Don’t leave us, George

pao went to see his eye consultant this afternoon who confirmed that George (pao’s transplanted cornea) is showing signs of rejection. Please could I ask you to send your warm thoughts and prayers his way because it still could go either way at this point. pao’s cornea is rejecting on the outside not the inside so he has to take a lot of eye drops and rest up at home and hope for the best. It’s all very scary but no one can be more scared that pao right now.

Red London

I hope you’re not bored with London – I love it 🙂 I saw a lot of red in London and thought these were perfect Project Spectrum photos.

A vintage red bus in the Imperial War Museum.

A propoganda badge from WWII.

Probably what started British Summer Time.

Blackfriars Bridge.

Chinese lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Update on pao: He’s not too grumpy considering he’s had to take drops every hour for the last however many hours. He managed to wake up for the klaxon through last nights but doesn’t think the pain is any less but at least it isn’t any more or we’ll be taking a trip over the A&E in Ashford.

Yarny London pt 2

I’m having a bit of a rubbish day today so I thought you might enjoy seeing my stash enhancement as yarn definitely cheers me up. pao’s eye has started hurting a lot so he went into see a consultant at the hospital who has sent him home with a big load of eye drops and instructions to remain in a darkened room until Thursday when he will see his normal consultant. There is some other stuff going on as well which wound me up so much that pao had to take me to a yarn shop on Friday and get me to stand in there until I felt better. It must be something about the colours.

I got some really nice alpaca and soy silk from Annie Sherburne last week. I had thought about making a stripey scarf with the alpaca on the right but now I’ve got it home, I’ve started thinking that stripey socks would be even nicer. The soy silk is incredibly heavy but quite luxurious.

I picked up some more alpaca at iKnit and some nice Malabrigo. It is rather soft and cuddly. pao particularly likes iKnit because it is the only yarn shop in the UK with a licensed bar.

On Friday, we went up to London again to see The First Emperor exhibition at the British Museum. It was incredible but you can’t see any photos because we weren’t allowed to take any due to the delicate nature of the exhibits. I could have stood there for ages but it was busy in there and pao was feeling a little poorly.

But you can see photos of Loop 🙂

With the cutest dog called Captain standing outside.

pao encouraged me to stand in there for a long time because I was feeling pretty miserable. He then proceeded to encourage me to make a significant stash enhancement and picked up a bag of alpaca that I’d put down and paid for that too. The guy in the shop called pao an ‘enabler’ which he really seemed to enjoy.

Mericash which is amazingly soft.

Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb which I’ve not seen before.

Some lovely Anny Blatt Angora Super which was on sale and Nature’s Palette Hand Jive.

Finally, that bag of soft alpaca and wool mix. Blue Sky Worsted is very nice and I’m thinking about some socks and a hat and whatever else nice that pops into my head.

I also picked up this lovely silk bag at the British Museum. I liked the colour 🙂

Now I’m going to hide from pao’s alarm because it is going to go off every hour on the hour as he has to take eye drops through the night plus some other stuff that has to go in his eyes as well. I can’t tell you how scared I felt this morning when he told me his eye was hurting particularly when he told me that he was having trouble reading yesterday. Please, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers because he needs it. Sometimes I get complacent about George as he’s been with us for almost two years but today reminds me that the healing bit isn’t over yet.

But before I go, I can show you some terracotta warriors…
not the real thing but pretty nice… since they were made by visiting school children.

A special anniversary and yarny London pt 1

We’ve been in our new house a whole year today! A whole year! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone by. Woooooooooooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

We managed to fit it two yarn shops whilst we were in London last week.

I’d been to iKnit in December but it was too dark to take any decent photos. I got a bit more Artesano Alpaca (the felting kind) and some silk blend Manos de Uruguay.

I slightly wondered why they had knitted a yashmak after I saw the dog ear protectors that the lady tending the shop was knitting.

I read about Annie Sherburne on the web and I really wanted to visit her shop. We were wise to call first to make sure the shop was open – she very kindly arranged for her husband to be there so we could have a look.

Her yarn selections are all eco-friendly and the shop is great fun as it sells a lot of interesting items. She uses items like old library card catalogues and printer’s trays to display her wares. She is a great textile artist too – check out the white horse rug on her website.

I saw this cat and fell in love – sadly it was a bit out of my price range.

Random London

We had such a great time in London 🙂 and had a great walk along the Embankment.

This bust of Nelson Mandela by the Royal Festival Hall marked where we started off on our hunt for Annie Sherburne’s shop in the Oxo Tower.

I liked this statue of two women chatting.

It was fun to see some sand art at Gabriel’s Wharf:


I particularly enjoyed this sandy lounge 🙂

The OXO Tower was incredible.

It was a lovely walk 🙂

Frosty-bourne and tank pr0n

I thought you’d enjoy this photo I took yesterday morning. We’ve had a lot of hard frost and fog here over the last few days. I think the sky looks pretty amazing.

Now onto the tank pr0n 🙂 pao and I went to the Imperial War Museum on Friday last week. It was packed full of 30 something men with their young sons gawping at the big display of tanks and guns.

Including a huge gun right out front.

It was amazing to see this section of the Berlin Wall. I remember the night that the wall came down really well – we were so excited and were studying it all as school.

In case you were really looking for tank and missile pr0n:



It was quite an interesting place to visit – we just visited the section on WW1 then saw the Secret War exhibition and propoganda posters.

We saw this and immediately thought of Mama Tulip

Covered love

I got the cutest Valentine from Sarah – isn’t it cute? Thank you, Sarah!!!

Talking of cute, I won a knitted cupcake in Monkee Maker’s raffle 🙂 HP6 is now a very happy monkee indeed.

I’ve just finished the knitted part of the cushion cover.

It has proved to be a battle though.

Ophelia loves it so much she keeps on jumping on it when I am trying to work on it. No idea how I’m going to sew it up without her assistance.

Hearts aflutter

There were some good bits to Valentine’s Day – it wasn’t all about that cat. pao got me some really nice gifts from the craft gallery in Cranbrook.

This cup and saucer are really cheerful

and came with this cute bird bowl

and this beautiful blue jug. I have a small collection of jugs so pao knew the perfect thing to give me 🙂 Thank you, pao!

When we had tea at Mama Feelgoods – she gave us heart-shaped brownie and chocolates which we smuggled home and had later in the evening.

They looked really good on the gold plates I picked up in a charity shop in Tenterden

which were a perfect match for the teacup and saucer I picked up in Cranbrook.

There was even a heart on the Beef Wellingtons we had for dinner -aah.

In case you were worried, there has been some knitting going on. I’m about 2/3s of the way through the cushion cover kit which we got at Aragon Farm. I’ve bought some backing fabric and the cushion but I’m not feeling all that confident about the sewing!

Ding dong dell

… pussy’s covered in yarn.

Thank you so much to everyone who has commented on my last two posts. The last few days are going to be ingrained on my memory. I am keeping positive about Merlin – he’s a fighter and extremely tenacious so I am expecting a lot more time with him. This photo cheers me up immensely – doesn’t she look comfortable?

Have a great weekend.