Congratulations to the newly weds!

What a joyful reason for a bank holiday and an extra day off for pao! We rolled up at his nan’s house just in time to start seeing the royal parents and grandparents arriving at church and in plenty of time for the main event. Kate wore such a beautiful dress and carried such a tiny bouquet. I totally loved the tiara she was wearing 🙂

I’m rather hoping that tiaras will really be fashionable this year and I can start to make a few more as I love making them so. I am one of the featured artists at an art sale for Craft & Design Month Designer Makers Fair in Faversham on 21-22 May. Look 🙂 I’m even on a poster!!

What a lovely wedding it was. I had the tissues out as it reminded me of our wedding day almost ten years ago 🙂 Congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridgeshire!

The cats don’t understand the fuss about ceremonial coaches and the like – give them a paper bag as that’s all they need for transport (although don’t tell her I told you, Tamyra is getting a little heavy for them and they rip when you lift them).

Around the world in postcards

Lots of postcards arriving now!

From Sandra in France! Doesn’t this remind you of Sirius? 🙂

From Jan in the USA

From Shelly – how did she know that I adore Emily Dickinson?!

This one has a nifty secret –

I found the flap (eventually)! From Diane in Des Moines, USA.

A quilted one from Randi in St Paul, MN, USA

And this super cool one is from Renee in the USA – she is aged 13 – how cool is that 🙂

So by my reckoning there is one more lurking out there in the postal system. I’ll be waiting so I can reveal all ten!!

Royal linkity

I waited and waited by the letterbox but no envelope with a royal summons arrived for me so I’ll just have to make do with watching it on TV trying not to think about this video!!

Royal weddingness

UPDATED TO ADD: I’m on the list, well Lady Violet Rose Ophelia Saffron is on the Dovegrey readers list that is so I will be entering the metaphorical Westminster Abbey at 10.32 on Friday 🙂

Kitty (linkity wouldn’t be linkity with out the kitty)

That’s it for this week. I’ve just been so busy that I’m not sure where all the time has flown off to but I do know that it is only a three day week and then another four day weekend – bless those royals for such superior planning of their wedding date!

Feeling like a princess

I made another tiara whilst I was at the craft fair in Folkestone this weekend. This one has sea green and violet Swarovski’s in with freshwater pearls. I was thinking of the beautiful seaside as I was making it with the sea breeze blowing in from Folkestone Harbour.

I finished off this one on the first day which I’d been making at another craft fair. It has tiny iridescent lilac Swarovski’s in it. So pretty 🙂

Some really good news is that pao’s cousin has gotten engaged. Congratulations, J and K!

Also, in other news, I’ve gone all Twittery, I’m @fishing4pearls

It may not be a tiara like Mayhem’s but Tamyra likes the feathers 🙂

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to one and all! What a wonderful spring day we’ve had here in England. It has been really really odd – no rain for days and unseasonably warm weather. Weird but a nice Easter surprise. pao and I don’t exchange Easter chocolate normally but he bought me this giant pink kiss (I love American chocolate – Hersheys in particular, so when I saw a sign outside Asdas in Folkestone yesterday advertising the arrival of Hersheys in selected stores, we had to have a look 🙂

Speaking of pink ..

Sirius modelled this fetching pink boa. It was the nearest we could manage to dressing him as an Easter bunny or chick.

Spoilt by Salutation

I’ve been encouraging pao to take some time out to ease himself back into work and we took a mid-week day to go and visit a nearby garden, the Secret Gardens at the Salutation in Sandwich. What a treat it was and it really was a day to take time out to smell the flowers as the tulips were out in riotous beauty.

We were even greeted by a very pretty tabby cat at the gate.

Whilst we stopped to admire this beautiful red tulip

we were welcomed by this small dog trotting up the path to meet us.

The blossom was certainly out in full force in the garden.

This is the back of the house and the vegetable patch.

Is that a lesser spotted pao next to that bed of gorgeous tulips?

Perhaps we should check with our other cat guide?

He/she was more interested in directing our eyes towards the tulips..

There were so many lovely ones to look at..

So so many…

It was hard to choose a few to share with you!

It is such a lovely place that even the robins are friendly… I have bought something called a Golden ticket which means I can visit for a year and take a friend, any friend with me… who’s coming with me next?

Book 36: Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro

It has been a good day but really busy. I had a cry for help last night and spent a couple of hours helping some friends by removing some nasty malware from their PC. Yuck – malware is horrible. After that I got to meet some lovely friends for lunch then whizz pao home again so I could get to work with finishing my first ever website commission! Ta da – I present to you: Lemur Designs!

It was great fun to do – lots of work and lots learnt. I know a lot more about Photoshop and CSS than I did before and also the merits of not deleting directories that I ought not to have. Luckily I also learnt about using webftp today too 🙂 I’m also pleased to say my client is happy 🙂 I was then busy sorting myself out for a two day craft show starting tomorrow. But not too busy for a spot of knitting and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer – how did I never see this before?

Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro

Nocturnes is a series of five music-related short stories which tell of bittersweet tales of love and loss. I had to smile a bit as the second story refers to a ‘southern university’ and I know that Ishiguro is an alumnus of the university that I attended so reading the second story made me think back to the heady days of my first degree when things were quite a lot different from how they are now.

Did you know that black kitten cats are the latest must have accessory? Siriusly, they really are!