Just made a seriously disturbing discovery – the fridge freezer we bought because we thought we could switch each section off separately won’t switch off the freezer bit unless we switch off the whole thing! BUT we can switch off the fridge bit on its own?!

Freezer Update

Cue Crimewatch music…

I feel very pleased with the progress of the freezer emptying mission although pao and I did purchase a chocolate cake, a Daim cake and an Appelsos cake in Ikea.

Items now left:

  • A few half eaten bags of veg
  • A chicken breast
  • A piece of breaded fish
  • Half a packet of prawns
  • Two sticky toffee puddings
  • A raspberry and peach crumble
  • A couple of potato croquettes
  • One packet of turkey escalopes (I think they were breeding) – pao will have those tomorrow.

I’m going to ditch the unlabelled, unidentified fish. I have no idea when I bought it or where.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting – I’m going to have to ring round to find a temporary home for the veg and Ikea cakes. We will finish emptying the freezer or else!


British Gas rang me up this morning : “Hello, since you have nothing better to do all day than hang around for our service engineers to turn up, please can you have an appointment today from between now (9.05am) and 1pm”. After the initial shock of thinking that some bloke would be imminently hammering on the door whilst I was still in my pyjamas had worn off, I agreed. I was at home anyway and they did say it would be in the morning….

I rushed out of bed and put on clothes superquick – no way was I being caught in my PJs by a gas engineer.
10am came and went.
11am came and went.
12pm came and went.
Hmm… now it was 1pm – was this person coming or not.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I settled down to watch some of a bad American movie with an eye on the cars outside before Neighbours came on. Impatient, I rang British Gas at 1.45. “Oh”, said the operator. “We’ll ring you back”.

No one rang. At around 2.45pm, as I decided to ring them back and complain again, there was a loud knock on the door. Aha, gas man.

Apparently he had been sitting around for 4 hours doing nothing as he had “computer problems”. So why on earth did they book a callout if the engineers weren’t able to access the addresses for the calls? Are they insane? And what was wrong with ringing me back out of courtesy to say they weren’t coming in the morning after all?

Well, the engineer didn’t impress me. He waltzed over to the kitchen sink and washed his hands and helped himself to some kitchen towel without asking. I did point out to him that if he had asked, I would have let him use the bathroom which he had been standing next to. He also bounded up the staircase giving the cat a bit of a fright. I didn’t take to him at all and dropped the fact that I used to work in some prisons into the conversation – I have never seen anyone want to leave so quickly. He didn’t even check the radiators or give me any paperwork for the job. I’m phoning British Gas tomorrow.

After work, pao and I went to Ikea to return the excess of shelving. We had only been waiting for a few minutes when the woman who arrived just after me started whinging really loudly about the number of staff manning the refunds desk and went off to complain to a manager and anyone else she could find. Why are people so impatient? It could have been worse: Ikea didn’t have to provide nice tub chairs for us to sit in and we could all be standing up in a long long queue. The best part about Ikea now is that they sell gingerbread houses for £1.50. It is a stick it together with icing sugar glue job so scope for collapsing and sticking the wrong bits together is very big. To pao’s disgust, I also bought a couple of packets of Swedish cheese and a box of lumpfish caviar. Hopefully this will taste nothing like the stuff I bought at the airport in Oslo which was disgusting and had to go straight in the bin. I also bought some Pagon muffins – the curate’s coming for tea tomorrow.


W**t. Shed now has shelves and looks like a small version of bargain warehouse. pao says that the Superdrug training on shelf-stacking seems to be ingrained because all the labels face the same way. He’s got some tummy trouble today so have to shift heavy glass on my own. We thought it would be a good idea to get a bargain greenhouse but since the allotment will shortly be no more it is surplus to requirements so I’ve decided to trade it in for a pair of shoes. We also have a lot of chocolate, toilet rolls, kitchen roll and beer. All the essential vitamins.

Well we’ve managed to eat our way through a few more things in the freezer. Now we all we have left it:
One packet of frozen prawns
One piece of unidentified fish (smoked)
One piece of unidentified breaded fish
One banana tea loaf
One raspberry and apricot crumble
One box of raspberries
3/4 packet of carrots
3/4 packet of peas
1/2 packet of sweetcorn
A few potato croquettes
Some onion rings
One packet of turkey escalopes
One veggie grill
4 rocket lollies

I think these things are multiplying. Some of these items have only just surfaced – I think they are like WWII spies who have been hidden by their turkey escalope and veggie mates.

Gah, I’m so tired I can barely stay awake. pao woke me up at 9.30 with a cup of coffee before he started on the shed. Some random things still have to go back into the shed and, oh yes, the glass. The glass is slightly too heavy for me to lift so have been doing it little by little but even that is a bit much 🙁

Love my new shininess. It is quite a dream.

Shelves glorious shelves

Me and pao didn’t make it France today as planned but went to that foreign land of flat-packed furniture and miserable-looking purveyors of meatballs. We now have two sets of fully constructed shelves in our lounge with one more set to construct once we are certain that they will fit in the shed. Pao is going to have to get the saw out as they are ever so slightly too tall but they were so cheap that we needn’t worry about aesthetics.

We now have a 24 bottle wine rack – ooh, that means that we need to find some wine. Perhaps a trip under the Channel is in order.

I’ve been watching a truly atrocious but engrossing programming called ‘Trust me, I’m a Holiday Rep’ on Channel 5 (need I say no more). It’s got Jodi Marsh, Sid Lyttle, Nina Myscov (?) and some other celebrities who I haven’t got a clue about. My entire reason for watching the monstrosity is the fact that Jordan Knight (from New Kids on the Block) on it. It is quite eye-opening to see someone from the States look so utterly shocked at the sight of naked human flesh and so shy. I am also that sort of prude – I think that baring all is positively embarassing. Where has the innocence gone? A hint is so much more attractive.

I also love Jordan Knight’s accent – I’m quite a sucker for a nice American accent so he is nice to listen to.


Well today is my official last day of illness. I’m feeling a lot better and looking forward to starting my new job. I’m a bit nervous though – I’d planned to go in a little to meet them this week but have chickened out. My excuse is that I had two dentists appointments and now my jaw is extremely sore from all the anaesthetic and holding it open. At least my dentist has nice eyes even though he keeps forgetting to move the tray out of the way when he asks me to rince and I have to swiftly take evasive action. I think I’m enjoying going to the dentists a little too much (sadism?) as I even contemplated a hygenist appointment early this morning.

I haven’t been doing a lot – housework avoidance but I really hate doing it on my own. Paul has been coming in very tired and going to bed early so I don’t feel like I can ask him at the moment. I think he’s got post-viral fatigue but he is unswayed.

We’ve been clearing out the freezer and we’ve got the following left:

  • 6 rocket lollies
  • 1 fruit pastille lolly (yuck – came as part of one of those Iceland deals)
  • Box of raspberries
  • 4/5 frozen bits of haddock which have fallen to bits
  • 4/5 potato croquettes
  • 3/4 bag of julienne carrots
  • 1/2 bag frozen peas
  • small bag of frozen broad beans (from the allotment)
  • a few wall’s balls (another one of those Iceland deals)
  • 3 chicken breasts
  • one peach and raspberry crumble (homemade)
  • 1/3 packet of pasta
  • small tub of tomato sauce (homemade)
  • one tealoaf (homemade)
  • 3 turkey escalopes
  • 2 beef grillsteaks
  • 4 hamburgers
  • 1 muffin

Oh and the unamed stew item which is defrosting in the fridge for tonight. I’m now completely sick of the items in the freezer and long for a takeaway curry from Tia. A special tikka masala and a stuffed paratha would go down nicely.

24-7 Prayer

I’ve been pretty busy over the last week sorting out a website and attending the 24-7 prayer week at the old CLC shop in Canterbury. It was quite an incredible and blessed time and God spoke to me quite a bit through Isaiah 52 and the whole experience has been an incredible boost for my faith. Sadly, the Cathedral are taking back the building tomorrow but it has been an incredible answer to prayer that we were loaned the building (for free!) considering that the Cathedral have very bad press for increasing their rents more and more. I’m hoping and praying that it will happen again as I’ve seen so many people arrive distressed and leave comforted this week.

I believe that prayer works. And I’m going to pray my socks of for pao and anyone else who asks me to.

Pao has found out about my blog now and announced it to the world – snitch!

The Old Synagogue

It was pretty hard to go to sleep last night. Just wanted to hug pao lots and to wake up to find it was a dream.

Better today though.

I went out with Rennie to see the Old Synagogue in King Street. It was open today as part of the Heritage Open Days programme.

I had no idea there had ever been a synagogue in Cantebury. It is a quite an unusual building of a style that I had not experienced before. Nowadays it is a music recital hall for the Kings School. I sat in the women’s gallery and imagined what it was like when it was a working synagogue as that is where I would have sat. Never been to working synagogue – maybe it is time I found one to visit.


We both went for eye tests this morning. The extent of Paul’s eye problems really struck me when I was sitting in on his test. He’s been told that he will have to have a corneal transplant because he’s got something possibly called keratonitus(?) so essentially he will have to wait til a suitable donor is available e.g. someone who has passed away. Feeling a bit sad today 🙁

Last night was excellent. We had a nice meal at Caffe Uno and then saw the Son et Lumiere at the Cathedral with Anna. Today’s news has overshadowed that bit of happiness so I’m not putting any pictures up.

Giles’s birthday?!

Giles Radford’s in town so a big group of us all went to Cafe de China for food (lots of). Some of us thought it would be a-musing to have the over-the-top happy birthday music played and him presented with a chocolate cake. Shame there is no photographic evidence but, hey, there is always a next time……