Rain rain go away

Well, the trip down to Bournemouth can only be called interesting. It featured two things: traffic jams and rain. Needless to say it took 5 hours to get to the luxury bliss of the Norfolk Royale Hotel.

I was tickled to find that because it was part of the “English Rose” group of hotels that the rose theme was emphasised in the bathroom (of all places).

Pre-holiday argh!

Well, I woke up at 2am this morning when Ariel chirped at me. She then rushed down the stairs and when I was not forthcoming she charged back up the stairs and chirped at me again.

Twas poorly the previous night so went to be early but even 2am is just too early for me to get up. My brain kept saying “You are AWAKE” so I had to turn the light on and give it something to do rather than lying awake after following a very insistent cat downstairs. So I finished the book I started two days ago and then started to think “Hmm.. perhaps I should tidy up a bit”. Well, I have made everything all neat and there are no longer obstacles to climb over to get to the wardrobe (perhaps I should have done that bit before I started packing). So by 6.15 it was pretty much done and I was thinking about a shower.

As I was overtired when I started packing yesterday evening before our super birthday meal at Azouma unpacking at the other end is going to be a surprise for both me and pao. I vaguely remember packing four shirts and 6 t-shirts for pao but no tops and a very nasty skirt which makes me look fat(ter) but I could be dreaming that.

Aah well, getting up that early does mean I can race my frog for one last time before I go. Poor Ribbi needs me!

Lucy update

Despite her apparent rallying, Lucy started to look unwell again so we took her back to the vets again. He thinks her kidneys are still not right and gave her a shot of something which seemed to make her act all silly. So we all stood there having a chuckle because she was on her back rubbing her head against the vets filing cabinet.