Just a wee look at something I’m finishing off. I’m so pushed for time at the moment! At least I’m busy and not bored, eh? 🙂

What I missed – 6 of the best

Although I had a fab time in Faversham last week, I missed out completely on seeing the main event which was the car and bus show.

Lucky pao was there to take some photos for us to look at on Saturday.

I would have quite enjoyed listening to the band that this open top bus was hosting.

Sadly, pao was too ill to come on Sunday so we’ve just got buses to look at.

But they are pretty neat buses.

I would have loved to have travelled on this bus – it looks so cool!

I’m sure it was best that pao stayed at home – these naughty cats looked like they were plotting mischief. Poor Sirius has chewed whiskers!

Guess who’s going to be beside the seaside!

My day has improved immeasurably from feeling rather ill in the night and streaming with yucky cold and hacking phlegmy cough to agreeing to be a co-exhibitor in this! Fishing for Pearls is going to Whitstable! It is a lovely beach hut on Whitstable Harbour and there are 8 of us exhibiting for 6 weeks! So exciting.

I can’t believe what an amazing view there is out of it! Lots and lots of work to do before then – new stock needs to be made ready to go on display. Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will my feet touch the ground in the next few days? Probably not as we are getting ready to move in on Thursday to start trading on Friday this week! Lucky I had a long and restorative sleep this afternoon as I certainly needed it!

Saturday Smiles

Just a quick hello and just wanted to share a smile with you. We were at a lovely wedding today and then at lovely Liz’s 30th birthday celebration. Despite all the craziness that this year has thrown us so far, we can just about smile a bit. Only less than 6 weeks and pao and I will have been married 10 years. Where does the time get to?

Sock club time!

I’ve finished my sock club socks! The pattern is called Spring Forward and is free on Knitty!

Time for a new draw 🙂

Navy Regia sparkle! These are going to be a Buttoned Slouch which I found in a free booklet.

I have been having a lot of trouble with my plantar fascitis this week and now have calf twitching back again which is a bit painful and annoying and I have pao’s cold. I took myself off to bed this afternoon for an less than normal nap after I’d taken Tamyra for her shots and tried to do a few things this morning. She is a hefty 4.8 kilos and the vet reckons she is doing alright. There was much stroking and admiring of her prettiness and she is all set for another year – huzzah!

The best part of grabbing a few moments together during the day is how precious they feel. Here we are enjoying the sunshine at St Augustines! We have a long weekend here in the UK so maybe we’ll grab another ray of sunshine?

Slinky malinkity


Grumpy pussycatto from those engineers!




Last week’s brief respite

pao and I managed to grab a little time off last week and we went to St Augustine’s Abbey in his lunch hour.

It was pretty nice to sit in the shade and enjoy lunch together.

I liked being somewhere a bit quiet

and looking at the pink flowers growing amongst the ruins. Until a huge school party arrived and I knew it was time to go!

Busy busy busy

I love this photo of Tamyra 🙂 She really helps me take life less seriously but she didn’t appear at all today. I worked solidly some of yesterday evening and all day today on a piece of work for a client but sadly all three colour cartridges on my laser printer all finished up so any money I do make on the job will go straight out again on those. Ah well… Luckily, my client is a very kind and lovely person and wasn’t phased about having the rest of it printed at Staples instead. I’ve been very lucky to work for people so far who appreciate how much time and effort and nicely styled set of documentation actually takes. I had a nice time doing it but sadly the work is confidential so I can’t show it off but I am mighty proud of it! I’m hoping for a bit of time off tomorrow as I’m going to our church coffee morning and then meeting my friend Lady Chutney afterwards so looking forward to that very much as I’m tired! I am having a lot of trouble with my plantar fasciitis at the moment so that is making me a bit more tired and grouchy. I’ve found that deep freeze spray helps a little and the podiatry inserts for my shoes do make things a bit better but it all hurts! Boo! I must stop whinging now or Lynne, 2Paw and Dead Eye Constance‘ll call me a whinging Pom!

Book 40: The Killing Place by Tess Gerritsen

It’s been so busy today I almost missed the library van. I haven’t had a lot of down time so nabbed a little hour this morning to recharge with a couple of rows of sock knitting but it doesn’t feel like quite enough. Big job to do tomorrow and once that is over then hopefully I’ll have a chance to chill a bit before the next thing!

The Killing Place by Tess Gerritsen

This is another Rizzoli and Isles novel. Maura Isles is in a troubled relationship with Daniel Brophy, a Catholic priest, and a medical conference in Nebraska comes just in time for her to get away and reevaluate her feelings for him. Maura meets up with an old med school colleague and tags along on a ski trip he has organised for himself and his daughter and friends. She gets more than she bargained for when a seeming wrong turning gets the people carrier they have rented stuck in a ditch and they find themselves in the mysterious Kingdom Come where all the people seem to have got up and left their houses.

Attempts to find rescuers prove to be dangerous and Maura ends up fighting for her life against dark and mysterious forces who seem to be related to the self-styled prophet Jeremiah Goode. It is only when Daniel raises the alarm with Jane Rizzoli that she and her husband fly out to get on the trail of where Maura has gotten to.

I would like to be a bit more like Tamyra who has chilling down to a fine art! Must must go to bed now. I’m too tired to read, even!

Why drawers and doors aren’t left open!

Big noses root around and steal things! Paperclips in this case.

Just popping in to say hello and that I’ll be posting some of pao’s photos of old buses tomorrow. Sadly (or not I would argue) I didn’t get to see any of the classic cars on show this weekend as I was too busy running my stall. It was a fantastic turnout again today and I sold one of the necklaces I made last night almost immediately. The other stall holders were really lovely too so it was fab to chat to them and I feel like I’ve made some new friends. My lovely lovely friend turned up at 4.30 and offered to help me pack up which was brilliant as it didn’t take long at all and then she took me home for chips and tea! Wonderful! 🙂