Surrogate mummy

Do you remember this little rascal from a couple of weeks back?

He reappeared at work today. Apparently, he’s been seen hunting bunnies.

We’ve picked him and cuddled him and he is a very muscular boy. I happened to have a pouch of cat food in my office which pao put in my lunch last week so I gave it to him. He was starved – wolfing it down very quickly and looking for more. I think he may have been fed by some students as he recognised what the cat food pouch looked like and was left behind when they left for the summer as he only appeared when term finished.

I would dearly love to take him home but I know that Merlin would not take well to him so pao made some calls to the local cat sanctuary. They have no room for him at the moment but have advised us to keep on feeding him at a regular time each day and calling them each week until they have a place for him. As it is summer time, they said he’d be ok outside. So since I’m going to be his surrogate mummy for a while, I’ve named him Sushi.

Summer in the city

Last weekend, we happened to be in town when the parade for the unveiling of Belle, the Canterbury Giant. We’d just had a nice breakfast and were heading home because pao’s eye and head was hurting him when we heard the music and stopped for a short while whilst the parade passed us. Belle was built in consultation with the young people of the city, she looks pretty cool, doesn’t she?

We had a bit of an anxious day yesterday as Ariel disappeared. Usually she is confined to the garden but the gate had come open so she was out on the road on Friday night/Saturday morning. I heard some yowling at 4am but thought she was yowling for her breakfast as she usually did not realising pao hadn’t been able to get her to come back in again. It was only when I came downstairs at a more breakfastable time that I realised she was missing. We couldn’t find her anywhere outside – we were so worried that something had happened to her so we started ringing vets and animal welfare organisations at lunchtime. Half an hour later, I heard a howl outside and she was sat on the doorstep! We were so relieved. She is still cantankerous, still moody so no change. We’ve got to take her back to the vets again because she is refusing to eat her special food.

Do you have any carrots?

… said pao as I sat down upon arriving home this evening..

?? thought me as he handed me a cardboard box.

I opened it up and there was a beautifully wrapped package. Giving it a squeeze, it felt like yarn but I knew what was inside straight away!

Meet Barney, a little cotton rabbit made by the wonderful Julie whose blog I’ve been reading since I saw Mr Minky at Dave’s blog just over a year ago. I’ve been hoping and watching her site since then for toy updates because I really loved seeing her beautiful toys and hoped that I’d have one of my own one day. She is so good that she sells out within minutes of the toys going up – I’ve tried a couple of times to no avail but she is sweet lady and has now decided that she will put the odd toy up in her Etsy shop from time to time to give less able to click mortals a chance to get hold of one of her wonderful creations.

So when I got an email saying she was going to do that yesterday morning, I clicked on the link straight away and Barney was staring back at me. As I no longer have a Paypal account, I duly rang pao and told him about the loveliness of Barney.

When I clicked refresh on the page as I was talking to pao, I saw with sadness that Barney had sold. I feared that one of those quick fingered people had snaffled him and I would have to stalk the Etsy shop in hope that I might see another bunny as it is her bunnies I love the best and you know how much I love bunnies.

I said in a sad voice: “Someone has beaten me to it. Barney’s just sold.”

To which pao replied: “That person would be me.”


Barney’s really settled in quickly and is making friends. He can’t help it – he’s so cute and I’m so very lucky to have a wonderful pao 🙂 Thank you so much, pao!

Now I know I promised you photos of festing and the Canterbury giant but you’ve got to agree, Barney is too gorgeous not to share with you straight away. 🙂 I can totally understand how Julie’s toys are so popular. He is so beautifully made and has the cutest face.

A new blue friend?

Still exhausted! Didn’t arrive home until about 6.40pm but that was after over an hour with the vets. I showed photos of the cute tabby cat to the vet who told me that he was definitely a he but it is moot point since I haven’t seen him since last Monday. A big thank you to MrsSJT for dropping me at said vets at 4.05pm – if I’d gone the way I’d planned, I’d be even later.

Here is a new friend I made on Saturday – he, she or it was part of the Midsummer parade in town. More on that parade and the new Canterbury giant tomorrow night – I’m off to bed. How did it get that late already?

Is it Friday yet?

No? Drat.

I’ll just distract myself with thoughts of giant strawberries from the USA.

They are the tastiest strawberries I have ever eaten and are the epitomy of a Friday treat. They have a lovely sweetness that I’ve not come across before. If I could grow strawberries this big, I’d be very happy indeed. They are particularly lovely eaten with Swiss chocolate.

I think the antibiotics are starting to do their stuff and I’m shattered so I’m off early to bed. Night night.

Bunnies, bunnies everywhere

Whilst pao has been off sick, I’ve been going into the office an hour earlier so that I can leave half an hour earlier (yes, I know but I’m very very busy at the moment so some extra time is welcome). One of the loveliest things about this is rain or shine, the bunnies are usually out to play when I’m walking across the campus to my office. They are ever so cute and highly amusing. If you look carefully, you may see some bunny pr0n – I had intended to take a photo of cute bunnies washing each other but when I was rummaging in my bag for my camera they had moved onto second base and I didn’t notice until after I’d taken the photo.

I forgot to bring my camera in today or you would have had photos of a squirrel being chased by a moorhen which was very very amusing. Not a lot of sock knitting today – will probably just finish the cuff on sock 2 tonight before I fall into bed. I’ve had a very trying day – compounded by the fact that Ophelia very insistently woke me up between 3-4am this morning. I tried to ignore her but she must have been desperate because she sat by my head and meowed in my ear. We went through a little charade where she led me to the bathroom then looked earnestly at the tap so I knew she wanted something to drink. Unfortunately, I was then completely wide awake so I decided to sort out the milk money and as I was putting it out for the milk man to collect, Merlin dashed out followed by Perdita and Ophelia. So somewhere out there is a security guard laughing CCTV footage of a woman in her nightdress trying to coax her cats out of her neighbour’s perfectly manicured garden.

Summer Knitting Goals Item 17

The first item of my challenge is done! No. 17 is complete. A roll brim hat for my friend Lou’s birthday in July. This was a nice easy knit to fill my bus journeys this week whilst I was waiting for the start of the Summer of Socks Challenge.

I’ve started on No. 1 a plain vanilla sock in Trekking XXL colour 147. I rather like the colour 🙂

We’re all a bit achy here today. I saw my dentist yesterday who did a lot of work and said that I had an infection so I’m on a course of antibiotics for a few days. pao’s eye has been very achy all yesterday and today. Despite that we did manage to see the brand new Canterbury giant on parade through the town on Saturday – photos coming soon – time for dinner and bed now.

How to prepare for the Summer of Socks

(or Might as well face it, I’m addicted to sock yarn)

Step 1: Look for sock yarn in the house. Not forgetting those places like in odd drawers in the dining room, bowls, etc.

Step 2: Transport yarn to the one clear spot in the house.

Step 3: Lay out yarn carefully and lovingly.

Step 4: Rearrange yarn so it is by brand

Step 5: Reassure husband that sock yarn in hallway is most of stash.

Step 6: Ignore husband when he mutters that I have more than enough sock yarn.

Step 7: Try and photograph entirety of sock yarn collection.

Step 8: Realise some sock yarn is missing and run to collect it from its hiding place.

Step 9: Arrange newly found yarn lovingly amongst its friends.

Step 10: Stand on a step ladder at an angle and try and get whole sock yarn collection in.

Step 11: Put back sock yarns into their homes.

Step 12: Make a cup of tea and sigh lovingly about my great sock yarn stash.

Cough. I might have more sock yarn than this now.

Can pao have his silver lining now, please?

pao got a bit of bad news about his eye today so we’re both a bit sad at the moment (no pictures this time) as he’ll have to have another op possibly later this year. At least the next op should be a breeze in comparison to the others pao has had but a sad blow for us all the same.

Anyway, I am going to look on the bright side at these beautiful peonies that pao bought me before his op and lasted almost 10 days before they started to look a bit sad.

I love the way that peonies start off as tight round balls and as they mature they get bigger and bigger and more bushy 🙂

Nothing spells romance like a brand new hard disk

Yes, my true love bought me a brand new hard disk for my birthday. He will probably deny that he said that he bought it for my birthday but I did boggle a bit when I got home and was handed a brown box and told to open it because it had one of my birthday presents in it but I really needed to open it now.

Amazingly enough, we’d had a conversation a few weeks ago where I said I was undecided as to whether I wanted to get a new bigger hard disk plus a new battery for my laptop to keep it going or to wait and see what Apple’s educational sweetener was going to be for the UK. So it was a bit of a surprise to receive a new 250GB hard disk. My reaction probably wasn’t the one of delight, he was expecting because what ran through my head was “oh no, now I’m going to have to buy a new battery and I have absolutely no reason to look at a new laptop in the autumn and I really wished that I could have decided which way to go”.

He knew that it wasn’t the most romantic present in the world as soon as I’d opened the box but today as I type this with my new hard disk installed, a copy of Leopard on my desktop and my laptop running more smoothly than it has since I bought it – I realise how thoughtful, kind and romantic pao’s present really is.

THANK YOU, pao!!!!

(PS Thank you for the yarn you gave me to make up for it when you realised that a hard disk really wasn’t my vision of romance and also for saying that we could have the tiger cat if he was a she. I haven’t seen tiger cat today so he/she may have just strayed briefly before heading onto other places).