Living it up at Country Living

I took my friend Rachel to the Country Living Fair for her birthday this year and we had a lovely day. Her lovely husband drove us all the way to London and dropped us off at the door – what a great bloke! I told her that she really ought to think about marrying him.

There was lots of loveliness like this crocheted Christmas ornament.

I loved these beautiful glass baubles but now we have a kitten….

These decorated branches have given me some ideas about Christmas decorations.

There were lots of lovely things like this jug which I would have snapped up but we were coming home by train later in the evening

Look at these lovely skittles 🙂

I really really wanted to have a studio like this one. I’ve asked Rachel to come over one day soon and help me make myself a nice studio/craft room. We were planning to have a day making Christmas cake but her granddaughter arrived so we’ve put it off.

I couldn’t end this post without showing the cat we saw in the florist’s shop just outside the exhibition centre. He was rather gorgeous but not as gorgeous as the kitten 🙂

He LOVED the paper bag I brought him back!

Cat in a Box

Sorry for the long silence. Times have been a bit tough round here and we’re working on it. Luckily, we have a super-fab kitten to keep us entertained and full of cheer. He loves to get under the duvet of a morning and is learning to snuggle.

You’ll Thai’d

I’m really getting in the Christmas spirit. I spent a long rainy Sunday steaming these three Christmas puddings

and we christened Friday You’ll Thai’d listened to Christmas carols from Cambridge, baked mince pies and ate Thai takeaway.

Sirius is going through some teenage angst period. He is extremely hyperactive at the moment. He had to have some quiet time yesterday as he had been on the go for hours and hours. He has a wide-eyed crazy look and we all know we are in trouble!! Any advice?


pao and I had a week off last week to settle in little Sirius. Between bouts of playing with the little chap, we indulged in some charity shopping. We scored a huge load of new books to read – just some of them are in the picture.

I found these beautiful bowls for about £2.50 in a charity shop. I love the scalloped edges.

I found some beautiful vintage table cloths in another charity shop.

It is hard to believe that beautiful hand embroidery like this is being sold for a couple of pounds. I was very glad to give these table cloths a new home. Sometimes you can see similar table cloths at antiques fairs for upwards of 25 pounds.

pao insisted we blow a big chunk of our holiday budget on a dinner service that we saw in a shop window. It isn’t complete but it is very pretty.

The tureens were what we were both really attracted to with their beautiful Art Nouveau look.

The best treat though was coming home to our lovely little kitten. I’m certain he’s grown a lot in the last week.