Beautiful Blackrose

Whilst pao was in hospital, I went on a bit of a hunt through my stash for something really pretty, really easy to knit with a little fun to cheer up a really sad time. I found the yarn quite quickly – some Shelridge Farm W4 in Cornflower. Really gorgeous stuff that a nice pattern would pop out in – soft and unsplitty – so lovely. I wanted something easy to remember so I chose the Blackrose pattern from Knitty. It was just the kind of thing I could manage and I finished them today.

Sirius would rather I didn’t wear them as it has turned chilly and wet here and they would make him nice neckwarmers.

pao is still in quite a bit of discomfort so is back home again. More of those healing thoughts would help – he really does need a break from it. I’ve been having a hard time with some other things that are going on but I have had some super support from the most unexpected places. Knitting these socks has really helped during a really difficult and uncertain time.

Book 51: Dear Fatty by Dawn French

Well, pao is still not well so I’m having to rearrange things to deal with that. But all will be well – I know it…

Dear Fatty by Dawn French

This is our book club book for this month and was a score as I found it on the library van. Wow – book club book in the library van before book club. I need a sit down.

Being a member of a book club means that I get to read some books I wouldn’t normally consider. This is one of those and although I do like Dawn French as an actress/comedienne, I confess I wasn’t looking forward to reading this book.

The book is an autobiography written in the form of letters to various people in Dawn’s life and chronicles her life from childhood onwards including a visit to their RAF home by the Queen Mother to a 100th birthday party that became a wake.

I did find it a bit voyeuristic looking at someone’s life in snippets like that and even though I enjoy the Vicar of Dibley, Jam and Jerusalem and Larkrise to Candleford which she has been in, I’m still not sure I’d want to read her autobiography. It isn’t that I’m against autobiographies; after all, I really do want to read Toast which is about Nigel Slater who is someone I’m quite interested in.

Sirius is getting his beauty sleep as Monday is his birthday and he wants to look all shiny for his mummy (well, mummy’s mum) who is coming to dinner to wish him happy birthday 🙂


Well, we are still in a bit of a non-state re pao i.e. nothing has changed, he’s still poorly so I thought I’d show you what Tamyra loves best which is watching the washing machine. She is really intrigued by it and spends ages and ages watching it.

Thank goodness for kitties when you’re feeling not quite yourself. I think now pao is out of hospital the seriousness has hit me and I’m feeling wobbly 🙁

Still floored

pao is still a bit under the weather so he’s been confined to bed. Lucky that Sirius is there to keep him company.

Thank you so much for the lovely messages. He’s still got a way to go. Hopefully he’ll start to feel better soon.

Home again

but still needing lots of TLC. Abundant prayers and healing thoughts still needed, please.

I am so glad that he is at home as hospital was quite a difficult place particularly with geriatric hooligan who got very distressed at night time and the sad story of the chap in the next bed who was told he was going to die pretty soon. I hope that being a home will help immensely with a full recovery.

I did have a bit of a wobble this morning and almost stayed home from church but I was so glad I decided to go even though I was late as I felt so loved and cared for.

Waiting waiting

Although pao was told he was going to have an op this afternoon, they changed their minds and decided to monitor him for the next 24 hours instead. So now we wait to see if the pain stops and they send him home or the operate tomorrow.

More of those healing thoughts and prayers, please. Thank you to everyone who has been thinking and praying for pao these past days. We really appreciate it.

There is something to be said when the best thing that happened all day was going to the dentist

Oh yes, it was one of *those* days. pao had very sweetly taken the day off to take me to the dentist. A new dentist because my phobia of all things dentist-related had reached a new high and I was actually shaking and crying when I rang up to make the appointment. I had come to a stage where I felt so patronised and nervous about the old dentist, I was paralysed into not being able to go to any dentist at all. I didn’t want to change to another dentist in the practice because I felt worried I’d upset my dentist who I’d been going to but didn’t really like too much because he didn’t explain things too well and I’d come away a bit confused. pao kept telling me to change but I couldn’t bring myself to it because it was another big thing on top of all the other big things I was dealing with at the time.

So it was a big day, I cried in the car on the way like a big wussy and burst into tears whilst in THE chair and made pao come and sit in the room with me so he could share my distress in full technicolour. The dentist was lovely, very kind and very very patient and unpatronising. His nurse wiped my tears whilst he prodded round my mouth with his pointy stick and he pronounced the chompers ok as long as I had a lot of scaling done by the hygienist and brushed each tooth with a special brush to help my sad and sore gums. He even gave me a printout of what he’d found and what my teeth were like along with the quote for the work. He was brilliant.

Ok, I admit I was still in tears in the car back to Canterbury but pao was having a follow up appointment at the hospital about his kidney stone and we figured all would be ok and we’d be back in Whitstable enjoying ourselves before my 4pm stint at the hygienist. Sadly, things did not go to plan and having spent a little time examining pao, the registrar sent him directly to the emergency room for immediate attention. I think we were in there about 2-3 hours before he had another scan and was moved somewhere slightly more comfortable to wait out another 4 or so hours before the results came through a decision was made what to do with him. He’s been kept in for the night for observation so hopefully the pain will go and he will be well again tomorrow. Poor guy 🙁 He really needs your healing thoughts and prayers!

I’m trying to look on the bright side. I finished these socks! Now I’m going to dive into the stash and see if I can find something ultra gorgeous to knit next as I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of waiting tomorrow, too.

Paradise Loaf

Ok, it’s official. I’m bananas. Sorry, that should read, ‘obsessed with bananas’. I’ve invented a new loaf cake which makes me think of the beach and should be eaten with a rum and coke or at the very least a Malibu with lots of ice. Or a nice cup of tea/coffee…

Paradise Loaf
(based on Banana Bread by Nigella Lawson in How to be a Domestic Goddess)

175g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
125g margarine or butter, I use Stork
150g golden caster sugar
2 large eggs
3 large bananas, mashed
1 tsp vanilla extract
100g dried mango, chopped though do save a couple of strips for laying across the top of the loaf artistically
50g dessicated coconut

Combine flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda in a bowl and set aside.

Melt margarine/butter with sugar and mix well. Add eggs one at a time and stir well after each addition. Add vanilla extract.

Add dry ingredients gradually, stirring well after each addition and add coconut and chopped mango.

Decant into lined loaf tin, lay reserved mango on top and bake for 1-1 1/4 hours until cooked and a skewer in the centre comes out clean.

Do you think Tamyra would make a good shortstop? She is remarkably good at fetch!

Linkity split

It’s been a while since I was able to post a linkity! I’m so happy to share these fun links with you 🙂


I know a cute puss who would really enjoy one of these cardboard cities.
(Yes, that’s you, Sirius Black)