Oops we’ll have to do it again then, won’t we?

I was at Fenwicks tonight for their Telegraph discount shopping evening as a 20% discount on the Swarovski Christmas Ornament is not to be sniffed at. I went on my own so pao’s ticket was surplus to requirements and I decided to give it to a couple who were milling about with the postcard which announced the discount evening but definitely was not a ticket. They were both really nice and chuffed with their ticket as they had realised quite quickly that they weren’t going to get in with the postcard. The lady then turns to me and asks if I fancied going to the panto this evening. I was quite surprised as it was already 6pm at this point but her husband was putting the tickets in my hand and told me to enjoy myself.

So after a quick nip round Fenwicks for the necessary, I wandered down to the Marlowe Theatre ready for an evening of continuous innuendo and bad jokes about ghosts and benches. I was most certainly not disappointed. The show was excellent although it is taken for granted that many of the actors can’t actually sing for toffee. Sheila Ferguson was a magical fairy godmother and her voice was amazing! Ryan Moloney certainly was no disappointment although they should do something about his costume because it was quite likely his breeches may have fallen down in the first half which would have added to the amusement.

The ghost sketch had a special place this year because it was the tenth anniversary. The bench even had flashing lights. Moments later we were all on our feet singing along to ‘Is this the way to Amarillo?’ complete with actions!

THANK YOU!!! You lovely people who gave me tickets! You are the best!

The show’s best comic moment was undoubtedly when the two live Shetland ponies came on: one of them shed it’s load and the singing came to a standstill for all of a minute before the show went on! What consumate professionalism – smiling even though there is some evil smelling pony poop very close by…

One scarf down…

Hooray! I’ve finished Carola’s scarf today and it is drying as we speak.

I hope she likes it. It is weird making something for someone you know nothing about but I liked the colours and enjoyed making it for her. I’m also sending her some British drinks like Ovaltine and Horlicks so she may end up not liking me at all.

I wonder what I’ll get and from whom!

Wizard stuff!

Last night, me, pao, mr and mrs b, smithy and lovely david all went to the cinema at Ashford to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. As smithy rightly pointed out, there were large numbers of kids who were definitely very much under the age of 12 in evidence in the cinema. I found it pretty leap-into-the-air scary as a thirty-something so I guess there were lots of kids having nightmares in the vicinity. It isn’t my place to condemn people for scaring their kids since I don’t have any kids myself.

I did enjoy the film although I had to keep reminding myself that they had to cut out a lot from the book to make it into a two and a half hour film. I did get told off by smithy for dribbling audibly over Cedric Diggory whilst sitting next to my own pao but I did point out that pao was used to cooperman and I dribbling over men in films anyway. It was pretty fast-paced, not much time for any in-depth fleshing out characters this time as we rushed from one event of the Tri-Wizard Tournament to the next but the film gave us the gist of things. The International Quidditch Match at the beginning was quite amazing though. I was very pleased and delighted to see that the film-makers had put Hagrid in his brown hairy suit with polka-dot tie though.

I was highly bemused by the hormonal rages going on. Ron Weasley made me roll up when he said

…and she was just walking along… you know how I like it when they walk!

(Courtesy of the imdb)

And I almost didn’t go… I’ve been pretty tired recently and a bit run down so sometimes when I get home in the evening or after being out for a few hours at the weekend, I’ve been going to bed and sleeping quite heavily. I did sleep in til 9.15 today when mrs b rang to ask if we could swop our Eurofair date til later in the afternoon. Lucky for her, I might have still be snoozing away at 10.30 otherwise. I hope I’m not seriously ill but I am fed up with feeling yucky. Also, I’m not good at saying no even when I want to be selfish and have my friend to myself for the first time in a couple of months since I haven’t seen her and I said yes to having someone else along who gets on my nerves a bit. Why or why am I so nice? Nice people get trodden all over. Why why why can’t I be a miserable cow and say “no, I’d rather spend time with my friend alone, I haven’t seen her for a couple of months and I bet you see her more often than that and when I am at the same place as you both you act like a limpet and attach yourself to her side so I can’t even get to chat”? I am such a *doormat* at times.

Time for a Berocca and a bath with some gorgeous rose bath salts from the Whitstable Soap Company. I might just be ready to start the day then.

Happy hour

Now that looks like a cat who has a guilty look on his face.

Even though Ariel looks all sweet and innocent next to the wool today, it didn’t stop her from trying to consume my scarf yesterday. Or it could be that she prefers the taste of Jaeger wool.

Don’t worry, Carola if you’re reading this, I will wash your scarf before I post it!

Here’s a picture taken this afternoon of Merlin looking unrepentant and really quite pleased with himself.

Knitty kit knit

I have rediscovered the joy of knitting! I knitted a whole scarf today. It is gorgeous albeit with added Ariel spit as she tried to help. Admittedly I did chose very thick wool and big needles but it was very satisfying.

I’m just getting together the goodies I’m sending to Carola for Ms*Robyn’s seasonal swop and found some gorgeous wool so she is also getting a scarf in her package.


This little fuzzie is one of the nicest cats in the house. She has quite an intense stare and a deep vocal miaow but she has a lovely constant character. Phoebe’s only problem is that she has bad teeth and will need to go for a deep clean soon but not with the lovely Mr Hagemichael who looks after my gnashers though.

Rabbit rabbit rabbit

I made some de-li-ci-ous carrot soup tonight so I’m putting the recipe down so I can share the goodness.

1 red onion
2 cloves garlic
Olive oil
Lots of chopped carrots – probably a couple of pounds
Couple of sticks of celery also chopped
2 Oxo stock cubes dissolved in 500ml of boiling water

Bunch of coriander – chopped roughly
Pancetta – cooked til crisp
A few cubes of feta cheese
A sprinkle of pine nuts
A sprinkle of pumpkin seeds

Saute onion and garlic in olive oil until soft. Add carrots and celery and stir a bit. Add stock and bring to the boil. Simmer for 20 minutes or so until carrots are soft. Let cool slightly then liquidise.

Stir through coriander. Spoon soup into bowls. Sprinkle with pancetta, feta, pine nuts and pumpkin seeds.