Book 50: The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Faharad Zama

I say ‘Phew!’. After the last few days, it was good to have some down time helping a friend today. I am still emotionally exhausted after it all and am looking forward to having some time off at home with pao next week. I wish we could have booked a trip but best stay near home until all the illness has passed .. It is almost ten years since we got married – crikey! Must go to bed as I’m rambling!!

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Faharad Zama

Retired civil servant, Mr Ali, decides to set up a marriage bureau to help families find a match for their children. There are a range of different characters who find themselves at Mr Ali’s door looking for a marriage partner ranging from the rich and handsome bachelor to the divorcee. The novel provides an interesting insight into modern day India’s caste system and the prejudices and machinations that go to get that perfect match.

Mr Ali does become ever so popular that he has to get an assistant, Aruna, but she, too has a secret which is holding her back.

A really lovely book – I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were glimpses of the social problems that many Indians face but in a light way.

Thank goodness that the cuteness of cats is always constant. We had a little girl visiting and Tamyra was very good about playing with her.

At home again

Tamyra is pleased to report that pao is back home again – very tired but at home again!

Hurrah – thank you for your positive and healing thoughts xxxxx

Positive and healing thoughts, please

pao and I vowed almost ten years ago to love each other ‘in sickness and in health’. Unfortunately, the sickness part has overshadowed some celebratory moments such as our first wedding anniversary where I got gastroenteritus in Brussels and couldn’t leave the hotel. We were very poor and didn’t have a vast amount of money so we had arrived on Air Miles and had to rely on some very generous help from friends. Sadly, it is now pao who is ill again and I’ve just cancelled our 10th anniversary celebration next week as he is currently in hospital with an issue with his right kidney not functioning as it should.

We don’t know much about what is going on at the moment until they run the CT scan tomorrow but we would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for pao right now. God bless you.

Revisiting the wish list

I wrote a wish list (I guess you would call it a bucket list) five years ago and figured it is time to review! I’ve crossed out the ones which I’ve done so far :

1. Go on a helicopter ride.
2. Go up in a hot air balloon. I’m not sure how practical this would be for me – I get vertigo going to the top row at lecture theatres so being in a basket with hot air to keep me up high.. mmm. Saying that I did once swear that I wouldn’t go in a cable car but I did and enjoyed it so there is still scope.
3. Eat in a traditional American diner. We have cheap imitations here in the UK and they are not ok. We tried to find a diner when we were on honeymoon and the closest we found was a place called the Olympic Restaurant in South Yarmouth. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind and we didn’t find anywhere that was obviously a diner in Boston but then again Boston is quite posh.
4. Visit the Emily Dickinson Homestead in Amherst, Mass. I am a huge fan of her poetry and I am interested in seeing the house she lived in. Oh, and I also want to see the famous black squirrels.
5. Visit the Grand Canyon. I know it is a cliche but it sounds and looks amazing.
6. Visit Niagara Falls – again a cliche but I bet close up it is incredible.
7. Go to Maine. No where in particular. I’ve just always fancied going there.
8. Revisit Boston for a longer visit. We only stopped over a couple of nights at each end of our trip so we didn’t get to visit the Aquarium or the Boston Tea Party replica ship. Now I’m into walking – walking the Freedom Trail would be fun too.
9. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz with a bunch of friends. I remember one of the boarding moderators at school who was a friend had booked into a night at the Ritz just because she could and made it sound like the most amazing place. I think she opened my eyes up to the possibility of just doing things for the heck of it. We were already on the outskirts of London anyway so she could have easily stayed at home.
10. See a real live koala in Australia. I went to Australia with my parents and didn’t see a single koala. There would be the bonus of buying some of Marta’s yarn – you see I’d just have to it – it’d be rude not to.
11. Visit the Eiffel Tower with pao. I’ve been to Paris twice before. Once with my parents when they really weren’t getting on well and then on a church camping trip when it was pouring with rain and I was tired and wet. We almost made it last year but pao was too sick to go out and I promised we’d go back and see the Eiffel Tower together at a happier time.
12. Dress up in a medieval costume. Just for the heck of it.
13. See the autumn foilage in New England. I just think it is beautiful.
14. Stay the night in Hampton Court Palace. I heard from someone I used to work with that you can hire a cottage within the grounds and it is amazing to walk round the palace when all the visitors have gone home.
15. Go to the Chelsea Flower Show. I’ve seen it on TV quite a bit and would love to go there or to the Hampton Court Show.
16. Own a tiny kitten. We have had all our puss cats from when they were medium to full grown. Merlin and Ophelia were babyish but not really really curtain climbing tiny. I think Sirius and Tamyra count as tiny 🙂
17. Visit the continent of Africa. I don’t really mind where – I’d be as happy in Egypt visiting the pyramids as I would in Kenya snapping pictures of cheetahs. Cheetahs make me think of Ernest Hemingway for some reason – no idea where that strange idea came from.
18. Visit Tintagel Castle in Cornwall for sunrise or sunset. I just love the name – it sounds so enchanting.
19. Visit the Alhambra Palace. I learnt Spanish at school and it was in our text books. I saw a miniature of it at the Pueblo Espanol in Mallorca and this has just made me want to visit it in person.
20. Go to a cricket match. It is a game which slightly intrigues me. We learnt how to play it at school very roughly.
21. Visit Buckingham Palace.
22. Live in an oast house or part of an oast house.

Six out of 22 isn’t bad at all!

Number 16 is the best item 🙂 A tremendous pair of bundles of fun!

Happenings at the Hut

There is nothing quite like very freshly cooked fish and chips eaten by the sea. As I was looking after the Made in Whitstable Big Black Hut on Sunday afternoon so we scooted straight there after church feeling rather hungry (hence the big gouge out of my fish :))

We were treated to a rather impromptu preview of the air show that was going on at the same time further down the coast in Margate.

It was quite a treat as we were fairly dry and able to pop out once we heard something going overhead. As I mentioned before, I even saw the Red Arrows as I was standing in line for coffee!

I’m glad we were under cover – look at those clouds!

I was really pleased as I got some earrings made.

I’m really pleased with these ones with their teeny tiny leaves.

I think I must have been in a dangly earring mood on Sunday 🙂

Whatever it was

Tamyra says she didn’t do it. In fact, she would go as far as to say it was probably the asparagus’s fault that the cat treats got out of the desk and the packet and onto the floor and into someone’s tummy.

One fine linkity

Sorry no linky for a while as my time has been sucked away but glad to say – linky is back this week! Hurrah!


Baby Hummingbird from Nancy Kee on Vimeo.

This is such a beautiful video of a boy who rescues and cares for a tiny hummingbird.


This does need sound! Pretty neat 🙂






I’m taking a leaf out of Sirius’ book and getting to my kitty cave for a nice sleep as I’m exhausted. I had to get up early to take pao to work for 7.30, get ready for a new client, finish a job for an old client, get home, go to Women’s Institute, come back, write to client etc etc. It is now just after 11pm and I’m exhausted – I’m sure there is something I am meant to have done… I’m not complaining though! I love my new job! Just very tired but happy-ish (especially when new client offers lemon tart and real coffee). I say happy-ish as the day was tempered with the sad news that a church friend had passed away – she had really made pao and I feel welcomed when we were going through a tough time and was a bright light. Her passing will be felt by many and even though we didn’t spend hours with her, we will miss her.