Braver and braver (and a bit of sightseeing)

pao had to go and do some work at a couple of other places yesterday so I tagged along and I’m glad I did. One of the places was the Salomon family house near Tunbridge Wells. This is the view from the back of the mansion.

This is the front of the building 🙂

This is the amazing view from the front of the house. We could hear dogs barking which added to the country house atmosphere.

The tower made me think of Rapunzel 🙂

Afterwards, we headed into Tunbridge Wells for some shopping. Well, I say shopping, but… our kind of shopping is visiting charity shops for new books to read and looking for cheap vintage things. We did really well as we found some great shops and came home with some bargains which if I’d bought them at somewhere like the Country Living Fair I would have paid much more for them. I did see a very nice side table and I really should have pestered pao properly to get it but there is always next time.

After we had a very late lunch – just look at the size of my pizza, we headed to Tonbridge for the charity shop offerings there but there really wasn’t a lot worth having before we headed home to see our brave kitten.

Sirius is doing really well. He’s still quite nervous of the big cats but Merlin seems to be ignoring him which I can only take as a good sign. Phoebe did try and back him into a corner a couple of times which isn’t something we’ve ever seen her do before but we did have a play time with him and Phoebe and Ophelia 🙂

Today in pictures

Wake up, play with kitten.

Whip up some fruit scones

and some wensleydale and cranberry scones

Watch Joey gnawing on his treat stick

Laugh at Phoebe’s look of disdain at the kitten

Play with kitten some more.

Ministry of cute

Sirius is settling in really well. We’ve restricted his interaction with the other kitties. He saw Ophelia through a window and ran away from her. He is now sitting on top of a chair staring at her (or on second thoughts possibly staring at the hamster we are looking after at the moment). I thought we’d start him off meeting one of the more gentler kitties. She did chase him but he was ok.

Phoebe is only interested in Sirius’ food but I think we’re going to have to be careful with his introduction to Merlin. Merlin is still very crabby. Sirius tail gets all big and puffy when he’s scared.

He’s also had his first visitor, pao’s grandmother, who he amused by getting between the tablecloth and her skirt at lunch.

Welcome home, Sirius Black

We collected our little kitten today. He was a little cautious about leaving the cat carrier but he is getting more confident as time goes on. He’s shut off from the other cats now so he can just get used to the new sounds and smells but he is doing really well. He’s been snuggling up to me and pao and purring his heart out.

Lucky I finished his blanket yesterday.

I had to wrestle it from Ophelia so Sirius could sleep on it though.

He does look cute 🙂

Tune in to Radio Merlin

Thank you ever so much for your kind words and comments about little Minerva yesterday – they have meant ever such a lot to us both. We really enjoy the 10 weeks we had with him just getting to play with him and watch him grow up was such a great pleasure.

Merlin is back from the vets and is keen to cuddle at the moment. He had a massive abscess on his head from where he’d been fighting. What a silly cat 🙁

I am hoping Sirius doesn’t follow his lead. We went to see him and Tabby this evening and they were both a bit sad. We may not have a kitten after all as I said to my friend that since two out of her three kittens have died that we were ok if she wanted to keep Sirius. I do really want to have Sirius come and live with us but I know we could always visit him.

Good night, Minerva

It is with immense sadness that I have to report that Minerva is going to be euthanised this afternoon. His lungs were not fully formed and full of fluid so he wasn’t able to lie down.

We had such a lovely time with him these past 12 weeks. Rest in peace.

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for those kind words and healing thoughts. Those healing thoughts have definitely been felt here as the young man is on the mend. He’s back with his mummy now in isolation overnight and is doing very well. He’ll be coming home to us in just over a week with his brother Sirius 🙂 Now we have to think of a new name for the little tabby. We’ve been talking about Troilus and Lizzie suggested Remus which I really like. I quite like Albus too.

We heard this morning that we wouldn’t have to have Sirius early but we’d already booked him into the vets for his shots so we took him in to have his jabs. He is such a calm little kitten – just sat on the examining table and didn’t even wince when he had his jabs. He is such a trooper and so cute. We had him checked and he is definitely a he – phew! Although if he was a she we could have called him Minerva and renamed the little tabby boy Sirius.

We had a multi-cat visit to the vets today. Ophelia isn’t too well still so she is now on kidney tablets. Merlin has the hugest abscess on his head we’ve ever seen so he is having an extended break at the vets and of course, we took Sirius in for his shots. In between that, I managed to make some Christmas mincemeat for mince pies and we managed to snatch some time to have a cup of tea together in town. The smell of the mincemeat was amazing and I’m starting to wish I’d make a double batch now as I want to give some to pao’s grandmother so I might think about making some more if I have any jars left after I’ve made my last batch of chutney.

Please send healing thoughts

I had a call from this morning to say Minerva didn’t seem too well and so we thought the best course of action was to get her to the vets. He (yes, it turns out Minerva is a boy) has pneumonia. If it turns out that his lungs aren’t fully developed then we will have to put him to sleep as it is kinder than having him suffer.

So please send healing thoughts.

Oh, and Sirius might be coming home with us tomorrow to stop him from picking up the infection.

Eurofair recap

Just before we went off to Paris, we visited the annual Eurofair very briefly. The apple van was very striking

but not as amusing as this imagery 🙂

These beetroots looked a bit tiny in comparison to mine at home 🙂

I prefer chocolate shells to snail shells. The snails are from our village – I wish they would stay at the snail farm rather than munching our crops.

Thinking of chocolates..

I wasn’t sure what the cows in the scoop were all about.

pao was amused that I’d willingly posed next to this sign 🙂

But I know you really came to see the curious kittens 🙂


I was away two days last week staying at this grand old place learning about my leadership style and meeting some fun new people. It was an amazing experience and I am so glad I got the chance to go.

I was glad to be able to take a few minutes after breakfast to enjoy the autumn colours.

In the beautiful grounds

watching the leaves fall off the trees

knowing I’d be heading home again down the driveway in a few short hours.

Autumn will also be the time when we see chubby kittens stretched out by the fire. 🙂