Sea shore and stormwater sea silk

We walked up some steps near the harbour in Broadstairs to take a look in at a tiny gallery. This made me smile as I was reminded of the Bocca della VeritΓ  in Rome.

I was graciously allowed to take some photos of my own which was nice.

I really like this one.

I am really pleased as I have now finished my Stormwater Shawl – yay – but I wasn’t organised enough to take it to the seaside with me. Maybe next time πŸ™‚

I do like to be beside the C Wool-side

pao took me to Broadstairs where we went on our first date for our wedding anniversary and we just chilled out on the beach with a picnic then went on one of our favourite activities

exploring the Albion secondhand bookshop. You never know what you’ll find as there always seems to be new stuff.

It was also really good to get to see the new yarn store that my GP and I had been chatting about C Wool.

It seemed like a very happy friendly place

complete with parking spot

for patient spouses. It turned out that they were having a sale so I was given some yarn as an anniversary gift. The owner was really friendly and used to be a Rowan consultant so it was nice that there was someone knowledge on hand too.

9 years of marriage – that’s almost a life-time, isn’t it?

Busting out the bullets

Sooooo, I kind of went a bit AWOL there. Sorry for that – it’s been a difficult time but I won’t go into that. Instead it is time for a Saturday morning bullet post.

  • Slipped discs. Part of my AWOL-ness is because pao has slipped a disc and it is dreadful pain. Another couple of friends who have had this have told me it is VERY VERY painful. Mostly pao has been going to work as much as he can as per doctor’s instructions but it is not good.
  • Knitting. We went to C Wool in Broadstairs (more on that in another post with photos as it is a very very nice shop) on our wedding anniversary and I scored some half price Rowan Cashsoft Aran gifted me by pao and his nan. I’ve been knitting a February Lady – I love this pattern and have been glued to my needles.
  • Knitting again. I knitted like mad and finished my Stormwater Shawl (pics to follow once I’ve blocked it)
  • Baking/cooking. I’ve committed myself to make a friend’s daughter’s wedding cake. (Yes, I am a crazy lady) In order to do this, I’ve got to empty the freezers out to make room for the cupcake containers which are going to contain the wedding cakelets. My friend and I have been scouring ebay for a suitable stand and finally scored one this week for a reasonable price. Yay!
  • Gardening (definitely needs a post of its own). There has been a lot of heat-sapping HOT sun (yes, HOT sun has been felt in the UK – now we all need a collective lie down due to accompanying humidity) which makes things grow like crazy so have been busy pinching out etc.
  • Reading. pao and I are part of a book club and we are really Yes, Man by Danny Wallace this month. I haven’t actually started it yet because I’ve been distracted by The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson – that is one great book so far. pao has already read all three books in his Millennium trilogy. I’ve been reading it slowly, enjoying it but I’d better get on and read the book group book as pao will want it soon so he can read it in time.
  • Kittens. It is very hard to take yourself seriously when you have kittens. Tamyra is extremely loving and will sit on your lap and purr at you for hours at a time. Sirius has been pouncing kung-fu style so it is hard to be too sad when that pair are around.

Any how, even though it is Saturday. I’m up early ready to get busy again.

Birthdays are all about cake

pao very kindly made me a birthday cake for today πŸ™‚

It is his first ever birthday cake so he did not have the intimate understanding of our oven that I have so I had to nip in and help him out a bit.

Cake overflow indicated that the final product would be delicious.

Some careful cutting

meant that the cake also looked beautiful

and ready for beautiful icing.

Thank you, pao, for such a wonderful cake!