Home again, almost nearly new

Thank you very much for your lovely comments about Phoebe. She is doing a lot better and has been allowed home. Given her age and advanced troubles, we’ve been instructed to spoil her rotten and give her the best and happiest time before she goes to kitty heaven. It may be soon but we are thankful she is very much herself for the moment.

Super Floof

Nothing beats some loving kitten attention! Please keep Phoebe in your thoughts, she is in the vets getting treated with intravenous fluids as she has been a bit poorly of late and is very dehydrated.




Knitting and beading?

Now there is a fab idea – thanks to Nic for the inspiration!

Oh and another lovely for your delectation.

Kittens in a box! pao is very ill with labyrinthitus and cannot leave the house so I’ve had to order loads of things from the web including mega loads of cat litter which came in this wonderful playhouse that Sirius and Tamyra love.

Take one old lid-less vintage teapot..

Add an appropriately sized jam jar (tea pot has a tiny hole in the bottom so am pleased R had bargained them down to 2 quid, some shop-bought roses and lavender and greenery from the garden and you have a interesting new flower holder.

It also looked good with roses from my garden earlier in the summer. I think it is a really nice way to recycle.

Sirius seems to approve.

Sparklies and pretties

A lovely friend came for a short visit yesterday and left me feeling quite inspired to get making.

I’d bought an earring kit to get me started and some chain and got going. It took a bit of getting used to to start with

but I soon got the hang of what I was meant to be doing

and got inspired.

When I ran out of earrings, I thought I’d try a necklace.

I was running low on chain at that point but thought I’d make some pendants.

Just one

or four of my favourites.

Of course, Sirius takes all the credit for being so “helpful”.

Gardening recap

Carrie K commented that I’d gone a bit AWOL lately – sorry I’m not really myself at the moment but I have managed to find some lovelies to show you…

I’ve had a mixed summer so far with veg crops. Here is some of what I harvested in August. I grew some really nice heritage French beans and got quite a healthy crop from my eight plants – nice crisp beans. I usually plant the purple ones but didn’t have any seed this year. I liked this variety and have allowed some to go to seed so I can plant them again next year.

I did manage to grow the best carrot so far – finger straight thick carrotty and very tasty.

I even had some success with courgettes. I’d bought the plants from the village egg lady and they grew like crazy. I think the eggshells I’d put down to deter slugs and snails did help somewhat.

Little did I know that these were some of the handful of tomatoes I would harvest. I found that my plants had tomato blight so had to be thrown out – fruit and all.

These peas are what I’m proudest of though. I had about ten plants which I’d started in toilet roll inner tubes and paper pots indoors and left to get quite sturdy before I planted outside with guardian egg shells. I did have a couple eaten but the pots seemed to help as I grew peas! I’ve always had problems with slugs so finally I have succeeded!!

It was sad not to have my garden supervisor any more but Tamyra is a good vegetable model and Sirius has done his best to help. She is almost the same size as this marrow I was given. Now as soon as the torrential rain that has plagued Southern England lets up and I’m not feeling so blah, I’ll be pulling up the grotty stuff ready to bed it all down for winter.