Caturday Katerina

Out of the two kittens, Katerina is probably the most yarn loving. She growls when she steals and won’t let go of any purloined yarn.

She is very good at looking sweet and innocent.

We know otherwise, don’t we?


My new job is terrific. There is something to be said for going to work happy every day. I still experience little frustrations but on the whole, I feel content and happy and I come home the same way. I have another part-time job to as a Learning Technologist which is also great (not as good as my other job but pretty good). It does mean that I have a whole new schedule to live up to. The pace of learning is much greater in my new role which means that I am constantly having to learn new things to keep up with new media. I’m often on Instagram – so quick to post a photo but I do miss my blog and enjoy writing for it. Now I’m writing for a living, too, I have such a lot of pleasure in my week! It does mean that I’m very busy! So I took some time out this weekend and did some insta-gardening – I headed to a garden centre and bought lots of lovely plants already in flower and tidied up my front door area. I’ve already been complimented by my neighbour 🙂

My little kitten love keeps me on my toes. She is naughty, funny, loving, special. Tonight she clamped her jaws round my chicken baguette and tried to make off with it. She then stole the chicken breast I cooked for lunch tomorrow and she and Claude were eating it. It was churlish to scold them so they got a chicken dinner.

Please say hi. I’ve been missing you – I’m going to try a little to keep up with blogs. My next big work project is to do Google Analytics and Hootsuite online training which takes up a chunk of my evenings but I will keep trying to read and comment when I can. I’ve been working there almost 6 months and have loved every moment. I love the creativity and the projects. I read ‘What Colour is your parachute?‘ and this was one of the jobs that matched me. It makes me feel so good that I followed my dream.

The End

One of my most favourite book stores closed on Sunday. Waterstones in St Margaret’s Street.

There was something character-full about this branch of Waterstones. The chair in the window made you want to come and read a while. To crease a spine, to peruse the table-fulls of books.

There are not many bookshops where you can see Captain Haddock from the Tin Tin books in the window.

As you take the escalator up to the first floor, there is a wall full of autographs including J.K.Rowling.

It has such character such soul.

It was the first shop I ever went into when I visited Canterbury for my university interview many years ago in 1990. It was newish then and I remember going regularly to the cafe on the top floor. I’d take the escalator up to the first floor then ascend the staircase to the second. I guess given the laws around accessibility that it was a step too far to get a lift put in especially when they put their all into a shiny refurb of a bigger store just round the corner. I used to love going in the cafe for a read and a toasted teacake and a cup of tea. There were great pictures on the wall of wildlife.

I loved these rocking horses in the children’s section. Much played with, much loved.

I loved the quirkiness, the little signs which tell of history. And the books. It was wonderful to spend many a happy hour looking at the books laid out on the tables and stare at shelves.

I used to love to bring my friends to the basement

and surprise them with the remains of the Roman bath house you could see there

It was one of those places you had to know about like the Roman well in the basement of Canterbury’s Pret a Manger (when it was Boots – you used to be able to go and look at it if you asked nicely). So it was nice to be able to walk down the stairs and see it.

So this farewell is a farewell to my first chapter in Canterbury. The store is as old as my connection with the city. It is so sad to see such a beautiful friendly building go. It is going to be the new C&H fabrics so full of yarn and fabric one of my other loves but it will be refitted and the wonderful signs and personal touches will be stripped away and just a distant memory.

Good bye, dear friend. Your fancier, moderner replacement won’t have the same memories for me but I will still go as we still need bookshops. And the rocking horses are moving in so there is hope for it yet.

My mum

When I was a teenager, I used to rage about how unfair it was I wasn’t allowed to do this and that. My mum was a typical Tiger Mother so anything apart from studying hard was not allowed. It is only in later years, that I really feel a bit of sadness that I spent so much time with her studying at home and quietly resenting it. After all, I didn’t ever get invited to the longed for slumber parties that my friend’s did. I did think of her when I did manage a-kind-of-version-of-that-kind-of-slumber-party when my friend from school and I stayed in a hotel in London together for our school reunion in October but it was nicer and we got more sleep and had spa treatments. So I definitely won on that front.

So my mum would have been 80 today. I miss her.


I liked this quote but I am a planner and at the end of this very unusual year, I’m reflecting on the year to come and the endings that I’m contemplating.

2017 will be the year I change jobs – towards the end of January to be more precise and then I’ll be freewheeling a little as the new job is part-time. It is scary but I keep telling myself it will be ok 🙂

I’m also deciding to wind up my jewellery business with a close-out sale on Etsy coming in the new year. I’ll still be making the odd things but for myself and for friends rather than doing shows and making more work for myself.

But one thing is for sure, it won’t be the end of my blog! I’m going to keep going with that with renewed vigour 🙂

I have to keep you up to date with these fluffy ones… and the knitting that I’m planning!

Back on the road again – Kansas City

It seems only fitting that today of all days that I take a moment to think about my favourite country and the wonderful trip we had this summer. We flew to Kansas City, MO for our 15th wedding anniversary as we planned to drive to Paris, MO the next day to meet a friend. Right around the corner, I saw this and it made me smile thinking of Jeanne’s kitty Louie.

It was horribly hot in Kansas City but being weird Brits, we decided to walk around for a bit much to the surprise of the lady who checked us in to our fancy anniversary hotel (Crowne Plaza which was brilliant and kind and gave us some lovely comps for our anniversary but were genuinely lovely).

If we hadn’t we might not have seen wonderful painted ads like this one. I was reading this article about how they are dying out and I love to record the ones I see.

Kansas City is well known for it’s beautiful fountains.

pao thought he might have found a new wife but she seemed a little wooden.

I took a photo of this building without realising what an iconic image it was. It was getting hotter so there was only time for a quick snap and run.

Our trip to KC was quite last minute so I was surprised to find out it was the Hallmark HQ.

We spent a delightful hour or two enjoying the Hallmark Visitors Center. pao got close up to Maxine and we had a fun time making bows with the bow making machine.

The Hallmark Christmas trees were quite brilliant. Sadly, they were in transition so were only just going to get their Christmas ornaments when we visited the gift store. I did get a lovely anniversary gift of this cartoon though. It is good advice to remember especially today. I send you many SMAKs, US friends!

I really loved this tree with the Santas on it.

My favourite display was about Snoopy.

I think this says it all. Whatever happens in the US after today, we can keep hold of the thought of happiness in small things. I can take my happiness in remembering a wonderful trip with wonderful friends and warm cookies.

Caturday’s Duluthian Cats

Eileen and Tom do have some beautiful kitties. Jasmine is a big old softie to look at but is very quick when it comes to catching chipmunks even on a leash!

pao and Jeanne were sitting outside when she quickly dispatched one in the middle of the lawn.

Libby is a great beauty. She isn’t as forward as Jasmine but is lovely all the same!

Check out that pretty face!

In which I should start at the beginning of July

We went on a trip to the USA at the beginning of July for just over two weeks. Of course, we had to go to MN which we have become immensely fond of and we stayed with Jeanne and Michael (and Jeanne’s parents) most of our trip. We became great friends straight away with Bette who crawled right between us in our bed the very first night and revelled in the warmth. She is a cheeky minx 🙂

Louie is quite the brilliant, lovely friendly chap who is always immensely pleased to see you but is so chilled out.

Nora (my favourite) was rather skittish around us to start with but with some time and gentle persuasion, she became my friend. The first night she sat on the dresser and stared at us the whole night.

And so, we started our journey with the downstairs faction.. 🙂