68 out of 72

I was inspired by Sarah not laying out all her ripe tomatoes before she cooked them to photograph them to lay out mine before cooking for photographing. These are 68 which I have picked over the last week. I put all of the Romana tomatoes into some tomato sauce for dinner and still have two punnets of the others plus another punnetful I picked tonight to do something else with. I have been collecting containers and bottles and have been thinking about making tomato ketchup type sauce or a tomato chutney. Anyone recommend a good recipe? The farm shop in Wingham used to sell a chunky-ish ketchup which looked like it had onion seeds in it which was rather yummy so I’m going to try and make something like that.

I can’t help by think of tiny Chaos when I see Sirius in action. He was climbing pao’s trouser leg today and has a few tiny white hairs on his chest. Awwww 🙂

Not raining but.. cats and dogs

I went down to Mrs SJT’s daughters’ christening in Sandwich this morning and it turned out to be a bit of day of dogs and cats. I saw this dog sitting patiently outside St Peter’s Church in Sandwich

and this cat was outside St Clement’s Church where the christening took place. What a lovely service is was and the two little girls who were christened looked bemused by the ceremony of it all. They were both resplendent in fabulous fairy princess dresses. Congratulations to B and L on their christening day.

I headed off to see how pao was getting on with the looking after of Auntie H and as he seemed to be coping quite well, I popped into town and got to meet Croft, Mrs B’s new guide dog.

Croft is very cute indeed and has such a cute retriever nose. He’s got a retriever tail and a labrador body so perfect bits of both breeds. He has already won a place in my affections by repeatedly resting his head on my knee and letting me hug him.

I didn’t realise how short Hugo is until he was sat next to Croft.

No kittenage today but I thought I’d share this photo of Minerva getting set to pounce on Sirius 🙂 We’ll see a bit less of them now Tabby’s owner is back but it has been a fabulous three weeks of watching them grow. I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when we are going to see them.

“He started it!” “No, she started it!”

The kittens are really into everything now.

I spent ages with the kittens today and it was so much fun watching them play-fight and pounce and generally get up to mischief.

It is great to see the progress they are making. They are still wary about jumping from the sofa to the floor but they have figured out a route to do so so can get on and off the sofa by themselves now.

It’ll be the curtains next.

Their eyes have also started to go green ever so slightly. They are so gorgeous 🙂

Mutant carrot, Magical Minerva and other assorted

It has been a busy old week. Auntie H had her cochlear implant op last Thursday and we’ve been looking after her since then. I’m caring for her this week as pao has a big project on at work which was booked months ago. Please spare a thought for him as it sounds like disaster has struck overnight and they are having a very hard day. I can’t really go near Auntie H at all at the moment as I have a horrible cold and she is not allowed to sneeze because of fear of splitting the stitches so I am in quarantine in the bedroom as much as possible with brief forays out to make her sandwiches and coffee as her eyesight isn’t up to much either. I did have a lovely long sleep this morning so am now catching up on the blog. Our magical wonderful friends are bringing takeaway food tonight so I don’t have to cook so I’m just going to lie here in bed until the happy event.

I was pulling some carrots for dinner the other night and thought I had a nice big one only to find that I had some kind of stubby mutant carrot with four ends! Luckily I was making chicken chasseur so I could chop it up 🙂 We also have lots of tomatoes now so I’ll be cooking up some tomato sauce over the weekend.

Those kittens continue to grow apace and Minerva is a little more adventurous but will still run behind the sofa if she feels insecure.

Sirius is living up to his name and apparating in the fireplace. They are very quick now and it is great to see them moving about. My friend is back from her holiday on Saturday so our visits won’t be as often but we have been so lucky to spend so much time with them.

I’ve been enjoying baking with the butterscotch chips that Deb and Guinifer sent. They really add something to a banana loaf and Vicki made some fab chocolate chip and butterscotch cookies whilst she was visiting which I may have eaten quite a lot of during my convalescence today. Oh so good 🙂 It was so good to have V here – I do miss her cheerful company today.

I have finished the knitting of the Trapeze Jacket but can’t do any more as there is no chance of blocking it whilst Auntie H is here as she might fall over it so I’ve moved onto the next thing until she goes home again. Also I’m going to have to order an extra ball of yarn for the sewing up as I’m loathe to start the last ball as I might need it all for knitting the collar. I did buy an extra ball of yarn but I seemed to have used all of them unless one has rolled away somewhere and I’m yet to find it. I’ve started crocheting our kitten(s) a blanket so that they have something familiar to bring home with him/her/them so the transition won’t be so traumatic. I think the other interested person is coming down in a couple of weeks so a tug of love may occur! I still can’t work out which kitten I would choose and neither can pao. I’m sweet on Sirius because of the foot licking and the brazen confidence but Minerva has started to tentatively sniff and lick my feet too. I’m worried that the 9 hour trip to the other end of Scotland might inadvertantly kill her as Minerva does start to hyperventilate when stressed but that can’t be my reason for taking her and I am sure that a vet could sedate her.

Anyway, that is a couple of weeks away and the kitten cats won’t be leaving their Mama Cat until 12 weeks. Until then we’re all about the gratuitous kittenage 🙂

A FO and cats

We were in London overnight whilst our adopted auntie had her cochlear implant operation. All went well and Auntie H is back in our house in one piece recuperating for the next month. I did manage to finish the wedding socks from the yarn that Chris and Jeanne sent me for my birthday and get started on another pair.

Unfortunately, I had a breakage when I’d accidentally nudged the needle with our suitcase. I didn’t have any spares but we did find that we had more time than we thought as the hospital needed extra time to sort out H’s medication. So we headed over to iKnit which was a short bus ride away from where we were.

We even had time to pop into Scooterworks for a coffee and got to sit next to Bobcattina.

Our trip back home was a lot quicker than anticipated so I was able to nip round for a much-needed kitten o’clock. They are both so much more active now. Thanks for all your comments on the litter tray. I have given them a small one with paper-based litter as I read somewhere clay which Tabby uses isn’t good for kittens as they like to taste everything.

Sirius has put his foot in the water bowl in this photo 🙂 He is already squeezing under the sofa to explore – so cute!!

Serious Sirius

Sirius is a very serious kitten indeed. I love it that he ambles up to me when he sees me now and wants to interact with us a lot more. 🙂

I’m debating on when it is a suitable time to introduce them to a litter tray? They are just over three week’s old now so am wondering if it is time. Anyone got any advice?

Also, I want them to get to like scratching a post so any tips on when I should try them on that? I saw a cardboard scratcher which might be right for their tiny claws.


I’m really pleased with our first pickings of tomatoes. I turned these along with some donations from pao’s grandmother’s garden into some bolognese sauce for dinner tonight.

But who am I kidding.

You’re all here for kittens, aren’t you? Sirius has turned his paw to climbing the cushions in the lounge so I don’t give him long before he is actually climbing the curtains.

How about this for cute overload?

The healing power of kittens

When you’ve had a tough day and you’ve had obstacles thrown at you at every turn…

kitten o’clock is a welcome hour.

Especially when said kittens recognise and amble up to you.

Even the shy one.

Their little fat bellies were swaying slightly as they are still a bit unstable on their feet.

Wake up!

Those kittens seem to cast a sleeping spell over us. Looks like Sirius has decided that it is time for pao to wake up.

The kittens are starting to play with each other and are starting to get interested in toys.

They are three weeks old today 🙂

Getting to know you

I fell asleep round at the kittens house again tonight 🙂 The purring just gets me every time.

Sirius is definitely the more adventurous one and he started licking my hand tonight. So cute!

Minerva is the quieter one but we did both get a cuddle each with her. It is going to be so hard when we have to choose one as it has been wonderful to get to know them. They are both starting to show their personalities and Tabby is a lot calmer with us.

I had a bite and scratch-free visit with Tabby tonight. We have been giving her cat treats and she adores them 🙂

She is also trusting us with her kittens a lot more too as you can see 🙂