What WIP is in the bag – Part 5

This bag was gifted to me by Sarah. It has received so many compliments!

Coincidentally, the contents are also linked to Sarah, too. Trekking socks in colour 108 which happens to be the same yarn that Sarah was using to knit socks in at the moment.

I hosted an unwanted present swap party last Friday – an amusing and fun evening. Fiona had brought this little box she had had since childhood that she didn’t want any more and I eagerly claimed it – two cats, yarn and a woman knitting socks!! 🙂

Winter Greenery

On my way to Birmingham, I have to go past Paul, a very nice French bakery who make excellent pistachio macaroons.

I managed to finish these socks on Sunday morning, just in time to wear to Birmingham. They were made from Trekking XXL in colourway 184 I had lurking in the stash 🙂

Merlin didn’t want me to take the socks with me as he thought they were pretty comfy.

A brief visit to Birmingham

I had to go to a meeting in Birmingham yesterday which is a long way (7+ hours round trip) to go in a day so I was allowed to go on Sunday night and stay over which bizarrely was a lot cheaper. I didn’t see huge amounts of Birmingham as I didn’t arrive until 3.30 but I did get to see more than I did last year.

These splendid red brick buildings are the Law Courts.

This is just a taste of the beautiful masonry that is in the city.

I saw this beautiful mosaic

and pretty tile in a doorway.

One of my favourite things is this pretty bench. Bethan said it was taken from a house or museum.

I stumbled upon Birmingham Cathedral and spent many happy minutes in contemplative silence yesterday morning.

The windows alone are enough to stun you to silence. You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the photos – I didn’t want to disturb other worshippers with the flash.

They were created by Burne-Jones, a famous Pre-Raphaelite artist which I’m rather fond of.

It was nice to meet up with Bethan and Lorna on Sunday night and get stared at at length for knitting in a pub. I was having such a nice time knitting with them I forgot to get staring women to take a photo.

I even managed to visit the yarn shop and got a whole lot of Rowan at less than half price. My suitcase was bulging.

What WIP is in the bag – Part 4

I got this lovely Cath Kidston bag from Auntie H this Christmas and it has already been pressed into service to lodge a long-standing WIP.

This is the Adriana wrapover cardigan in Jaeger Siena. I don’t know exactly why this has languished for so long (since August 2007!) even but I’m guessing I got scared off by the crochet on the front. I think I’ll start looking at this again in the spring when lighter knits will be needed again.

We had a lovely swap party on Friday and I got rid of almost all of my unwanted Christmas gifts which was brilliant and received some lovely gifts in return including a little box that was perfect for me but more on that another day as I am getting ready to go and see Bethan later and really ought to sort my train knitting out. The cats were extremely well-behaved and didn’t throw up on the carpet so cat treats all round.

What WIP is in the bag – Part 2

This bag was received as part of one of Scout’s Indie Swag Club packages. Just perfect for toting a sweater project and pattern.

The project is a cardigan made from Kidsilk Aura a thicker sibling of KidCrackSilk Haze. pao gifted me the yarn instead of an Easter egg last year. I managed to get a bit done watching The Sopranos but I think we only watched half of the series and stopped for a less violent alternative as a break! I think it is time to watch the classic episode where Paulie and Christopher get lost in the woods so I can reacquaint myself with this pattern again.

What in the WIP is in the bag – Part 1 of many

I thought it was time to come clean about my WIPs. I will often start something then get discouraged and put it down and knit a few socks, lose my way and forget where I am again. I also have nice collection of bags which my knitting projects reside in…

Today’s WIP in the bag is contained in this nice Macy’s bag. I spotted this when we were on holiday in New York and had to snap it up 🙂

This is the Cheshire Cat Stole and it is being knit in Sundara’s lovely silk Eggplant over Spice. I remember picking this up in the summer and feeling a bit lost and putting it down again. If I can work out where the lifeline went through, it might be worth me pulling it out and reknitting that bit so I can gain my equilibrium again. I remember the pattern took a bit of getting used to so maybe one for when I’m on holiday.

Anyway, just quickly dipping in and out over the next couple of days. I am hosting a little party on Friday night (must be slightly mad to host a party on Friday after a busy week at work … NOTE TO CATS: No being sick on the carpet on Friday daytime or any wrecking shenanigans otherwise the cat treats are being severely rationed)

Fo ho ho

First FO of 09. These were started mid-December and took an age to finish. I’m not sure why they took so long but that 5 hour round trip in the car last Friday gave me plenty of time to finish the second one.

What I learnt at hospital today


the “Aha” moment.

I took the day off to escort my maiden auntie H to hospital in London to find out more about cochleal transplants and subsequently made a load of interesting discoveries about pao at the same time. The primary one being that pao has to communicate with people all day long now and the effort of trying to listen and understand is what is making him so tired that he falls asleep in the chair every evening when he gets home from work each night.

Sometimes we’ll be listening to a song on the radio or on a CD and I’ll ask him to turn it over because the words are sad or offensive and he will ask me what the words are. Anyway, he is doing well and apparently the circles look likes circles and not triangles. His eye was just too sore today so he didn’t go into work but George is definitely on the mend. Thanks for the messages – he appreciates them.

Even though the hospital we went to was directly opposite the Houses of Parliament, I didn’t manage to take a single photo as I was on tenterhooks looking after Auntie H. In such a busy hospital, if I’d let go she might have been carried off by the crowd never to be seen again. I will be going to stay overnight in London when she has the op later this year so hopefully I’ll be able to book into a nearby hotel and get some good shots then. pao and I will have a lot of work to do in the meantime, organising our spare room so she is able to live in it for about a month or so. There are some gorgeous fairytale panels so I’m going to go back in search of them when I can.

Time to fall into bed with my glass of chocolate (Hersheys syrup for the win) milk and Ophelia to cuddle. Acting as translator for mostly deaf and somewhat blind person and the audiologists plus steering and cajoling and notetaking and listening are very tiring activities indeed.