Double the Kitten Love

Don’t be fooled by this serious face.

Tamyra is rather playful. This is her top favourite toy.

Apart from Sirius 🙂 Sirius absolutely loves her. The first time he met her she sidled up to him and stuck her face into his and he looked worried and ran downstairs. She continued in this vein and they soon became fast friends. Merlin isn’t too keen on her and Phoebe gave me a look which said “You’ve not gone and got *another* one!”

Sirius and Tamyra are the king and queen of the greenhouse. I’d bought it to keep the plants safe but it has turned into a giant cat climbing frame!

Is Santa Claus stuck in my chimney…?

I wonder…

…we’d better take a closer look

Oh, there are white boots with that tail! Santa normally has black boots, huh?

Oh – not Santa! There appears to be a kitten coming down my chimney.

Lucky me! Isn’t she lovely? She’s called Tamyra and I couldn’t mention her before because I wanted to give pao’s grandmother the joy of knowing something before Jen did!!! 🙂 Hi Jen!

Missed you so much I made several cakes

Sorry, I went a bit AWOL the last fortnight and I can’t tell you about one of the big reasons why until after tomorrow. It has been an emotional couple of weeks, a friend of ours died very suddenly and it felt like her life had been cut off in her prime and it brought back a lot of feelings I had as a daughter losing her mother at the age of 20. I went to her funeral earlier this week and felt so sad for L and P as I know exactly what they are going through. It just makes you think that life really is too short 🙁

I did miss the party that I’d made this cake for but I’m glad not to have missed her funeral. There were a bunch of us who relate online and we said how sad it was the only time we really got together in person was when someone got married and now sadly when one of our number dies. I’d made a carrot cake – something I’d not done for a while and I used the recipe in the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. I was impressed by the recipe and made several versions since I had bought quite a lot of carrots. I have a carrot loaf in the freezer for a rainy day.

I found it hard to sleep til a normal hour this morning so got up just before 3am and made two cakes. The one on the left is a cherry madeira cake (recipe from How to be a Domestic Goddess) and the right one is a cranberry and apply cake. The cranberry one is an experiment based on a recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.

I started on some Garlic and parsley hearthbreads as well also from the How to be a Domestic Goddess book which I finished off to eat with some chicken for a light supper.

Is that Santa Claus stuck in my chimney?

Happy Days Part 3 – Honorwood Flocks

Sorry for having been absent for so long. It has been so busy round here I don’t know where I am! Anyway onto the good stuff. We visited a rather lovely sheep farm in Wales called Honorwood Flocks run by a lovely couple who got fed up with their run of the mill lives some years ago and sold up and bought a farm.

Having seen the view I can’t really blame them.

As Christine was winding some yarn for me, her husband came and asked if we’d like a tour. Of course we did and met characters like this very friendly angora goat.

It was lovely to hear the affection in his voice as he talked about his flock and he thrust this little lamb into my arms saying “Your husband’s taking a picture, you’d better hold this chap”.

As I was holding him, this little baby was born. Ahhhhhh… 🙂

Happy Days Part 1 – Cardiff

pao and I took off on a trip to Wales last weekend to take advantage of the Bank Holiday and we headed first to Cardiff. I was amused by the Brains Beers – Brain Food?

I loved seeing all these old sewing machines in a shop window.

I loved these cute knitted biscuits and cakes 🙂

Even the snack bar is cute 🙂

It was nice to stand outside this church and listen to a busker playing hymns.

Cardiff has lots of lovely shopping arcades

which give it a really intimate feel.

Cardiff Castle was really impressive looking. We didn’t have a lot of time as we had a pool, steam room and hot tub in our hotel and I was keen to get back and use them.