Not sure where we are but I know it’s pretty and we met Xena Warrior Princess

After our 5 hour car trip, Jeanne’s dad took us all out for a ride in his truck after dinner ( my first ever Sloppy Joe’s – they were brilliant, E ) and showed us some amazing places. Whilst we were watching the sun go down, we met a guy with his dog Xena Warrior Princess ( I kid you not ). Xena took an immediate liking to Jeanne – I figured she probably smelt more cat-like than we did :) I’m not sure where we were but it was somewhere that took your breath away. I could have spent many hours just staring at the view – it is such a wonderful place.











Brighton Beach but not as I know it

I came back from the US with over 2000 images on my camera (thank goodness for pao who bought me a new memory card for my camera just before we left) and I’m just going through them whilst plunging back into normal life. We were so lucky to be invited to E & T’s lovely home in Duluth for a few days soon after we arrived. Jeanne drove us ( it was quite an eventful trip of 5 hours where she discovered that she really should listen to Deidre and we ended up on dirt roads and pao was running up a railway track in bare feet (don’t ask) ) and we had our first ever visit to Dairy Queen ( a chicken one not a burger one ) at Pine City, MN where they think St Paul is foreign enough.

Although Jeanne had been driving 5 hours, she was kind enough to take us down to Brighton Beach for a sit by the lake. I don’t think I have ever been to such a beautiful place that took my breath away. It is hard to compute that we were by a lake and not by the open sea but in the far distance you could see the other side of the lake. It was like a mill pond and so still (unusual I am told). It could have been possible to sit there for hours and hours just staring at the beauty of the surroundings. I wanted to just drink it all in as much as possible. I was struck by how clean and how quiet it was even though it was the height of the tourist season.











In which I should start at the beginning of July

We went on a trip to the USA at the beginning of July for just over two weeks. Of course, we had to go to MN which we have become immensely fond of and we stayed with Jeanne and Michael (and Jeanne’s parents) most of our trip. We became great friends straight away with Bette who crawled right between us in our bed the very first night and revelled in the warmth. She is a cheeky minx :)

Louie is quite the brilliant, lovely friendly chap who is always immensely pleased to see you but is so chilled out.

Nora (my favourite) was rather skittish around us to start with but with some time and gentle persuasion, she became my friend. The first night she sat on the dresser and stared at us the whole night.

And so, we started our journey with the downstairs faction.. :)

Oh, Claude!





You crack me up! When a kitten turns your shoes into play things, you know he’s got to come home with you. He is a bit of a ringleader – he settled into my hoodie and invited his friends to come and kip.

Caturday Kitten

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
brown paper packages tied up with strings,
these are a few of my favorite things.

Thank goodness for kittens to help us over our sadnesses.

Good night, Sirius Black

I am sorry to tell you that we had to have Sirius Black put to sleep a short while ago. Born on 25 July 2009, we met him ten days later and soon fell head over heals in love with him.

What is not to love about this furry little bundle of fun. I’d christened him Pesto from time to time when he got into things he shouldn’t or tried hard to get his tail cut off

(remember how much he loved the sewing machine, Louise).

And paper patterns were the business. Jan and I had quite a lot of help cutting out this blouse.

Sadly his brother, Minerva, passed away quickly too so we like to think they will be reunited together with their other sibling who only made it for a few days. He’ll get to meet Ophelia and Merlin again who he knew when he was tiny.

He was definitely Paul’s cat and would greet us every day by running up and jumping on the hall table with a ‘Wah!’. It was his ‘Wah’ that made him as he’d often surprise us by launching himself mid air remembering to ‘Wah’ just as he landed.

Those of you who knew him would know this wild-eyed crazy look he would get. We knew we were in for some fun as he loved to be part of things.

He really loved gardening and helping with gardening and frightening the life out of us when he made a break for it and ran off to the neighbour’s garden.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do without my seed inspector. There is nothing quite like putting your hand in a bag of compost to find a kitten in the bag. He spent his last morning at home with me in the garden and I’m glad he was able to feel the sun on his fur and breathe the fresh air as he loved it so much. He was taken much too soon and will always have a place in our hearts.

Good night, Sirius Black. We will miss you, dearly.

Healing thoughts, please

Sirius is critically ill at the vets with a blocked bladder. He had an op yesterday but took a turn for the worse this morning. We are waiting to take him to our vet to be unblocked again as he is currently with an out of hours service for nursing care overnight.

UPDATE: I saw him as he was being transferred back our own vet this morning. He looked a bit sad, a bit in pain but he did manage to pee on the way back to the vet which is an immensely good sign. Poor chap :(

Caturday’s Cathedral Cat

I am enormously lucky to be able to visit the Cathedral grounds whenever I want and I met this guy wandering around. I think Jeanne and her mom may have seen him when they visited. When he realised I wasn’t going away and had sat down with my knitting, he popped over to say hi for a while.





May flowers

It was a bitterly cold end to April so it was a delight to find that May has come in with a flourish of sunshine.
The flowers in the Westgate Gardens looked stunning today.




I couldn’t help but stop and admire this lovely little friend as I was passing by his window.