Anniversary sock

I thought it was about time that I tackled big foot knitted pao his socks for our 7th anniversary.

So after a bit of hunting round Ravelry and thinking about elasticity. I settled on the Earl Grey sock pattern by the Yarn Harlot to be knit in a very manly black Regia Silk. The Regia Silk is lovely to knit with and I thought that Earl Grey is patterned but not overly so. They are coming along nicely so a nice summer knit so far.

It is still incredibly hot here. Never has a trip to the supermarket felt so good before. Thank goodness for chiller cabinets.

Too darn hot (and Summer Knitting Goal 4)

Since Wednesday last week, we’ve been sitting in our garden a lot. More so today as it is very very hot and cooler in the shade of the garage and the slight breeze. Of course, we did have other plans for today which involved hiring bikes and cycling round Bedgebury Pinetum but once we left church this morning and felt how warm the sun was, we were glad we decided not to go today.

Thanks for all your kind comments towards the end of last week, I’ve got some catching up to do with you. Unfortunately, my laptop gets very hot during this weather so I’m not online as much. I did have a nice day off on Thursday, just relaxing at home.

It is quite funny watching the cats incubate the peonies that pao planted for me. I can’t imagine that we’ll actually see any peonies as the cats have claimed that spot. Ariel has decided that the only place she will drink out of is the birdbath so we have had a rude awakening at any time between 3.30-5am demanding to go out for a drink. She won’t drink tap water any more – obviously not good enough any more.

There has been knitting but progress has been a lot slower lately as I’ve been zapped when we get in from work and my normal daily routine is different as we’re getting to work an hour earlier to be able to get a parking spot. I have managed to finish my fourth pair – and I bet you wish you could touch them because they are angora and alpaca -mmmmm… The yarn was bought when we were with Jeanne at 3 Kittens last summer 🙂 They’ll be lovely bed socks for those cold winter nights.

I’ve also started on some Earl Grey socks for pao as a belated woollen anniversary present. They are ticking along rather nicely after a false start – I had to reduce the cast on to 64 for the Regia Silk I’m knitting with. I thought they were rather apt after us having afternoon tea at the Ritz.

My Tour de Fleece is over for this year. It was slightly ambitious on my part but I did manage several hours of spinning during my first week so it kind of fits my goal for a half hour once a week even though I managed it all in one go. Roll on cooler days…

Any how, this laptop is warming up and I need some more ice..

Tomorrow off!

This is how I’m going to look tomorrow. I’m exhausted – possibly from worrying – definitely from waking up at 4am this morning and not being able to get back to sleep. Also, I’ve been very touchy over the last few days – not sure why – sleep deprivation? Hormones? The heat?

But I’m just surfacing tonight to say thanks for all your lovely comments and wishes. I think a day out just knowing I’ll have one day of work left this week and it is the weekend will do me a world of good. I have it all planned out: foot spa, long bath, books, knitting, rapid stroll round the village.

Cathedral Cats

Doesn’t this cat look familiar?

This picture might help 🙂 Lorraine, is Kitten Chow missing?

Even Emma Peel seems to have popped on over to Canterbury Cathedral.

They, like some of the delegates, would have been very interested in the large bunny population.

Of course, my favourite topical photo of the moment can be found here. We do have a campus full of Bishops at the moment for the Lambeth Conference. For you non-British, children of the 70s, the reference is to Jim’ll Fix It a show where if you wrote in, Jim would ‘fix it’ for you for your dream to come true and you would get a Jim’ll Fix It badge saying ‘Jim Fixed it for Me’.

Like Deb, I’m feeling a bit blah at the moment. I’ve got a cold coming on and my voice has gone a bit wobbly so I spent a while dozing in bed yesterday. I was so tired, I forgot to get off the bus and almost ended up in Wickhambreaux. I didn’t spin at all and I hardly knit during the weekend so I must be quite blah! Mrs B and I did manage to catch an outside table at Jojo’s on Saturday night so all was not lost.

Sushi love

I haven’t seen Sushi for a couple of weeks so I thought he might be due a visit around Monday this week as I’d been seeing him on a Monday every fortnight but there was no sign of him this week. So when I walked into my building this afternoon, he pushed out of the big bush and ran over meowing at me and kneading his front paws as he ran over. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a cat do that but he just seemed to look so happy. I brought out a few cat treats before I headed for home and put them down which he liked but he looked up at me – he seemed to want to be held more than be fed. When I picked him up, he just kneaded the air and purred so happily. I fed him a couple of cat food pouches today so hopefully he will start to associate me with food and affection so he’ll come round a bit more regularly. I’ve got to ring the shelter again this week to see if they have a place for him but his visits are quite sporadic at the moment. The only problem is that he is so adorable, I’ll have a job giving him up!

Birthday Bonanza Part 1

I was so lucky to receive some lovely gifts from Chris and Jeanne. I’m looking forward to reading the books they sent and love the tiny cat fridge magnet and sheepy book mark. They must be mind readers as I’d been looking at that highlighter tape for a while and wondered if it was any good and had been haunting that etsy seller looking at those great stitch markers.

They sent the most lovely yarn, too. The purple one is Sleeping Dragon Handpainted. Jeanne kindly emailed me to say that she’d forgotten to put the card in but by happy coincidence it arrived yesterday so I can report it is one of Jeanne’s own hand dyed. Jeanne is so talented! How lucky am I? Both of them are lovely and smooshy 🙂

Thanks so much Chris and Jeanne!

(PS Still listening to Abba – it is really cheering me up :))

Summer Knitting Goals Item 3

Quick post tonight as we’ve just got back from seeing Mamma Mia at the cinema. If you are ready to laugh til your face aches (I know I did) this is the movie for you. PS Pierce, you’re very pretty but I’m going to mute you 🙂

Summer of Socks pair 3 is complete! pao bought me the yarn as an anniversary present.

They really look nice with these new shoes I bought. They are the same colour as my favourite pair of shoes when I was a kid.

Tour de Fleece Week 1

I’ve been making a bit of progress with my Tour de Fleece challenge. This is the result of about 3 hours of spinning last weekend. I’ve been spinning up some of the sheep’s fleeces we washed last summer.

There were more broken bits on the floor than what I’d managed to produce on the wheel. I’m getting there slowly. My singles aren’t as thick and uneven as they were on my first couple of tries. I think I’ve still got a lot of practice before I can spin as neatly as Dave does.

Just a bit of random cat cuteness. Ophelia loves catching herself some sunbeams in the hallway.

Lucky 7

Last Monday, July 7th, pao and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. 🙂 It is ever knitter’s dream anniversary. I’ve now got to get on and knit pao’s anniversary present as I’ve not been very organised this year.

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do this week as last week went by so quickly it was a bit of blur.

Summer Knitting Goals Item 2

I’ve finished my second pair of Summer of Socks socks last Thursday. They are almost matchy but the second one is slightly out. It has been so busy this week that I’ve not had a lot of time as I’ve been working a lot and we’ve had graduation on this week so I’ve been late home a couple of nights. All I’ve wanted to do when I’ve gotten home is to fall into bed!

Don’t you think they match my posh outfit I wore to the Ritz?