A quick FO before the end of the year and a small house guest

I found the twin of the missing blue sock and sewed it up to bring my FO total to 13 socks.

It is a couple of hours til midnight so I may yet have 14.
I thought I’d safely slipped to 14 but realised there was something slightly wrong with one of them…
I’ve now unpicked and knit the extra two inches – just have to finish the toe. We started watching Ghost Busters so may be finished by midnight 🙂

We also collected our house guest for the next three weeks, Belly Button. She is a lot older and much larger than Joey.

Sirius does so want to be friends.

Whatever you are doing this evening to usher in the new year, I wish you a very happy, healthy and wonderful 2010.

09 Knitting round up

In 2009 I knit a whole lot less than in 2008 when I knit over 30 items but the tally isn’t bad considering I got a kitten to play with half way through the year and got published in a book (check out Chapter 21 (!)):

  • Socks – 12 pairs
  • Jackets – almost one
  • Blanket – 1 crocheted for the kitten

I thought it would be good to revisit the WIP pile from early last year too:

  • WIP 1: Silk scarfette. I’ve not picked this up because I think I made a mistake somewhere and kind of lost where I was. I think some judicious ripping back to the lifeline might be in order and then take it from there.
  • WIP 2: Odette, I’ve been rethinking this and might just reknit the back completely with say two or three rows of diamonds. I did knit it a bit longer than prescribed and do have a whole extra bag of the yarn spare so I could still go with it the way it is. I just need to be careful with matching up rows. I’ve got some notes in my Parisienne notebook.
  • WIP 3: Stormwater Shawl. I made some progress on this but it is too dangerous to get out whilst the kitten is in range as it knits from two skeins. Perhaps I’ll work on it when he is asleep/in a different room.
  • WIP 4: Adriana. Nothing has changed on this top since last year. Poor thing. I think I’m still scared of the picking up and crocheting.
  • WIP 5: Sunset Socks – finished – lovely colours, lovely to wear!
  • WIP 6: Not knit any new ones but didn’t have Jeanne’s preemie drive this year.
  • WIP 7: Socktober mystery socks from 08 finished in February 09. Hmm… I’m sure I printed out October 2009’s pattern out intending to knit them….

2 out of 7 isn’t bad.

Ophelia would like to be clear to everyone that she likes Odette just the way it is now.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas for tomorrow. I can’t wait to open the big box that arrived from MN today 🙂

Creative colleague

We had a small party at work when we exchanged Secret Santa gifts and one of my colleagues made this wonderful cake

and gingerbread Christmas tree. They were very yummy. I’m going to have to get that gingerbread recipe from her. We’re finishing for Christmas today – hooray!

Not enough swing left for my Trapeze

Encouraged by the comments from last week’s UFO roundup, I got the Trapeze jacket out and started getting it sewn up with a view to finishing it off to wear on Christmas Day. I just had one ball of yarn left so I thought I’d be ok as I just had the collar to do but forgot that the collar was quite deep and part of the neckline. I found some of the same yarn at half price so ordered two skeins just in case as I managed to knit 24 rows with the skein I had and have to knit a total 56 plus the cast off so I might even lengthen the collar a little further and/or make some mittens out of the leftovers. Maybe the yarn will arrive before Christmas and I can knit like mad on Christmas Eve or I’ll have it to finish just before New Years. Doesn’t the photo look like I’m at Chris’s house?

A wish come true

I love seeing photos of deep snow on my friend’s blogs and dogs. We don’t really have a lot of snow in this part of England so it was exciting to hear that the forecast was for heavy snow overnight so when I woke up and saw there was hardly anything on the green outside, I felt a little sad.

I did perk up when I got to work on Friday and found that there was more snow there.

It was beautiful but I fear it will never be enough for there to be a French toast alert. I think Emma got the best of the snow in the UK.

Sirius, needless to say, was fascinated by the white flakes coming out of the sky.

Move over, Jesus

April and Aideen came over to do some crafting with me and we made a nativity made up of figures created from toilet roll tubes. I was heartily pleased with the shepherds I’d made. I think one of them looks rather like Jarvis Cocker and my idea for the sheep was inspired – since I’d already had the sheep’s fleece.

Sirius wanted to be a cat in the manger (This is a lovely book by the way – I have a copy given to me by pao a few years ago).

Advent crafting

I really wanted to light some advent candles to celebrate advent but didn’t really want to buy special candlesticks. I came up with the idea for this advent wreath in church one morning when I saw the candles surrounded by greenery. All I did was use a candle plate/tray which we’d received as a Christmas present one year and put some beeswax candles I had in the drawer in some small Ikea holders and arrange them around a festive candle which I’d gotten at a swap party. I then cut a load of greenery from the garden and arrange it round the candles.

Sirius is rather excited by the wiggly greenery so we’re careful to make sure when we light it we know exactly where he is.

Getting out the interplanetary craft

I’ve been so disorganised this past few months with all that has been going on that even my knitting has been disorganised. I pulled out some UFOs to see if I could make sense of what I had and didn’t have.

It took a little while to find all three main bits of this Trapeze jacket but I’ve got them. I just need to finish sewing them up and then knit the collar. I only have one ball of yarn left – fingers crossed it will be enough.

I bought the yarn for these in Paris with Lynne. I’ve got a fair bit of the foot knitted. I just need to finish that off but then need to work out how to match up some of the wonkiness between the colours.

I started knitting this pair in October but I can’t find the second ball of yarn(!) Sock 1 is rather lovely so I’d better look for the yarn soon.

I’ve actually knitted both of these but have lost the twin to this sock. I just need to kitchener it but I can’t find it.

I have only knit one of these and know the yarn is still in a skein somewhere. I’ve seen it recently then put it away safely but can I find it? I just need to kitchener this one so I have a finished sock. I’d been saving it so I could show my friend’s mum how to kitchener but haven’t managed to meet up with her yet.

I’m sure there are more but I sat down to read a couple of magazines yesterday instead (The new The Knitter and Country Living if you are interested). Sirius had other ideas about what I was going to do at that moment.