A sad end to Socktober


Final Tally for Socktober
Pairs of socks completed = 1
Pairs of socks started for pao but abandoned = 3.2
Pairs of socks completed for pao = 0.6

Well, I just managed to delete the photos of the wounded sock without actually transferring them onto my computer but thankfully (kind of) they are yet to be frogged so you can see where I came acropper. I have a headache which paracetamol has not touched 🙁


The one on the left is what it is supposed to look like:

This is sock 1 though!

Cake 3 was the best one though 🙂

The cats just slept through all of pao’s birthday celebrations.


Knitting up a Socktober storm

Not much posting has been going on round here this week as I’m desperately trying to finish the second of pao’s Trekking socks for the end of Socktober!

My camera has conspired against me tonight by running out of battery so I can’t post a photo of Sock 1 and the embarassment of the Sock 2 failure. Yes, you guessed it – frogging it soon. I am definitely not going to finish it by tomorrow – photos of why as soon as the battery has charged.

I will show you the second cake though. I cheated a little but I’ve been waiting for a nice occasion to use the cake stand pao bought me for Christmas two years ago (yes, I know but it is a gorgeous cake stand).


Can I distract you with a pao and the tabby cat? She is starting to develop her winter coat which is getting very thick and lush. pao on the other hand is developing a larger tummy but that might have had something to do with three birthday cakes. 🙂

Oh, and I managed to finish the first sock….

Shrink wrapped

If you want a giggle, go here.

pao has half a sock now. I consider the first attempt to be “training”. I had a little reunion news last night – someone else from my class is coming! Panic – I will now have to greet and organize someone else! I didn’t know that person very well so it will be interesting! Less than two weeks to go now!!! Better get on and RSVP 🙂

Tip toeing up the big foot


Well, pao isn’t going to get any socks for his birthday tomorrow.

These ginormous feet have defeated my last three attempts to make a sock to cover them.

So measurements were taken

and tools assembled.

ready to take on the first attempt at toe up socks.

Tentative steps led quickly onto a full set of stitches cast on.

and I was soon making progress

even though it was a bit fiddly.


On a roll.

I managed to turn them inside out so I was knitting on the wrong side for a bit.

But Big Foot found it a little too big so it has been frogged but I would say that it was good progress for a first attempt though!

Go wish pao a happy birthday for tomorrow!!

I’m in the club!

No, silly, not that club, but THE CLUB! Scout’s Indie Swag Club!


pao was one of the people who crashed Scout’s site at 3am UK time – 9pm Albuquerque time at some point in August or September! What a hero – he stayed up til then and crept into bed soon after announcing that I was in the club. I couldn’t sleep after that and I had to get up early the next morning to do some work stuff! Well, the first swag has arrived!

I’m just going to let the photos speak for themselves.

There was a fabulous black and white tote bag… very chic.

Inside, there was a fabulous skein of black and white Scout’s Swag yarn in a colourway called B-Marie. It was a surprise as I’ve never thought of black and white as being Scout colours but it is absolutely fabulous!!

KTS2 package has arrived!


Wow! My swap pal was Emily aka Ewe Spinster! Thank you so much – my package is perfect! She has sent some really lovely looking candies including some with USA on them- an Almond Joy might have not made it to the photo, gorgeous fruit teas which I’ve never ever seen the like of before (I’m drinking a cup now and the artic raspberry is yummy), and the softest sock yarn dyed especially for me. Isn’t it beautiful – she’s called it Stormy Seas! 🙂 I’m so lucky – I’m really going to enjoy knitting that! pao has been eyeing it up too!

Thank you so much, Emily! You’re wonderful! I feel completely spoilt 🙂 Just when I needed it too!

Socksy swag


… and some Australian treasure too… but more about that later…

Nickerjac hand-dyed in Thorn in my Side and Mud Bath colourways plus a little mixed skein which I’m planning to use on my next felting project.

Some lovely purpley Hip Knits cashmere socks – I just find it hard to resist. Lorna’s Laces in Lakeview. I still love Fleece Artist despite all the sock horror so I bought a couple of skeins.

Even more sock yarn! These are from Touch Yarns all the way from New Zealand but I succumbed to a little lace.

I called into John Lewis to use up the rest of the vouchers and bought some Louisa Harding Silk and Wool mix which I’m going to make a sweater with. I’ve already started on it – even though it is Socktober, I just wanted to try it out as the colour is rather lush.

When I got back to work on Monday, this was waiting for me 🙂
I present some of Lynne’s wonderful silk. It is so beautiful – I’ve been admiring it and hugging it since I clapped eyes on it on Monday. I’ve just been so busy I didn’t have time to photograph it before now. I don’t know what pattern to use – it is not like anything I’ve ever knit with before. The photo doesn’t really do it justice but is gorgeous.

I’m even busier now – I’ve just volunteered to work on another website! (Must be mad). Work is also crazy busy still but I’m looking forward to a couple of days off in November and the reunion. It seems like all the other girls are too busy to come along so I’m going to be the only one going – sounds good – only have to coordinate myself then!