The servants spent the night in Ikea and all they brought me was this lousy moose

The servants had the suitcase out again yesterday and were muttering about winning some kind of competition to sleep in Ikea before they took off and left us alone for the night. They are back exclaiming how strange it was to be sleeping in a bedroom department with 98 other people. I don’t believe them – how dare they not return with Daim cake for me?

Your disgustedly,

PS They may yet appear on a TV advert. They are shameless. Fame belongs to me and Sirius!

Getting ready for Christmas Linkity

It’s the first Sunday in Advent so surely time for a Christmas linkity!


How about some classic Simon’s Cat Christmas? 🙂




Book 74: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik

Jeanne recommended this to me a while ago and handed me her copy whilst we were out there with them to take home with me.

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik

The story is about the friendship of five women who live in Freesia Court in Minneapolis who are brought together during a power cut. It is a chance conversation that makes them decide to start a book group and so the AHEB was born. Faith is a pilot’s wife who had moved from Texas because of her husband’s job. She is alone a lot with her two children and feels a deep sense of not being good enough. Kari is the oldest of the group who thought that her chances of being a parent had died when her husband Lars had died. Slip is an activist married to Jerry who gets involved with political rallies. Merit is married to a surgeon, Eric, who is a controlling wife-beater. Andrea is a fairly liberated wife who dresses to kill.

The book encompasses four decades of the women’s lives where they experience the joys and lows of marriage, childbirth, divorce, loss, and grandchildren. I did really enjoy the way the story was told through woman in turn and the choice of books they were reading. I can completely understand why it is a favourite of Jeanne’s as it is now a favourite of mine, too.

Some kitten silliness.. why? Find out tomorrow!

Straight or in the round?


I started these mittens a while back but now I’ve gotten to the fingers I felt a bit uncertain about them.

So I figured they might look nicer knit in the round…

My only problem is that there is this slight saggy bit at the ends. Perhaps I should have taken the yarn all the way round the mitten on the inside instead of just making the adjustments at the end of each row for a more even tension.

So should I frog and reknit with the yarn going round on the inside for the stripes or should I carry on and sew the baggy bit together? I quite like the mitten in the round and I am adjusting the pattern a wee bit to make it work as I didn’t like the thought of sewing the other one up but I guess I could continue the first one just by using dpns to carry on instead of straights… help!!

Sirius is going to retreat under his blanket until a decision has been made.

Wordless Wednesday : Mall of America

It is probably looking very different now but we were blown away by how crazy the Mall of America was. The best part was all the Caribou Coffee shops which enabled me to sit down a lot and, of course, See’s Candy who make the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten in the US.

We were a bit shocked to find a wedding chapel!! Shopping and marriage at the same time…!








Baked and stashed!


This is my Christmas cake all baked and ready for feeding with brandy.


Now I need to stash it away from greedy kittens. Hopefully, Louie is still safely in MN with his blueberry pie!

Making Monday: Charmed

I’ve been making a load of new bracelets for craft markets. They are fun to do and I love exploring the different possibilities of colour.








Sirius loves them because they dangle and that can only mean one thing … Play!!! He and Tamyra have been up to naughtiness today. She fished out some discarded carrot and pineapple muffin out of the wastepaper basket and I caught them sharing it in the hallway together. I reckon Sirius was the ringleader and put Tamyra up to it as he started liking cake long before she did. I wonder if Louie likes cake as well as beef jerky…