Anniversary Lady

As soon as I got home from Broadstairs I picked up my needles, the lovely Rowan Cashsoft Aran I was given as a anniversary gift by pao and started knitting this February Lady. It was quick going and addictive and I enjoyed knitting it. It was only when I’d finished the body and was halfway down one of the sleeves that I realised that I had been knitting with two different needle sizes. I told myself at that point it was a design feature rather than a failure as there was no way I was going to rip it all out.

I’d been knitting quite a bit at my desk at home on which some vintage buttons by Lionel Nichols were sitting on and I thought they would make a nice contrast so I took the plunge and sewed them on.

I’ve really enjoyed the roses in my garden this year and here are two of the last ones in an old teapot I picked up at an antiques fair last year.

The kittens are keeping themselves busy although the lure of the knitting does call to them from time to time.

Birthday packages and feline acrobatics

Thank you very much for all of your lovely kind words about Merlin. It has been a very hard time and very sad too so blogging has fallen by the wayside a bit. I thought it would be nice to share some lovely joy now and here is a lovely package friends Chris and Jeanne sent for my birthday. Thanks, Chris and Jeanne – you’ve really brightened up a very bleak time.

Lovely yarn, a light-hearted book (already devoured), a stitch marker (always handy) and a HUGE bag of Bugles. Joyous 🙂

Sirius has been doing his bit to cheer us up by doing some amateur acrobatics. Here he is at the top of the doorframe chasing spiders.

He’s a funny boy.

Good night, Merlin

Merlin was put to sleep just before 11 this morning. He was purring right up until the end and the vet said that he had had a massive tumour on his liver. I will miss him

but pao will miss him the most as he was pao’s cat. Merlin made it very clear which one of us he preferred and if he had a choice he would choose pao’s lap to sit on.

He was pretty grumpy and not really much of a knit-wear model but this photo of him wearing a preemie hat is certainly a one-off.

He was a champion sleeper and he loved lying next to you when you were in bed. If you went up to bed, he’d be there ready to sleep purring away. He had such a deep purr it would send you off to sleep. pao has been known to have had to have the odd afternoon off work because Merlin had purred and sent him off to sleep. He was a good companion when you were feeling low or ill because he would lie on the bed with you for hours and hours.

Merlin and Ophelia came together and it is sad that both of them died this year together. Merlin started to look a lot older right after Ophelia died in March. This photo was taken just before the cancer really started to affect him taken in early July. We never imagined that just a month later we would be saying goodbye.

Merlin spent a lot of time at the vet and much of his life with us with a lampshade on his head. It was amazing as we thought he was going to die a lot sooner but his stubbornness meant we got three years longer than we imagined as he was diagnosed with a tumour back then. Even this morning, he was fighting not to get in his basket even though he was quite tired. He let me hold him which was quite rare and carry him home from where he wandered to last night. For his vet, it is a double tragedy as Merlin was a favourite patient but please keep him and his wife in your thoughts and prayers as his only son died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage last Thursday. We were all crying.

This is how I’ll remember him in this photo pao took of him. Lying in the garden, basking in the sun.

Good night, Merlin.