So kroner

My spell check amused me but this post is really a Socktober post. I did manage to make one pair of socks whilst I was on my travels. I knit the first one on the plane over to the USA and did a lot of the second on my way to South Dakota and then in the hospital when I was feeling more chipper.

Luckily, Tamyra isn’t as interested in socks as Bette is.

The Badlands at Dusk

I did get to see something quite breathtaking (other than firemen and cute male nurses) in South Dakota which were the Badlands. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves but must say that I’m definitely going back there.





50% forgiven



I think the only thing in my favor is that I’m home sick. pao has redoubled efforts by also being sick with never-ending migraine since Wednesday afternoon. I have had a couple of walks round the village but have mainly been a pet entertainment centre when awake or warmer when asleep.

Oh, and Phoebe? She forgave us the moment we arrived home but smothering us with affection and has been burrowed under the spare quilt for quite some time.

The World’s Only Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD



I did manage one day of fun before I ended up in ER! Eileen and I left St Paul at 5am the day after I arrived on our way to our adventure in the Badlands. Our first stop was to admire the world’s only corn palace which was made of.. Corn! It did smell rather good in there and was interesting to look at.




It was pretty neat to see the redoing of the outside of the corn palace. I was told that a lot of planning goes into it!

I asked about it rotting as was told that the weather was so dry in South Dakota that it would dry quickly. It was amazing that somewhere like that existed and you could just walk in for free!

Making Monday : The Transatlantic Edition


Jeanne suggested a trip to a great yarn store as I mentioned I still had a fair bit of space in my suitcase. I bought a pattern and some yarn for a Highland Fling shawlette substituting the recommended yarn with Alpaca Sox. As you can see my first attempts as making bobbles were a little flat so I’ve now frogged and reknitted the whole thing.

I did also do a little knitting whilst in the US but not much. I’m going to have to finish unpacking before I can show them. I could have done that at Jeanne’s but as little Bette was partial to stealing socks it is safer to do it here. 🙂 I knew I was feeling better when I was up for knitting again.

Tamyra is slightly less frosty today once she was introduced to mice from Chris and sparkle balls from Jeanne and the Friskies Party Mix we brought them back.

Back home again


Arrived home in one piece to find amazing friends had cleaned house in addition to looking after cats and giving us lifts. Phoebe is the only cat who missed us and Sirius and Tamyra are making their displeasure known! We do miss Louie who amused us greatly by breaking into pao’s bag and stealing a pack of beef jerky and chewing down on it. What puzzled us was that we are certain we shut the door after his first attempt at cat burglary so to open the door to find him busily chewing was a surprise. Thanks again to Jeanne and Michael for their help and hospitality.

Goodbye, Minnesota

Today’s the day we have to leave the lovely hospitality of Jeanne and Michael and wonderful kitties to go home to the UK. We had such a good time despite the pneumonia with them and Eileen, Scott, Gretchen, Chris and Louise amongst others. Thank you so much xxx