SRP Books 12 & 13

Can you believe I finished two books yesterday?

SRP Book 12

French Revolutions by Tim Moore

I saw this book and bought it for pao but as he reads at a much more sedate pace than I do, I read it before him..

Journalist Tim Moore decided that he would cycle the route of the Tour de France in 2000. After he sought advice from several expert cyclists and read a number of books on the Tour de France, he set off on his epic journey which would take him across mountains and borders alikes. More of an anti-hero, Tim doggedly cycles on through the French landscape and takes us on a tragi-comic adventure.

(288 pages)

SRP Book 13

To the Nines by Janet Evanovich

The ninth Stephanie Plum novel, finds our heroine hunting down an immigration bondee Samuel Singh who has disappeared from his job and his rented home just before he should be leaving the country. Not only has he disappeared, he has taken his landlady’s dog Boo with him. Stephanie has been assigned to help Ranger in finding this high-profile bondee as her cousin Vincent has been featured in a local paper as it is a new kind of bond. Singh is a computer nerd who seems to have no relationships beyond those on his laptop and when people start getting killed the case takes a sinister turn.

(352 pages)

I do love the Stephanie Plum series so it won’t surprise you that I’ve already started the tenth!

Frarochvia asked to see a close up of Sarah’s beautiful handiwork on the tin and I’m happy to oblige as it is really gorgeous! Lucky me!

I also thought you’d enjoy a close up of the gorgeous Trekking wool too.

I don’t think I mentioned the really cute tape measure? I love it! I was a bit tired on Friday evening so I may not have. Thank you again, Sarah!

Before I go, let’s have another photo of the gorgeous Violet at casa della Typo. I’m thinking a girlfriend for Merlin as we know Jasper likes the ginger ladies?

Tapas en la Typo

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!!

Christine organised the most fantastic tapas party for Sarah’s birthday which we have just come back from. Thank you Christine – you worked so very hard and we had the most fantastic time – hug hug hug!!!

(click on tiny pictures for bigger versions)
Christine has the most wonderful cats:

Fat George

Tiptoes (who still has a kittenish glint in his eye)

and the beautiful Violet who has to have an op next week to remove the cyst under her chin.

And apparently has acquired another two.

Better get a bulk purchase of Whiskas for those two.

There was lots of wonderful food. It was really clear that Christine had worked very very hard.

Jonathan brought some gorgeous tortilla and paella. The tortilla is being cut up by Beatriz who made the delicious insalata russa in the background.

The sangria was so good that it made the rubber ducks tipsy.

Liz and Si accused me of having a foot fetish.

(Not me I was taking a photo of the cat – honest.)

It wasn’t long before the purple shark? whale? appeared.

And things got a little moist *giggle*.

And BleanD had to take his shirt off – new pinup?
Mop wasn’t going to let Jonathan stay dry.

Oh, no, she wasn’t.

There was even a little knitting by Lizzie ablely assisted by Violet 🙂

It’s not a proper birthday without presents

and cake 🙂

Thank you again, Christine!
(more photos at Flickr)

Bursting forth

Remember my planting frenzy on Sunday?

When I went out this morning, I saw tiny bean seedlings pushing their way up through the soil.


They certainly germinated a lot quicker than I’d thought they would so looks like I’ll be replanting some in the next few days 🙂 They certainly are speedy beans!

I’ve now finished my KSKS pal’s bag and have got a few little things to gather together and it will be winging it’s way to *bleep* in *bleep*. There will be photos when it arrives as it has been made using a technique I’ve not used before and I’m rather pleased with the way it has turned out 🙂

Well-travelled Trekking!

Sarah’s Trekking SOS package arrived on Wednesday! Wow! What a gorgeous package and well worth the wait.

She decorated a gorgeous tin for me and here is a photo of it in all its loveliness! How fantastic! Phoebe was so anxious to have a look she leapt on the table (which, for Phoebe, is quite an achievement).


What you don’t see in this picture are these fabulous stitch markers which Sarah had made!

They are in my current sock project already! Thank you so much Sarah! It was really really kind of you – go and check out her blog to see the gorgeous Murph!

Surprised by my oh so sneaky KSKS pal

(This was meant to be posted on Tuesday but as you know the router wasn’t having any of it!)
My Knit Sock Kit Swap partner was Chris!! She’s so sneaky but oh so awesome! I had absolutely no idea she was my partner until my KSKS arrived today and I opened the card.

Chris’ package was amazing.

Not only was there lots of American candy which I adore. (pao, I know how much you are eyeing up that Fast Break bar – hands off ;)) She’d put in a fantastic Knitter’s Companion which will definitely get lots of use and a book called Indigo Dying which made me giggle a lot. Remember this? She is so thoughtful and observant that she included a CD of Koto music – wow! Even the cats benefited from a Project Spectrumesque gift.

It wasn’t long before Ariel got her paws on it!

And Merlin was trying to outstare it!

But I digress, the package got even better – look at this awesome bag! She’s also sent me a copy of Judy Gibson’s “You’re Putting Me On” socks so I can try some toe up socks which is something I’ve been wanting to try! I love the extremely cute sheep Pez – I haven’t had one of those since I was at primary school in Saudi so it is a great pleasure!


And it got even better than that – look what was inside!

Wow – I love this yarn dyed for me by Scout – the colourway is called Stormy Chaos 🙂 Isnt that brilliant? I love the black cat tin and post-its – they are great fun!

Chris, you really are a great KSKS swap pal! I’m so in awe of you as you have beautifully stitched that gorgeous purple lining inside. Sewing is not something I do very well at all and I’m completely amazed by your sewing. (And complete sneakiness – wow I was SO surprised)

I’ve been going round with a big smile on my face for the second day running. Thank you so much!

Birthday package!

(I’m a bit behind – deluge of blogging ahead!)

Here is a photo of Peevish’s wonderful birthday gifts which I mentioned Monday evening!


Sorry the photo is a little fuzzy!

Those earrings are a firm favourite. They are just such a perfect colour and I keep taking them off just to look at them. I’ve managed to fight pao off the Dagoba chocolate thus far but I think I’m going to break open a bar when pao goes out tonight 🙂

I’m going to put the card on my office wall as it is really lovely!

Thank you so much, Peevish!!! Wow!


Edit: I’ve moved this to a page of it’s own – it looks like it could be huge!

It is great fun to see where you all are – I’ve had so much fun getting to know everyone this year and I now have some the greatest friends who I wouldn’t have ever met otherwise!


We’ve been off line for the last couple of days so you haven’t been able to see my amazing swap packages and birthday presents. It’s late now and I’m tired so it will have to be tomorrow.

Yesterday evening I told pao he had to get the internets going again as I’d have to actually talk to him (just kidding) and he wouldn’t be able to read his book.

Fete One

We make a point of going to Paul’s nan’s village fete as it is really good as fetes go. Where else can you buy a great novel or have a go on the tombola for 25 pence? She lives in a lovely village called Eastry near Sandwich in Kent and it has a lovely church which she is a member of.

Last Saturday was fete day and I have been a bit remiss as I meant to post about it ages ago! So here are some belated pictures. Needless to say, pao and I came back with a big stash of paperbacks 🙂

Morris dancing often takes place at village fetes. These morrismen were dancing outside the pub as we arrived.
Flower festivals are a serious event here in the UK and the festival at Eastry Church is no different.

This is the entry by Paul’s nan’s friend Ruby. What a talented lady!ruby.jpg

There were some really imaginative entries. This one had peacock feathers and is very Project Spectrum-esque.

This is a model of the church.

Eastry Church is rather special and it is lovely to go there as we can look at this board which was made by pao’s grandad who is buried in the churchyard next to pao’s mum. It is nice to go there and think of them both.

I got the most amazing surprise in my post tray today – a belated birthday package from Peevish!! I’ll have to take some photos tomorrow and show you what was in it. Thank you so much, Peevish – you have made my week (and it is only Monday).