.

Little did we know that less than 24 hours later they were reduced to rubble.

I hope the bang didn’t frighten the cattle or nearby seal population too much. It was heard and felt 15 miles away.

(we have broadband again, it seems but no landline. I don’t miss the landline…)

Enforced radio silence

Our ISP arranged to have our line upgraded last week and it broke everything so no broadband or home phone until maybe Thursday at 5pm. As blogging from my phone is painful, I will be away from the blog for a while. I have some wonderful pics to show you of my escapades so you’ll just have to wait and I’ll have lots of posts to catch up on when we have internets again. Anon (as Lynne would say)!


One of Sirius’s favourite pastimes is making the bed. This is because he loves to roll and get between the sheets. There was a special bed making session last week to cheer him up after his mummy visited us.