First ever wedding cake

If you opened the dining room door, the strong scent of CAKE would beat you right up. Yes, there were over 250 cupcakes sitting there.

Vanilla ones topped with popping candy

Lemon ones with silver balls

Rich fudgey chocolate ones with Flakes on top

Even a few boxes of rejects I pressed on friends to take and eat.

Rose had bought a pre-iced fruit cake for a cutting cake so I dressed it up to match the cream of the cupcakes with some beautiful handmade paper and ribbon.

I thought it looked really nice and I’m told that everyone seemed to enjoy it 🙂 It was hard work but I really enjoyed doing it.

Congratulations, Rose and Gavin!

How to intrigue two kittens

Open a hamster holiday home. This is Bubbles who has the most interesting and complex enclosure we’ve ever come across.

Sirius was very impressed.

So was Tamyra.

Don’t they look the picture of innocence?

Butter wouldn’t melt but not for a second would we have considered leaving the three of them alone.

They are looking forward to the next visit as I’m told there will be TWO hamsters 🙂

Beaded lovelies

I saw a really lovely necklace in a favourite shop but it was really expensive so I figured I’d have a go at making my own. I had bought some lovely beads in Cardiff but for the life of me couldn’t find them when I got home and wanted to do something with them. I guess it might have had something to do with being distracted with a kitten or two that month. I was having a tidy up recently and found them again – hurrah!

I knew vaguely what I wanted so had a nice time fiddling about with the different silver beads I already had. My plan was to make a part pearl, part crystal bead, part metal bead double-stranded necklace. I didn’t have that many silver-coloured metal beads of the type I liked that seemed to go with the beads and pearls and couldn’t really find any nice metal beads in the shops locally and the ones on the web had photos which made it difficult to tell what they would look like with the beads and pearls I’d already bought.

Eventually I came up with this idea for some earrings to go with the double-stranded necklace I’d planned and the plan started to come together.

It wasn’t long until someone came to help

or was it to hinder?

Tamyra is in the habit of stealing jewellery and taking it off to play with. I keep finding earrings and necklaces all over the place. She knows she shouldn’t have them so takes them when she doesn’t think I’m looking and then I find her playing with them later on. I’m a bit worried she will swallow something so have had to resort to keeping it all well out of reach in another room (thank goodness she doesn’t have opposable thumbs or I’d be in trouble) but she does keep going back to where they were before to look for what else she can steal. I did find where she had taken the beads to eventually

and managed to finish what I’d intended. I’d even managed to have enough to make a bracelet. I used a nice clasp I’d also bought in Cardiff so was really pleased with what I’d achieved.

I even managed to make some earrings to go with a necklace I’d already made for my friend O’s birthday

which in turn inspired me to plan out another necklace with some nice stones I’d bought last year and hadn’t really thought of what I was going to do with them.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Thankfully Sirius was more interested in watching cars and people out of the window as two small kittens trying to “help” would have been quite a handful!

Peach and mint blast jam

There is a favourite drink at Eat which I love called Peach and Mint Blast and I tried to recreate it in my jam.

10 peaches, cut up into small pieces
3 tablespoons Courvoisier
1 orange, juice and zest
Sachet of pectin
1 kg sugar
Fresh mint sprigs to taste

Placed chopped peaches, Corvuosier, orange juice and zest in jam pan and bring to the boil then simmer for 15 minutes. Add sugar and pectin and stir until dissolved.

Add chopped mint and bring to rolling boil. Check for set using cold plate method – it took me 10 minutes to get mine to set. My peaches were ripe but not overripe. I found the pectin helped the set as I’d made some peach and rosemary jam which was a bit runny a while back.

(Optional) Play fetch with cute kitten whilst waiting for jam to set.