Comfort cookies

For some reason, when you buy chocolate chips here in the UK, the chocolate chips melt in the cooking and stay all mushed up. Hooray for lovely friends like Chris who are willing to do long-distance swaps for Hershey’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips – wonderful!! Even pao, who doesn’t particularly like Hersheys, likes them.

I’ve a super evening to look forward to as Chris also scored me some books I’ve been after which aren’t in print here.

What WIP is in the bag – Part 7

I bet you thought that I’d revealed all my WIPs last month. It’s all coming out of the bag now, isn’t it?

This nifty bag was part of a handmade bag swap that I took part in. It is very special because Chris made it and it is a perfect combination of my favourite colours black and purple!! (The lining is purple :))

I knit one of these socks but never got round to knitting the second one! They will be Through the Loops Mystery Socks in Brooklyn Handspun Signature Sock in Plum. I lost all the parts of the pattern so I left these to one side. Luckily I printed the whole thing out today and I’m going to cast on in a moment.

Now where did I put those treats from the other day.

Virginia Goodness

Thank you, Julie!!! I really wish you could smell the coffee that Julie sent which I started this morning. It smells and tastes incredible!! The coffee is named after a favourite teacher in the town.

What a wonderful package: beautiful handpainted Cascade sock yarn which I’ve never tried before; Junior Mints (there may not be very many left now); Mini Eggs which we’re going to taste test with the British ones; a gorgeous mug from Washington and Lee University which I drank my coffee out of this morning.

It all came in this amazing coffee bag which Julie had made herself out of recycled coffee bags – complete with little stitch markers.

Thank you so much Julie! Also, thanks to Eva who is our swap partner in Norway (hopefully she will get hers soon since I mailed it about 10 days ago!) Thanks also to our hostesses for organizing the swap. I’m so lucky!!!!

Weekly Words Challenge 73

WWC, again? A fourth week in a row. I couldn’t resist this week’s words 2 and Expressive Face.

2 freshly knitted socks. For those knitters who are interested they are plan stockinette out of some Hip Knits yarn.

Expressive face
Grumpy face.

I couldn’t resist especially since it is Shrove Tuesday today.

2 and Expressive Face together
2 po faces 😐

2 happy faces 🙂

A quick look round Oxford

I definitely want to visit Oxford again. This was a bit of a whistlestop tour as we went on a coach with the Chaplaincy and had to leave at 4.30pm. Also I would like to go during the week when the queues aren’t as long to get into places…

As we got off the bus, we spotted the Randolph Hotel which features in many of the Inspector Morse novels. If you haven’t come across him, the books are really good and so are the TV episodes that were made. We heard the cream teas were supposed to be good but didn’t really have time for those so had a quick cuppa before the coach left (it was very expensive – more expensive than a London hotel, even) but we did get to sit in the Morse Bar.

pao wanted to visit the Eagle and Child pub (allegedly known to locals as the Bird and the Baby) where the Inklings who included J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S.Lewis used to meet regularly so I was happy to oblige.

Didn’t he look at home in there?

It was interesting to walk past the Oxford University Press as a number of the books in our house were produced by them. I loved the grand entrance way.

Even the street signs were pretty. I had to take a photo of this one, being a knitter and all….

We popped in to admire the outside of Christ Church College as the queue (which you can see behind us) was very long indeed and it wasn’t worth the wait since we didn’t have too long. Apparently the dining hall scene in Harry Potter was filmed in there but we didn’t stick around to check that out.

We nipped in quickly to the covered market but not really long enough for a proper look round. I did sniff out some coffee at Cardews so we got a bag to take home.

Bicycles feature heavily in Oxford and were definitely the way that most travelled. I love this old specimen.

Blackwells book shop – notice the pub in between the two halves. If you watch the movie of the Oxford Murders, you can see the inside of Blackwells

as well as the Sheldonian Theatre.

The Radcliffe Camera is part of the Bodliean Library

Right behind is University Church of St Mary the Virgin.

The famous Bridge of Sighs at Hertford College

on Catte Street. I can report that there were no cats to be seen though.

More sticks of love and knitted Oxford

pao had ordered me a few more pointy sticks but they only arrived yesterday. Isn’t he sweet?

We were visiting Oxford today and he insisted that we head for the only yarn shop in the city: Port Meadow Designs, 104 Walton Street. 01865 311008.

I wasn’t sure if it was still a yarn shop because I could only find a few messages about it on the web so it was lovely to see this knit in progress in the window.

There was a lovely array of yarns.

There were lots of handknits for sale.

pao looked very content perched on a stool which I cooed over the yarn.

I picked out these for some small projects. I thought I’d use the Noro Kureyon to make a shawlette and the tweed for a hat and mittens.

pao insisted that I get these as well to make a cardigan from as she had a load of shawl collar cardigans on display made out of this – they were so pretty. The lady in the shop said she could send me more if I needed it. Lovely stuff.

Here am I with my cuddly bouquet. Thank you, pao!!

Sowing the seeds of love

I was round at Mrs B’s on Sunday and saw this lovely vintage garden planner on their bookcase and squealed with delight. I love things that turn on wheels and this little planner has flowers on one side and

vegetables on the other. Mrs B and two of her three beloved house-dwellers told me to take it home with me. Sold! I love it! It did turn out to be a family heirloom of Mr B’s but I have faithfully promise to love it and use it.

Perfect timing as I found this dozen packets of vegetable seeds for £4 (just under 6 USD). Bargain! 🙂

Weekly Words Challenge 72

I think I’m addicted to this now 🙂 This week’s challenge in Abandoned and Z.

An abandoned beer can at the side of the causeway.

Brick leftovers abandoned after the construction of the yellow brick road.

The building of the former post office. Now abandoned in favour of a small kiosk within a shop.



Oh-oh I’m in trouble

Going to have to rip WIP number 2 back about 10 rows! I thought I might be able to get away with the mistake but it will seem too obvious… There goes an afternoon’s work. I didn’t even realise until I’d gone on quite far. I should have learnt better to work on it when I was very tired 🙁