Party on down

It is amazing what you can find on the internets. Perhaps this is something I should consider to while away during my convalescence: Butter Sculptures. Yep, still ill, feeling so yucky today that I can’t even get out of bed but will force myself in an hour or two so I can bathe and try and enjoy new year’s with pao in a more vertical position. Hopefully I won’t get any more phone calls from RC with interesting pearls of wisdom such as “You should try and get out and have some fresh air”. Note: I can barely stand without swaying and feeling dizzzy now and any future abode we move to will definitely have an upstairs toilet or a downstairs bedroom or basically a bathroom on the same floor as the sleeping accommodation even. I placated her by saying I would go out into the garden. Hmm, probably a bit dark for that now…

I’ve just eaten a whole bar of M&S chocolate which is something that I don’t generally like doing as I am one of those strange species who prefer savoury to sweet. My taste buds are all over the place at the moment so I just ate it for the sake of eating it but thank you pao for going out and buying it for me. He also bought me steak and skinny chips like Cafe Rouge do for lunch and cooked them so he is now my uber hero. They were the best and most flavoursome thing I’ve eaten in the last 5 days.

I’m too tired to make any progress on my cardigan. I’ve got no buttons yet and the scary picking up stitches from the front of the cardigan for the button band is a little too much for my poor confused brain at the moment. I am very lucky – thanks to hmb and pao for getting me the wool for Christmas. I really love the colour and texture of the wool and it is a joy to play knit with. I also love the colour Shriek (or it could be Cheeky depending on the websites you look at) which is petrol blue.

I’ll probably be tucked up in bed at midnight so I’m wishing you all

Happy New Year !!!

In a sicky fug

Well, I did expect to have a rest over the break but this is silly. I feel even worse today than I did yesterday and kept pao awake most of the night with my coughing and wheezing. Eventually I went and coughed and wheezed in the land of spare oom as I felt horribly guilty as well as hot, cold, hot, and deeply uncomfortable.

Snow has melted now so there is a big drippy mess everywhere. I’ve only been out in it for a matter of minutes so have not been able to experience the crunchy goodness of being the first person to step on some snow.

I’m sick

Send flowers (red ones, no lilies, they make me sneeze). I like roses and freesia and carnations. Purple if they haven’t got red, please.

I paid a visit to Dr Eagle-Eyes (no, it’s true, he really does look like he has eagle eyes especially with those thick black rectangular frames he wears) and it is official: I’m sick. I’m riddled with infections: chest, throat, and ear so I have some very large antibiotics to take twice a day. Eeep.

Foo and Rah came round this evening which was nice and acted as stitch counters for me. I’m now ready to block the front, back and arm pieces so that is a job for tomorrow then it is scary picking up stitches on the front and knitting them.

Winter Wonderland

I’m mean old mrspao. I made Jasper stay in last night as I knew it might freeze over in the night and Merlin tends to guard the catflap so he can’t come back in. I woke up to find that he was sitting on my chest – he is a heavy boy and boy, did I know about it so I did the decent thing and took him downstairs to let him out. After I opened the back door, he sat on the step contemplating the blast of cold air and the white stuff on the ground and after much deliberation he gingerly made his way down the path.

As I was feeling extra mean, I thought it might be good for Lucy to see the snow. She lasted all of four seconds before she hid behind the neighbour’s bin. As soon as the front door opened, she hustled back in and onto her perch where she demanded her breakfast be provided without delay.

A couple of minutes afterwards, I was responding to the plaintive requests to go out by the front door. I opened the door and Ariel looked outside, looked at me, turned round and headed back in. Jasper took the opportunity to dash back in through the front door at this point.

Jasper looks like he is ready for bed again.

Let it snow, let it snow

We were invited to the out-laws for lunch today which was very nice despite a particularly snooty lady being more vitriolic than usual. I really wasn’t up to pointing out her utter vulgarity to her as I have a nasty cold and kept longing for my sick bed or just being at home and not into forced politeness.

We got home nice and early and not long after whilst ensconced watching The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe we opened the front door to find that white snowflakes were falling from the sky. Will there be a winter wonderland in the morning or will it have melted? Well, we’ve already got a big cat or two….

Merry Christmas, everyone!

It does add to the sense of occasion that this is my 100th post!

We’ve not long been home and Dr Who has just finished.

Christmas started proper last night at Midnight Mass at St Mary Bredin. The usual organist must have had the night off as there were most certainly a large number of additional flourishes. Mrs B sang “O Holy Night” really beautifully and the church looked lovely in the candle light.

I woke up at 9 this morning when the phone started ringing which is late for me on a Christmas Day but I didn’t have to cook a sausage let alone a turkey for loads of people. It was bliss.

Over a nice cup of Christmas tea, we opened all of our presents. I got a huge stash from Paul which included:

  • a mousemat
  • a samurai su doku wall calendar
  • a dictionary of chav
  • a page-a-day calendar with a knitting pattern for every day of the year

  • a book called “Jasper’s Beanstalk”
  • a nice handbag and purse set

  • a gorgeous ring

We did get some very unusual presents including one for the cats which I think they love. Here are some of the cats wearing their presents from Henry, Charlie and Tabitha (RC’s cats):

We had a glass of champagne whilst breakfasting on smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Did you know that if you put a metal spoon in the mouth of the bottle, the champagne stays sparkly? I think I learned that Atuin’s house.

pao and I went round and lunched at the mr and mrs b’s. Phil had really cooked a great feast of turkey, three types of sausagemeat stuffing, sausages, parsnips, carrots, sprouts and bread sauce. This was swiftly followed by a large helping of Christmas pudding and brandy and Bailey’s butter. Delish.

There was an unspoken rule that we had to be home by 7. In case, you are on another planet/country, 7pm means Dr Who. The new Doctor, the dashing David Tennant, was extremely gorgeous in his Arthur Dent look. I was dead impressed that the only substance in the whole stratosphere that could restore him was tea. I knew it! As we say in England: “Everything will be ok after a nice cup of tea”.

Here are the Google logos for Christmas which amuse me!

Merry Christmas !!!

Christmas cats

~o The seven cats of Christmas my true love gave to me.. tra la la la la la la la…

  • Creation Fricassee with Turkey & Vegetables
  • Creation with Mediterranean Style Lamb Casserole
  • Creation with Tender Goose & Garden Herbs
  • Creation wtih Tasty Chicken Provencale
  • Tender slices with Chicken, Ham & Herbs
  • Sheba with Beef & Heart in a delicate gravy
  • Tender Terrine with Rabbit & Chicken

Jasper has already eaten the Delicate Morsels with Turkey & Chicken. Well, someone had to test them out!

We know they’ve got us wrapped round their paws – but we love them!


pao and I went to the Community Carol Concert outside BHS tonight which was really excellent and very busy. I was a bit surprised to see that the ABC had turned up!

Mince pies

At last, I have been able to get the pastry out and mincemeat I bought from the St Mildred’s Fair weeks ago and produce these babies.

Careful application of brandy butter will be required.

Happy 5th Year, Jasper!

Gorgeous boy has been with us five whole years today. Five years ago today, I first spied him lounging in Sainsburys’ foyer thin, tired, and hungry desperately trying to keep warm under the heater. A Sainsburys’ employee was standing over him trying to work out how to pick him up to evict him. I scooped him up and he purred at me – it was love at first sight and he became my best ever Christmas present. His paws were sore but he was happy to sit in the car and be taken home where he slept and slept. The rest is history.