Le bon et la maladie

I know I have been absent of late but this was most due to the pressures of start of term but this week’s events have meant that my absence was all the more prolonged. I was in Paris with pao on Saturday as part of a super plan to meet Lynne and Nathan. This is as far as I got to getting near the Eiffel Tower but I will explain all.

But first le bon. We did meet Lynne and Nathan at the Notre Dame after a small hiccup on my part. According to my special map reading skills I thought we were near the Notre Dame so we agreed to meet there. It was only after we had walked some that pao mentioned that there was more than one Notre Dame in Paris and did I know which one we’d agreed to meet at? Oh my words, we did find a Metro station very quickly and got there a mere ten minutes late. The entrance to the Notre Dame was pretty big so I got out the international knitting flag and very soon Lynne and Nathan were heading our way.

After a nice lunch, we made our way to La Drougerie which is the most amazing yarn store I’ve ever been to. In order to make a purchase, you need to catch the eye of an assistant who then guides you through your purchase. I decided to make one of the cardigans on display and she talked me through choosing the yarn etc and then took the yarn off for winding. I’d chosen to knit something where you held two colours of yarn together to produce a blended effect. She was gone a long time and it was only when she came back I realised why she’d been so long – she’d plied the yarn together so all I had to do was knit. I’d picked out some nice trim and buttons whilst we were waiting and pao was napping on the multicolour bench next to Nathan. I should have realised then that something was wrong with him as he wasn’t his chirpy, jokey self but had written it off as being tired from our early start since we had left home at just before 6am and it had been a heavy week before then. He also didn’t have a beer with lunch nor was he able to finish his lunch but I didn’t clue into that either.

We then merrily made our way to the other Paris yarn landmark Le Bon Marche (I’m sure there are others but we didn’t have time this trip) which was full of weird and wonderful items from places like exotic California no less (the irony that you could buy Californian crockery in Paris was not lost on Lynne and I). The yarn department was amazing and I bought some French yarn and a little Austermann. I could have spent ages looking at the buttons etc but time was getting on and pao and I had planned a lovely dinner together that evening.

Thus ends le bon and commences la maladie.

We left Lynne and Nathan and headed back to our hotel. Just as we got off the Metro, pao doubled up in pain and we did not have our nice meal as he was lying in bed shivering. I grabbed a sandwich from Starbucks (grim – French Starbucks sandwiches have strange combos : cajun chicken, plastic cheese and onion ‘jam’) and a tea and sat next to my slumbering husband whilst he slept. I was aware of some hurriedly movement in the night but I am quite a heavy sleeper so wasn’t unduly disturbed. In the morning, it was clear that pao wasn’t well at all. Luckily, I’d had the sense to book a 4pm checkout on our room and he was able to rest there all day. After some of the requests I’d made of the hotel, they were slightly suspicious about exactly what was wrong with pao considering the current panic. To give them credit, they were great – they found me a pharmacist on the Champs Elysees who was able to give pao enough medication so we were able to travel home that night and let us sit in their lounge area until we were ready to go to the train station.

The maladie doesn’t end there though as pao thought he was better and went to work on Monday but ended up coming home sick. I was feeling quite nauseous at the end of the day on Monday to the extent I had to beg someone to drive me into town and I was starting to be sick myself. On Tuesday morning after a night of being horribly sick, I checked the NHS site for the great panic and I was given the magic number for some special medication. pao then checked the same and was also given a magic number. I’m feeling a lot better now so I’m back at work tomorrow. pao isn’t as well as I but I’m guessing that since I got the antiviral quicker it kicked in quicker.

pao and I made a pact on Sunday morning that we’d go back to Paris another day and go up the Eiffel Tower together but looking on the bright side, we did get to meet Lynne and Nathan.

Ophelia update and kittens

Just dashing in to say Ophelia is back home again. The vet thinks she had a kidney infection so she is on antibiotics and we’re hoping that will clear it up and all will be well. She may have liver problems stemming from the kidney but we’ll wait and see. She was quite ill – the vet had had her on a drip over the weekend. Poor kit. She seems very happy to be home and is doing well.

I’m working silly hours at the moment so it was nice to be able to pop in and see Sirius and Minerva briefly this evening.

They are looking more like cats than kittens now 🙂

Get well soon, Ophelia

I’ve been away for work over the last week and when I came back I noticed Ophelia was ever so much thinner than she was when I left. pao took her to the vets yesterday and the vet says she has an enlarged kidney so she is there at the moment for observation and is having a blood test on Monday. Please send positive thoughts this way as I’m quite worried about her.

The Elephant Cat, Kittens and Apple

We’ve had the pleasure of looking after Oscar this week and a fine fellow he is to. We were more than a little surprised when a cat the size of an elephant greeted us with a very high-pitched girlie meow. He is such a lovely puss and it was fun to go and visit him – he is very very friendly.

Thursday last week found me at Apple and let me tell you they treat their visitors extremely well. Chocolate croissants with coffee on arrival, only chocolate biscuits at morning coffee, and chocolate brownies for lunch. The presentation was pretty good too but let me tell you being surrounded by so much Apple shininess made me too embarrassed to take out my work netbook to take notes on and I had to use the Apple notepaper on offer instead. What a hardship 🙂

It has been such a busy week. I stayed at work until 9.30pm on Friday and went in for a few weeks hours yesterday but what has kept me going is a couple of visits to the kittens. Sirius has a liking for shoes. I wonder if he’ll grow as big as the elephant cat?

Minerva looks as tired as I feel. They are really enjoying playing now and I got her jumping up in the air and she is so happy.

They are even being allowed a small venture onto the front steps 🙂 So cute. I’m going to miss them when I’m away next week for work again.

It’s official: I am suffering from kitten withdrawal symptoms

I haven’t seen them since Monday. pao visited today and said Minerva came and sat on his lap and fell right asleep. He is posting more photos soon.

The weather turned cold and horrible as soon as we hit September. I’m going to have to hurry up and get the kitten blanket ready soon. I am still in insanely busy mode which is compounded by extra work trying to sort out everyone’s queries about the new virtual learning environment which I don’t really know a lot about myself. I’ve got a short while to learn it all as I’m delivering 6 one hour training sessions in under a fortnight’s time. pao had to drag me away from work tonight otherwise I’d still be there now.

Move over Minerva: I could do with a nap, too.

It is now officially one of the busiest times of the year for me so my posting may be sporadic.

We had news from kittenland : Sirius is continuing to lap up kitten food as fast as he can and when he doesn’t get kitten food he eats the litter in his tray. Minerva isn’t too interested in solid food yet but I’m sure she’ll come round to the idea.

I had an early start today, will do tomorrow and Friday but it does mean that I don’t end up staying late in the dark and can go straight to bed upon arrival at home. I felt a bit ropey last night when I got home that I went straight to bed at 7.30. Roll on the weekend again.