I think it is the after effect of being trapped in the house for three weeks that I am feeling a bit frustrated and bored. pao has some sort of tummy virus so he isn’t feeling up to much and I was supposed to be going to a prayer meeting tonight to find that when I got there it isn’t actually on til next week. Gah! So I walked home through the Dane John but because I was wearing summer slip on shoes and was tired, I wasn’t enjoying the walking like I normally do and my feet hurt a bit. I didn’t feel like sitting down, I just wanted to go home.

Now I’m at home, I don’t feel like knitting or reading or watching a DVD or listening to the radio. Just before I went out, I started a heel of my Trekking sock to find that I’d knit across the wrong number of stitches for about 22 rows and had to rip out the whole lot. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? I am so not wanting to re-knit those rows right now. I think I want to go out. But then I probably don’t cos my feet hurt from wearing open-heeled shoes for the first time this year.

I think I’m just antsy because I’m probably quite tired. Perversely, if I try to sleep now, I will just lie awake. Pffft!

Random Whitstable

I thought you might enjoy some of the more random things we saw in Whitstable. Some of them are very Project Spectrumesque 🙂


And arty!

These boots look fun but probably not the sort of thing you want to go on a Trek with though.

I like this sign especially the way the phone is bigger than the man. It makes me think of Lilliputians.

We were a little intrigued by these paving slabs. Our council is big on recycling so we wondered if these were recycled too.

Not long now – almost time for the Whitstable Oyster Festival which is great fun!

Wistful in Whitstable

Sunday was not a good day for a variety of reasons I won’t be going into right now so we got in the car and went over to Whitstable for a walk along the beach. You can’t beat a bit of sea air to make you feel better.

And seeing the lovely boats on the beach.

The famous Oyster Stores.

And Pearsons (dribble). Seafood (dribble).

Or a favourite spot.

It’s not often you find an oyster yawl parked between two houses.

Also a favourite:

This cute boy on a gate was fun too!

We happened upon this cat who could have been a prime candidate for ship’s cat. He had an eye missing and big chunk missing out of his tail!

Ok, I promised you exciting news!

We’re going to London next Friday! And we’re going to stay in this hotel which is next door to the zoo zoo zoo. And it is our fifth wedding anniversary!

Squeezegut Alley

This place makes me think of Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter books.

Why? Because it really is that narrow!

More from lovely Whitstable tomorrow 🙂

I’m doing much better now – I suddenly got my voice back on Saturday – so I’m back to the paid grind now. I’ve got some exciting news to share with you tomorrow so be sure to tune in!


Very tired, too…  normal service will resume soon when I’ve located the camera cable and woken up.

Even more beach huts and SRP Book 6

I’m starting to wonder if beach huts are a particularly British thing after all the questions!


Well, a beach hut is like a shed located on the beach. They are generally owned by families who go down and sit outside their huts during the summer. Beach huts are a place where you can change out of your bathing suit, store your deckchair, and make yourself a cup of tea on your Calor gas stove. Some beach huts have running water and electricity but this isn’t very common.

I had a look at some estate agent websites and locally beach huts can sell for upwards of £20,000 each and are extremely sought after.

Here is the lime and pink beach hut, Sarah mentioned.

Queen Victoria was the person who was responsible for the advent of beach hut when she took to seabathing near Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. I found this website all about the history of beach huts.

SRP Book 6

A Room with a View by E.M.Forster

I couldn’t find Persuasion anywhere in the house and I didn’t fancy Miriam Grace Monfredo so as I was watching Francesco’s Italy Top to Toe on Sunday, I started thinking whistfully about when I lived in Siena and what I was reading then.

If you click on the link thing, the link is to the edition I’ve got. When I lived in Italy, I just hankered to read English books. I know I was supposed to read Italian books and all but I just was so homesick then so it when I spotted Howard’s End and A Room with a View in this compact edition; I snapped it up. I used to visit Florence a lot in the weekend so it was quite magical to read A Room with a View and be at the places described in the novel.

A Room with a View is a story of social snobbery. Miss Lucy Honeychurch and her companion Miss Charlotte Bartlett are in Italy on a sort of “Grand Tour”. They are assigned rooms at the Pensione Bertolini which do not have the promised view and an elderly man and his soon offer to change rooms with them. Miss Bartlett is not keen as she does not wish to be under an obligation to some strangers. Lucy is portrayed as quite a naive young girl who is changed by her experience in Italy where she witnesses a passionate stabbing over a banknote and is “insulted” by the young man, Mr George Emerson, who kisses her on a violet-covered hillside. The novel examines the social snobbery of the era and Lucy’s inward struggle to equate her feelings with what she ought to think.

I enjoyed reading this again because I could shut my eyes and see the sun shimmering over the River Arno or remember standing on the hillside in Fiesole looking out over the city of Florence. My book still has its price sticker on the back L11.000 about £4.50 then.

Project Spectrum Photo Essay – Blues

This is the first time I’ve actually been anywhere apart from the doctors in the last two weeks so I grabbed the chance to do my Project Spectrum photo essay. All I can say is : hope you like beach huts!

We went to Tankerton and I was allowed to go for a small walk which filled me with great cheer.
There were lots of blue beach huts.



Blue seems like a popular colour for a beach hut.

Stripey beach hut.


Some people have even given their beach huts names – this one is called Jabba.

Or the Love Shack!

Cloudy beach hut.

Sun through the clouds.

Blue covers on boats.


Isn’t this beautiful?

Come on, England!
(erm USA and France as those are the countries we drew in the World Cup Sweepstakes)

Teeny Tiny Trek

pao came downstairs yesterday evening and said “How would you like to go out for some fresh air?”. Those being the best words I’d heard in the last two weeks, I immediately croaked yes and he took me and my Trekking sock to Tankerton for fish and chips and a very small bit of fresh air.

They may be heavy on grease but rock and chips was like ambrosia.

We saw a Bagpuss striped beach hut which Mrs SJT would like.

And a very pink hut.

And the Trekking sock has finally left the the building.

When we got back, Ariel sniffed my fingers and gave me the look of death.
How dare you eat fish without me!

Darth Samanther

Well, whatever virus I’ve got has really got it in for me. Not only do I feel like I’ve got an alien creature trying to burst out of my chest; I’m now losing my voice and sound like Darth Vader when I speak. The doctor has taken me off the antibiotics and has told me to come back next week for a review. It’s just so frustrating that I don’t seem to be getting any better. The test results won’t be back for another couple of days but I’m really hoping that they will actually show something up.

Vintage Tea Swap and SRP Book 5

I was woken up this morning by the postman who brought me a fabulous box full of goodies from Fairy Cake Girl! Thank you so much, Wendy: I’m overwhelmed by the loveliness of your package.

It was all done up so beautiful in pink polka dot paper with lots of lovely stars inside the box.

This is what was inside the box:

(Sorry: I had hoped to do the clicky for larger image thing but just feel really unwell today and can’t concentrate enough to fiddle about with it)

I absolutely love this package! I was debated on whether or not to buy the tea strainer and spoon when we were last in Whittards and I’m going to drink some of that lovely tea with a chocolate or two when pao gets home this afternoon. I love the delicate hankie, crocheted placemat and polka dot tea towel. The book is fantastic – I have always wanted to go for tea at the Ritz! I’ve been reading about seedcake in Swallows and Amazons and there is a recipe for it inside so I’m going to have try it 🙂

I’m so lucky! Thank you again, Wendy, there is nothing nicer when you are feeling bleh to get such a gorgeous parcel of fun things. Thank you so much Ms*Robyn for organising the swap 🙂

SRP Book 5

Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Going Postal is the 29th book in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series.

The main protagonist, Moist Von Lipwig, a conman; has been hung to within an inch of his life. His “angel” Lord Vetinari has spared him on condition that he becomes the Postmaster. When Moist arrives at the Post Office, it is a delapidated, outdated and unused place. Letters have come in throughout the years but haven’t been delivered and there are hundreds and thousands of them crammed into all the nooks and crannies. There are still carrier pigeons who do what pigeons do. Most people had foresworn the Post Office for the “clacks” service (like a telegraph, I think) anyway. The previous four incumbents of the job have all come to a sticky end thus Moist von Lipwig has quite a job on his hands so naturally he does what feels natural to him and runs away.

Moist isn’t gone for long though, Mr Pump, his parole officer and a golem (large scary creature made from pottery) has caught up with him and he is forced to return to the Post Office. Putting his devious but clever brain to work, he starts to work out how to regenerate the Post Office.

Going Postal seems a bit different from all the others in the Discworld series but pokes satirical fun at the Post Office. Being British, some of the most humourous parts for me were thinking about the parallels between the Royal Mail and the Post Office described in this novel. I found it a little hard to get into but eventually found it hard to put down.

(480 pages)

The trouble with finishing a book is chosing what to read next. I’m not in the mood for inventions now so it is a choice between trying the Miriam Grace Monfredo or trying to dig out my copy of Persuasion.

Race for Life update: I have now spoken to The Race for Life people, they will still debit the money pledged on the sponsorship page as it was given in good faith and extenuating circumstances meant I couldn’t do the walk on that day. When I’m fit and healthy again, I will go on a 5km walk and I will let you choose where I go.

Jasper’s been home for a bit of bribery. He’s such a flirt that it is the only way we can keep him coming home!